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What are the life experiences that the earlier you know the better?

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1. Relying on others will never succeed

People can only rely on themselves, no one is reliable, the world There is no reliable person in the world, even your parents, even your children can't rely on, only rely on yourself.

If you don’t stand up and count on others to rely on others, you will always be a hopeless person.

2. People’s snobbery is normal

In fact, snobbery is the norm in the communication between people and interpersonal things. It is very abnormal to be purely moral, regardless of snobbery. Things are precious, so moral is absolutely precious.

3. The degree determines the height

Everyone has different tolerance, knowledge, scope, and mind. If you want to achieve great success and accomplish great deeds, you must cultivate your own abilities to be as big as the ocean.

4. The enjoyment of loneliness

Let me tell you an experience: when the night is quiet, a person runs to the top of a high mountain or in a large desert, very quiet , I don’t know how my tears shed.

This is neither sadness nor liking. It is a kind of incomparable tranquility and comfort. Every part of the body is naturally opened, and the pain and troubles in the heart are gone.

It is what the ancients called "the rain in the sky at night, and the soundlessness of Wan Lai". I only heard the sound of rain beating against the leaves in the empty mountain, nothing else. That is a lonely enjoyment, not something that money can buy.

5. Ethereal can be at ease

If a person’s thoughts and skills are not ethereal, then it’s over, which is equivalent to taking a cup of water in a small pit As a ship, you can never move.

Only with a lofty and ethereal realm, one can fly freely in this world, in this universe, and get happiness.

6. Nothing will always be owned

Everyone who is good hopes that it will not change. Like human feelings, we all hope to love the river forever, hope that it will not change; age also hope that it will not change, eternal youth and so on. It can be seen that people are always so stupid!

If we understand this truth, know that there is nothing invariable between heaven and earth, change is of course, unchanged? There is no such thing!

7. You must be flexible if you succeed

"Achievements change."

The great man in history: the first-class intelligent leader knows how to change the next step, so the leader will change with it, and always stand in the front of the change;

the second-class leader People are straining, you change, I change, and follow;

The third class is that after others have changed, he still stands still, and when they walked over, he cursed behind him: "Ge Laozi You become so fast, you changed before I prepared!"

8. Constrain yourself with faith

I found a thoughtful faith People whose achievements are absolutely different. When a person has nothing to do with himself, it is easy to be the beginning of failure.

9. The energy of life comes from "stillness"

Where does the energy come from? It comes from static, from nothing. Why do we sleep at night when we are so busy? Because people also need to be static, it's impossible to have your brain rested.

Human life often forgets stillness, but try to consume oneself with dynamics.

10. The more difficult it is, the slower it is.

Sometimes when dealing with a complicated and difficult thing, it is incomprehensible, and suddenly my own thoughts Said that this can solve the problem, this is the role of static.

So if you want to deal with complicated and difficult things, you must first calm down and think about nothing. The more you think about it, the more you turn your mind, all your nerves will turn, and in the end you will become sick if you die.

11. The real practice is to train the mind in the red dust

The real practice is not only in the mountains, not only in the temple, but also in the To live in practice, practice in life.

No matter what profession you are engaged in, you must integrate your practice into your work, face up to the realm of experience, and cultivate your heart.

Don’t be afraid of encountering obstacles to destiny, it can exercise your character, improve your level, and increase your wisdom.

12. With a good attitude, the world will be better

Don’t just think about yourself in everything, but for the other person. Only by getting rid of selfishness, self-interest, and self-love can you be at ease.

How you treat others, others will treat you, don’t always blame others, don’t always pick other people’s faults, don’t look at others, don’t always want to change others, adjust your mentality first , Fix your own mind, all conditions will change as you want.

13. The so-called practice-self-correction

If you embrace everything with a broad mind, you won’t be confused Seeing that all people are good, all things are good, and all situations are good.

