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Inspire the nympho of the whole network, carry the father's flag

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Less than a month ago, Li Sirong, son of former national footballer Li Ming, signed with the Dutch Eredivisie team The Hague Club, which made the whole net boil.

In addition to the football factor, it is more because of his handsome appearance.

On the hot search, out of the circle, Li Sirong made a group of girls fall in love at first sight, even willing to fall in love with football for him.

Love House and Wu.

Many people start to pay attention to Li Sirong's every move because he likes his looks. But they ignored how Li Sirong, who signed with overseas clubs, has gone through these 6 years in a foreign country.

Compared to his appearance, Li Sirong deserves more attention. It should be his unremitting efforts on the road of growth.

01 "Invasion"

In the eyes of her mother Zhang Dongmei, her son Li Sirong's rise to fame was at least 5 or 6 years earlier than she expected.

Li Sirong is her second child.

In 2002, Milu led the team to the World Cup in Korea and Japan, but his husband, Li Ming, who was the main player in the qualifiers, failed before going to South Korea and became the 24th person outside the World Cup roster.

Li Sirong was born just a year after Li Ming was not selected for the World Cup, and the couple gave him a nickname-Cong Cong.

My son didn't start playing football until he was 8 years old.

In Zhang Dongmei's heart, she didn't want him to inherit her father's inheritance.

Li Sirong and his father Li Ming

"I didn't dare to watch the game when his father played football. I bumped my head and got hurt again. I really don't want to go through this kind of torment again."

Li Ming didn't say it clearly, but he still had some expectations for his son playing football. He said to his wife: "Or you can let your son try. He really wants to play, let's talk about it." /p>

At that time, Zhang Yan, an old women's football player, opened a youth training class in Dalian, and the couple decided to take their son to try it.

In the first class, he tested running. Li Sirong ran in a group of children, very conspicuous. At that moment, Zhang Dongmei determined that this was genetic inheritance, and finally nodded.

Congcong has been cute and playful since he was a child, and his eyes are watery under his eyelids. Li Ming and Zhang Dongmei’s friends often like to tease him and want to take pictures with him. Everyone said: "In the future, Congcong will be famous for playing football. We have to take pictures with him in advance."

On January 27th, as the first qualified Chinese player trained in the youth training system of the Dutch Football Club The Hague, Li Sirong formally signed a contract with the club.

This is a memorable day.

At dinner, Li Sirong said to her mother: "I think the club has been officially announced, I will also post it on Weibo!" Zhang Dongmei nodded in agreement.

At 5:13 am on January 28th, Beijing time, Li Sirong updated his Weibo without any text, two hearts, and two pictures.

One is a solo photo of himself when signing a contract, and the other is a group photo of a family of four holding a jersey belonging to Li Sirong.

After posting the Weibo, he walked back to the bedroom and fell asleep shortly after.

In my sleep, something magical happened like this.

What Li Sirong didn't expect was that during the hours he was asleep, The topic about his appearance, fermented on the domestic network thousands of kilometers away, and successfully "broken the circle."

Zhang Dongmei remembered that on the morning of the 28th local time in The Hague, her son hurriedly knocked on her door and described in inaccurate Chinese words: "Mom, my Weibo seems to have been compromised."

First, they are far abroad and cannot really feel the power of fans; second, their son can also take this opportunity to cherish the signing opportunity and care more about his own image.

She said to Li Sirong: "With so many eyes staring at you, you have to work harder."

Sam (Li Sirong's English name) never thought that his appearance could make such a big wave. From small to large, he never thought that he was in the "handsome" range, at most he only heard others say that he was cute.

Whenever he heard these praises, he would smile and nod his head, saying "OK! Thank you", "I never took this seriously."

On the other hand, he has never had the experience of chasing stars. The only thing he has got involved with is that he likes to listen to the songs of some singers and pays attention to the new songs they release.

