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Boeing is crazy! Pingci Chinese Dragon Fighter, accused of copying the Super Hornet

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Author|Da Shui Lai

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For a long time, Boeing has shocked the world as the world's leading aviation manufacturer. Coca-Cola has become the two major export brands in the United States, and the Boeing airliner is still the logo of American high-tech products. With the passage of time, the greed of capitalists finally made Boeing decline. The poor quality of the 737MAX kept crashing, the satellite exploded in advance, and the new KC-46A air There are so many debris on the tanker that the U.S. Air Force refuses to accept it!

Although Boeing’s performance is so sparse, it is one of the few giants in the US industry that is too big to fail. In recent years, the U.S. Air Force, Navy and Navy have made crazy orders to save Boeing’s decline. The order includes: 200 The outdated F-15EX fighter jets and the non-stealth Super Hornet continue to add orders, and even imagine that all E-3 early warning aircraft will be replaced by Boeing’s new E-7 early warning aircraft. The carrier platform is Boeing 737!

When the third-generation aircraft was eliminated on a large scale, Boeing just got 200 large orders through the relationship

as a self The Big Mac, which was about to collapse, began to talk nonsense on the world stage. On February 27, according to the news from India’s "Eurasia Express", the Boeing Company of the United States was promoting the F/A-18EF "Super Hornet" to India. "During the carrier-based aircraft, it was confirmed to India that the Fierce Dragon fighter is an imitation and has a deep relationship with the Super Hornet carrier-based aircraft. The cockpit, side strip wing, main wing, and nose design are very similar to those of the Super Hornet. /b>.

This is barely touching porcelain. The Super Hornet carrier-based aircraft has nothing to do with the Chinese Xiaolong fighter. If you want to talk about the technical origin, Northrop has a bigger relationship. In the 1980s During the Super 7 project cooperation period, the company provided Chengfei designers with a 5-degree inclined inlet design for the A-6 attack aircraft, which improved the aircraft’s high angle of attack performance, but Boeing’s collision with porcelain seemed very boring. The only thing you can tell is the large arc-shaped side strips of the Xiaolong fighter. This shape of side strips was first used on Boeing’s F-18EF fighter jets!

By virtue of the similar appearance of the side strips, he accused China of imitation of Xiaolong fighter jets. Boeing’s speech on behalf of this was extremely ignorant and shameless.

The two aircraft are also very different from the outside. One is a 15-ton heavy-duty twin-engine carrier-based aircraft, and the other is a 6-ton light single-engine land-based fighter. Apart from the similar shape of the side strips, there is almost nothing to do.In a similar way, the Super Hornet uses a small sweep angle wing design, while our Xiaolong uses a medium sweep angle delta wing design. One takes care of low-speed take-off and landing, and the other focuses on transonic fighting.

Even if the shape of the side strips looks similar, the side strips of the Chinese Xiaolong fighter have some characteristics. The installation angle of the side strips is about 2 degrees, while the installation angle of the side strips of the American Super Hornet is much larger, although it is guaranteed. The high angle of attack flight performance is good, but it also brings huge high-speed resistance. Although it has a powerful engine, and advanced materials and equipment, the acceleration performance of the aircraft is almost the bottom of the American fighters. It is called the shame of American fighters. As a typical negative example of fighter design, it is placed in American aircraft design textbooks and is constantly criticized as a model.

The overall design of the Xiaolong fighter is excellent, and it is very similar to the American F-16 fighter

From the technology of the Xiaolong fighter From the point of view of the source, it can be said that the efforts of designers from Russia, the United States, China and other countries have been concentrated. In the process of designing this machine, Chinese designers have adopted the strengths of a hundred schools of thought, and finally obtained a model, the world's best Advanced light-weight third-generation machine with cost-effectiveness.

From the outside, if you really want to say that the Xiaolong fighter is a generic product, it is not the United States that is most qualified to say, but Russia and Romania. In the 1970s, Romania launched a model that resembled the Xiaolong. The fighter jet’s IAR95 fighter design scheme uses a 9-ton thrust engine. Because the index is too high, it just stays on paper. The same design also appears on the Mikoyan Design Bureau. After hard work, they use a single MiG-29 fighter. The RD-33, combined with the design experience of the American F-16 fighter, came up with an aircraft program that resembled the Xiaolong fighter.

This is the Romanian IAR95 fighter jet, which is very similar to the Xiaolong fighter

Of course, these two plans are both It has not entered the actual development stage, and the Chinese Xiaolong fighter is a little modified from the J-7 fighter. The overall, aerodynamic, strength, etc. are all handled in one hand. There are no ready-made drawings and data to copy, and a simple model is introduced. Or the plan, there are still thousands of miles away from the real machine.

As far as the Indian carrier-based aircraft competition is concerned, Boeing’s main competitor is the Dassault Rafale M fighter jet. Compared with the latter, it is cheap and almost useless. The probability of competition failure is extremely high. The aircraft performance If it's bad, the mouth will become fierce. Perhaps this is the reason for the downfall of Boeing.

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