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How exciting is the physics book "Steam Science Monsters" loved by kindergarten babies? _ Story

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Original title: How exciting is the physics book "Steam Science Monsters" loved by kindergarten babies?

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School has started, and Tuanma has collected a lot of STEAM books and material box , I want to take my baby to play experiments on weekends and learn some basic science knowledge.

There is a set of Steam Science Books with Cabbage Price. My baby and I like it very much. I can’t wait to share it with you today.

It is The physics series of "Steam Science Monster" (10 books):

Click on the picture to understand


Physics 10 volumes 59 yuan

Suitable age: 4 years old+

I didn’t expect much of this set of books originally. I thought it would be more difficult. I bought it with the purpose of Tuning books.

Thinking Even if the baby can’t understand it, I’ll take a look at it myself to understand the physics knowledge in common sense of life. When encountering a baby asking "why," The baby will not be stunned and can't say anything.

I didn’t expect that after reading with the baby, I found that is not as difficult as I thought. The content of the story is also very interesting. A lot of content 3 years old + baby can understand,

The common popular science picture books on the market are "one question, one answer" type. Under a question, there are a lot of professional terms, principles and theorems, because so...

This kind of reference book is more suitable for older children. For younger children, it seems to answer a child’s question, but the child may not understand it; or a little understanding is the next question.

In the "STEAM Science Monster Series", we use interesting stories to tell children a principle. Every book is a super fun A story, just by looking at the title of each book, it’s trying hard to get the children’s attention~

For example, this "Do you want wooden underwear or plastic underwear?" 》

Little Monster For the first time washing underwear in 2000, the only underwear was stolen. The little raccoon found all kinds of things and wanted to make one for the little monster New underwear, what can be used to make underwear?

and in "The Scariest Book in the World",

The cowardly "Three Musketeers" raccoon, rabbit, and duck were reading books in the library. Suddenly, the three of them screamed and ran out, what did they see in the book, Make them so scared?

And "Looking for Red Glasses in the Mirror Room",

The strange thief "Red Glasses" took the initiative to write to Detective Jay, saying that he was too boring, and he planned to go to the amusement park at some point to destroy it!

Too arrogant, is this tolerable? Follow Detective Jay to catch the bad guys!

These two sets of books first use interesting stories to attract children’s attention, and then in the stories, teach children the principles of science,

Coupled with interesting stories and picture book illustrations, many abstract words children understand in seconds after reading them,

Such as the propagation of sound:

In terms of the difficulty of reading, there are not only easy-to-understand story language for children, but also more professional explanations.

Children of different ages will have different feelings,

If the baby is young, you can listen to stories and understand basic concepts as the main focus,

If you already understand the basic concepts, you can read professional explanations and have a deeper understanding of the phenomenon.

After the story, there is a comic version of "Science Story" column,

and knowledge expansion column,

There is also a try-out section, which combines the content of the story and hands-on a try. Not only is it fun, but it also has a deeper understanding of this knowledge. 2

Next, let’s take a closer look at the features of this set of books, and then take a quick look at them~

These two sets of books are also on the best-selling list all year round abroad. Its editing team, including experts in the field of preschool education, well-known illustrators, and expert teachers, provides a reliable guarantee for the accuracy and rigor of the story content.

After the introduction, our domestic publishing houses are also very diligent and have invited a high-level translation team to ensure the accuracy of the content.Accuracy, vivid language, interesting stories, and exquisite illustrations, even children who don’t like to read can read it with gusto.

A total of 10 physics books,

The size of the book is about the same size as Disney’s I Love Reading series, 16 format, the number of pages per album is about 36 pages.

The decoration is very good. It is almost similar to the previous group's "Celebrity Is Coming", and it is very cost-effective.

The most important thing is that the style of painting is really good, there is this kind of weird ghost style,

There are also round and simple styles that children like. There is also this kind of crayon with a small and fresh texture.

According to different themes and stories, there are different styles of painting, and the whole is still very fresh.

In order to mobilize children's reading enthusiasm to the greatest extent, the content design of this set of books is fun, playful and easy to understand.

For example, in "Find the fastest delivery person", the young master shared the money he saved for a long time and asked his mother to buy one online for him Toys,

But the express delivery hasn't arrived for several days, so the protagonist Xiuxiu decides to open his own express company and find the fastest delivery person by himself, p>

So he posted a lot of "looking for the fastest delivery person" posters on the street,

Soon, many small animals came to apply for the job, all of them said that they were the fastest,

So, Hugh decided to hold a running competition to test who ran the fastest,

How to test it? The book explains the concept of [speed] in simple language and professional language,

Finally, it was found that the cheetah was the fastest, but the little animals were not convinced and asked to re-race,

So Xiuxiu decided to test again with other methods. This time, the cheetah was the fastest runner.

So, Xiuxiu decided to hire Cheetah to open a courier company.

In order to make their company develop better, Hugh decided to calculate the running speed of the cheetah,

In this way, the delivery time of the goods can be estimated. (The next content will be more difficult~)

In a delivery, Hugh expected the cheetah to be delivered for about 4 hours, but unexpectedly, until dark,

The cheetah just came back. It turns out that the cheetah needs to rest.

Even if the speed of the cheetah is calculated, the cheetah can't always run at high speed~

Of course, Hugh and Cheetah did not blame each other,

They are heavy againNewly understand the concept of average speed, so that I can estimate the delivery time more accurately,

Soon, the company has more and more orders, and Xiuxiu has invited more small animals to help.

A few days later, Xiuxiu’s toys were delivered, but he is no longer interested in the new toys.

Now, he is more interested in "speed": What is the fastest thing?

In this story, we can clearly feel that the first half of the story is still very simple, and the second half is difficult.,

But these concepts have no great influence on the understanding of the story.

Isn’t that the case with enlightenment? Understand that there is such a thing, and when the children can understand and think seriously when they are older, the content is not difficult for him, it is enough!

Next, let’s take a look at this set of books. In addition to stories, what other popular science content is there?

In addition to popular science content throughout the story,

On the first page of every book, there is such a Knowledge Point Mind Map, even if the baby is a little older, turn back to the story , And you can quickly understand the popular science content of a book,

If you see more, there will be more of this map thinking awareness.

In the last principle exploration part, there will also be a form similar to story map, which will run through the scientific points in the whole story,

Help children understand the story better and understand the principles of this knowledge.

For the baby who wants to try the experiment in the story, it is also a very good sorting out ideas,

Finally, there is the same theme of Science Comics to learn more interesting stories about celebrities in science.

and the knowledge expansion column, so that the baby has a deeper understanding of the theme of this book,

The "Try it" column helps children deepen their understanding and memory through interactive answering questions, and consolidate the reading effect.

The above is the general content of this set of books. For this set of books, I think his reading is suitable for his age, and it is quite broad.

4 years old +, and even some 3 year olds +, it’s no problem to understand the whole story,

The first half of the story can be understood by babies 4 years and older.

The latter part of the expansion and extension even includes the knowledge points of junior high school,

Special offer: Physics 10 volumes 59 yuan

Suitable age: 4 years old+

Delivery method Free shipping in most parts of the country (Qinghai, Ningxia need to charge 10 yuan/set, some epidemic areas and Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and overseas are not shipped) Hubei shipping, Best/Yuantong/Postal Express random.

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