Being able to find one's own shortcomings frequently, and being able to constantly get rid of the ego, this is practice. Otherwise, what would you cultivate?

14. Reading is to be a man, not to make a living

Why does one study?

The most correct answer in the tradition is the four words "reading wisely".

Reasoning is to first understand the truth of life. If you want to ask what is the historical purpose of education for the Chinese nation and the Chinese people? Let us repeat one more sentence: it is for "being", not for "life".

15. Associate more with people who are beneficial to yourself

Associate more with people with mature personality and reliable conduct to help you grow and be reliable in times of trouble. If you interact with the elderly, you can learn a lot of experience and knowledge.

16. Forget the grace of oneself, never forget the grace of others

"Don’t read the favor, don’t forget the favor", these two sentences are for my life The influence is profound, and it is the spirit of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism.

I helped others, and the benefits were given to them. Don't remember it in your heart, but throw it away. "Being favored" is a bit of benefit to others, and we must always remember it.

17. Contentment is wealth

Being a man, you should leave room for doing things. Don’t take up good deeds and cheap things. If you take up too much, you will have trouble. The so-called "contented person" rich".

18. Be a person by duty

Knowing one's own duty, knowing the time and situation, after fulfilling one's duty, obeying the destiny, behaves like this, this is like a person.

19. Regular work and rest are human life

The daily climate of our human body starts at 11 o’clock at night and continues to the second At twelve o'clock in the morning, it is yang; in the afternoon, it is yin.

Nowadays, many young people in the city don’t have enough yang energy-they get dizzy in the morning and have no energy at all; when they take a nap in the afternoon, their spirits gradually improve; when the night life comes, they become more and more energetic. Well—these people are full of Yin Qi...

This life is not called night life, it is ghost life, day and night reversed.

20. The best friendship

The Chinese talk about making friends, "gentlemen’s friendship is as light as water". Good friends are not friends of wine and meat, not everyday. , Usually very plain.

But this does not mean that he is indifferent and ruthless. When a friend encounters difficulties, or gets sick, he comes. Normally it doesn't matter, maybe you just greet you with your eyes, but there is real enthusiasm.

21. Only by being a man is popular

Young people should pay attention to it. If they want to do a career, they should know "The principle of "The banknotes are in your pocket, so there will be fewer interpersonal relationships in society, and there will be no "real friends";

"If money is scattered, people will gather." This is how Meng Changjun is, the banknotes are scattered. After solving other people’s difficulties, of course my own money is gone, but there are many friends and interpersonal relationships, and when there is suffering, friends will help.

22. The true meaning of life

Be strict with yourself; when you blame others for mistakes, don’t be as serious as you are. To behave in this way, whether you treat the chief, your colleagues, or your subordinates, there will be less resentment.

On the contrary, in a social atmosphere, in times of chaos, it often demands more of others and lighter demands on yourself; it requires others to be particularly strictIt’s easy to forgive yourself.

23. Life is a fake play.

Life is like a play. The play has already begun. You have to perform it, but you You must know clearly and clearly that you are acting...

You must play your role well without taking the fake act seriously. In fact, the world is not our hometown, all beings are just a rush It's just a passer-by, what can be persistent, what can be cared about, what can I do without saying a word? What about taking a step back?

24. Swallow this breath

There is a simple way. If you do it, it will be useful to you.

When you are about to lose your temper, do qigong as soon as possible. Open your mouth and exhale first, then take a breath through your nose, swallow it, and then say whether you want to lose your temper.

That's so angry! When people are angry, they just have a breath, not fake.

25. Don’t work with good friends

Some people can be classmates, and it’s good to be young friends, but there is no way to follow the same path with him, no We must be able to work together. If you have a career, you think it’s good friends and do it together. Often, your friends become enemies later, which is really not worthwhile.

26. Be at peace, the most rare

Some are at ease, some are at ease, some are at poverty, and some are at peace. The hardest thing to learn is the ordinary. People who are content with the ordinary can do all kinds of careers.

27. Don’t help too much

There is an old saying among Chinese rural folks, giving someone a bucket of rice is a benefactor, and giving someone a load of rice is an enemy. He is forever grateful for helping a friend to relieve him in his difficulties; but he will never be satisfied if he has helped too much.

28. Greedy hurts the body

When you are in wealth, don't hurt yourself with support. On the contrary, between the poor and the lowly, "do not take advantage of the shape".

In the poor and low, people must make money for life, but they cannot be excessively greedy. The so-called "people die for money", excessive greed and excessive fatigue, will also damage the health of the body. life threatening.

29. Hard work is easy, no complaints are hard

The most difficult thing is "work without complaining." It is often said that you must be blameless when you do things. Experience tells us that it is easy to do things, and it is hard to blame. It doesn't matter if you do more things, and you get scolded when you do things.

People who do great things in history are able to work hard, and they are more able to bear grudges, and even tolerate the grievances of the world without regrets.

30. The more you call poor, the poorer you are

People should not call poor. People who call poor are very poor and humble. When people call poor, they are not satisfied, or when they want to give alms, they are reluctant to give out money and call poor. With such a shout, the heavens gave him the poor magnetic field, and as a result, he became poorer and poorer.

If a person wants to be rich, he must first be content. Contentment is a form of accomplishment. To be content with everything, slowly life will become richer and richer, otherwise it will become poorer and poorer.

31. For others is for oneself

Everyone thinks that for oneself, oneself will get better and better. As everyone knows, people who are too good for themselves often do not get blessings, and they get worse and worse.

On the contrary, if you don't do yourself well, just think about doing good for others, then God will not treat him badly, and he will gradually get better.

32. You are shrewd if you don't play by means.

The person who has the highest sincerity is the most successful person. So I often tell young students not to play tricks...

Who will succeed in the future?

A stupid person, a person who doesn't play tricks and is very sincere to people. This is the law of heaven and earth.

33. Hypocritical people have no good end

It feels good to behave in a hypocritical way, but the result will definitely not be good. Even if it is good, it is "fortunately spared."

But "survival" is one in ten thousand things. This kind of gambling behavior is too dangerous to be cost-effective.

34. Life is life if you are not satisfied.

There are two famous Chinese sayings: "If you are not satisfied, it is always the same, but it is the same as others. ."..."Nine out of ten lose the world's affairs, and there is no one that can be liked."

A person living in this society wants to have a good reputation, high achievements, and good luck all the way, but that’s not possible.

One really hasTaoists, in this society, often have a lot of grievances, insults, and pain. There is no way to complain to others, but to provoke them.

35. The best practice of filial piety

There are indeed parents who are not in the world, but you must practice filial piety first, and filial piety must not just follow blindly. Being able to perform filial piety and cleverly influence the faults of parents is the true meaning of "thinking about things and not knowing others".

36. It is terrible to have no career ambition

Whether young people have a career in their lifetime is not a problem; whether they have career ambition in their lifetime is the problem.

Although he is enterprising, he may not be able to make a career; but if he is not enterprising, just like an exam paper that has been thrown into the wastebasket, this young man is almost scrapped.

37. Suffering is a good thing

In the history of mankind, those who have made great achievements, made great achievements, and done great things have stood up from hardships . Only those who stand out from hardship understand the worldly favors.

So for a person’s achievements, sometimes it’s a good thing to be young and suffer a little bit more twists and turns.

Those who really want to achieve great success, accomplish great causes, and do great things must have rich life experience.

38. Let go but don't give up

Each has its own causes, and each has its own blessings.

Whatever you cling to will hurt you; whoever you cling to will make you sad. Everything must be seen as dreamlike, let go of all delusions. But letting go is not giving up, and doing what should be done and doing well.

39. Do people well and do things right

Learning is not literature, but the article is good for the person’s literature; knowledgeable is this People are very knowledgeable.

As for learning, even if you don’t know a word, you may have learning—being good, doing things right, absolutely good, absolutely right, this is learning.

40. Gentlemen don’t blame the heavens and others

People can truly learn for the sake of learning, so they don’t blame the heavens and don’t show others, they just ask themselves why I can't stand up? Why did I not achieve this goal?

It is a question of my own knowledge, cultivation, and practice. I deeply reflect on it, and I don't have any thoughts of resentment in my heart. According to the current concept, this kind of psychology is absolutely healthy, and this is a gentleman.

41. People don’t deceive themselves, the world is invincible

Anyone who has done only three things in his life will die: self-deception, deception People, being deceived.

People, because they have "self-deception", they will "deceive others", and of course they must "be deceived" in the end. If people don't deceive themselves, who can deceive you?

In other words, people have to love themselves before they can love others, and in the end they can be loved naturally. It can also be said that people must respect themselves in order to respect others, so that they can respect you.

42. Being stubborn and unable to do big things

We study the personalities of some successful and unsuccessful figures in history, and we will find very interesting comparisons. Some people have a personality that likes to accept better opinions from others.

However, there are too few people who can change immediately, withdraw their opinions immediately, and switch to better opinions from others. Liu Bang is one of these few people. As for Xiang Yu, he would never change his own ideas and would never accept the opinions of others.

43. Less boasting and doing more practical things

The human psychology is the same in ancient and modern times, both at home and abroad. Most of them love bragging and rarely see in facts. ; Ideal is very high, it is difficult to make it in action.

Therefore, Confucius said that a true gentleman should speak less empty words and do more real things.

44. Believe in the beauty of the world

Don’t always say that husband and wife are enemies, and children are creditors, and don’t say that money is a poisonous snake and that the human heart is sinister. Believe in the good side and the good side of this world.

45. To live righteously

The true cultivation, between heart and endurance, can really check out your own mistakes, and then "submit Its positive".

In all the encounters you have suffered, you should not complain about others, and you will not be angry. This is a life of righteousness.

46. Whatever you do, you have a realm.

A person who practices Taoism or reads books has different realms one step at a time. Like a person who studies art, today he has a new inspiration, or draws a picture, he has a special experience, that is, he has its state.

A cement worker suddenly put down a brick today and wiped it with cement. It was very flat and he felt very comfortable. It turned out that this is a good way to build it. This is the realm of his time as a cement worker.

47. Arrogance is an inferiority complex

I often say that an arrogant person is simply inferior. People who are not inferior will not be arrogant, because Inferiority people know that they have nothing, and are afraid that you will look down upon me, so they are arrogant.

So everyone who is arrogant is a poor person and has a sense of inferiority; because he has a sense of inferiority, he is arrogant in turn, and he does not understand life. This is the truth.

48. Suffering from gains and losses are due to selfish desires

Some people don’t even have the most basic cultivation. When they can’t get fame and power, they just " If you are afraid of getting it, you can think about it, think of a way, and climb up to this position for fear of not getting it.

When I have climbed to this position, the power is in my hands, and I am afraid of losing the power I have already gained.

Suffering from gains and losses means that there is too much selfish desire, no really great thoughts, great personality and great goals, and only care about personal interests.

49. Most negative hearts are scholars

According to my decades of experience, I now recognize two sayings of the ancients: Dog generations are mostly scholars."

It is the poor who sympathize with and pity others. The poor will sympathize with the poor, and those in pain will sympathize with the suffering people. What books have you read.

Intellectuals are more knowledgeable, the more they explain themselves, and when they are unwilling to do it, he will deliberately explain. People with low knowledge can't explain it, my friend! Why don't you go? There is no reason not to go as a friend, because his thinking is not complicated.

50. The highest realm is ordinary

The higher the learning, the more complex the thinking. Highly educated and turned into a pure and single person, that is the number one person in the world, from wise to ordinary.

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