Once, a singer he liked came to the Hague for a concert. He and his classmates made an appointment to go to the scene to experience the atmosphere, but for other reasons, it failed.

After becoming famous, Sam would occasionally go to Weibo and occasionally read private messages sent by fans, but because of lack of communication experience, he didn't know how to respond, so he had to give up.

But he will look at the comments of fans and laugh, and think their comments are "interesting." In his eyes, fans are a group of cute strangers, but they give him a lot of motivation.

02 Suffering

Nearly the year he was 13 years old, Li Sirong's parents were going to take him abroad to accept foreign football concepts.

When a player became a national, he retired and became the general manager of two Chinese giants. Li Ming is well versed in the rules of football players becoming talented. He said to his wife: "There are very few real kicks."

The four elderly people in the family tried their best to discourage Li Sirong from going abroad, and even started arguing about it.

Zhang Dongmei recalled: "It was almost like a cold eyebrow."

But they still insist on sending their children abroad, and they don't have the mentality of going all the way to the end.

Zhang Dongmei said to Congcong: "When you go abroad, even if you don't play well enough, you can learn football-related knowledge, engage in related jobs, and use your knowledge to contribute to Chinese football."

In this way, a family of four began to migrate to Europe.

During the two years when Li Sirong was 10 to 12 years old, Li Ming and his wife took him to Spain first and received several months of training.

But in the end I went to the Netherlands. The reason for this is part of the reason for language.

Because the locals in Spain don't speak English well, the Li Ming and his wife chose The Hague in the end considering the inconvenience of language communication.

Following his parents everywhere, Li Sirong, who is still young, doesn't have too many concepts. He only knows that his parents are choosing the best learning environment for him.

"I'm the only person on the team who doesn't speak Dutch. It's difficult to blend in with other people."

Li Sirong was in the first year of junior high school when he first arrived in The Hague. Zhang Dongmei wanted to send her son to a Dutch school, but was rejected. The school’s reason was simple-"He can’t understand Dutch and can’t keep up with other people’s courses. ."

No way, Li Sirong can only go to an international school first and learn to communicate in English first. Fortunately, Zhang Dongmei's son did a good job in primary school in China, and his English score was very good. This laid the foundation for him to enter an international school.

But the coach of the team told Li Sirong that Optics can't speak English. To stay in the team, he must also master Dutch.

Therefore, Zhang Dongmei hired a retired Dutch teacher to teach her son at home twice a week. Li Sirong has a talent for language, coupled with diligent study and practice, he reads Dutch texts and words repeatedly every day.

One year later, he has been able to use Dutch to break the language barrier between him and the team, "Basic communication is not a problem at all." Li Sirong said.

In addition, Li Sirong thinksThe more important reason for integrating yourself into the team is the improvement of strength, "As long as you play well, they will respect you."

During that time, Sam's fun with football came from winning. He knows that every day those people who stand outside the training ground with paper and pens in their hands are scouts. To enter a higher level of football, these people are like the keys to the door.

But he never deliberately acted in front of these scouts, he only hopes to win with his teammates.

When he wins and cleans the locker room, a teammate will take the lead and sing, and Li Sirong will also sing along, enjoying the excitement bathed in victory and honor. This is his happiest time.

Sam has a cheerful personality, and he has a good relationship in school, and his friends come from all over the world. They will meet to go to the city center to play.

At the age of 16, Li Sirong briefly fell into the quagmire of adolescent rebellion. He occasionally had disputes with his mother and wanted to go out to blow the air with his classmates, but his mother sternly stopped him.

Over time, Li Sirong also gave up this confrontation with his mother. He knew that her mother was right. "At that time, I was young and not very sensible."

Even so, his self-sustainability can reassure his mother whenever he wants to go out. He would go home early every time he reunited with his classmates, because he didn't want to affect the next day's training; he never smoked or drinks.

He is very satisfied with his circle of friends, "The friends around me are very mature, and we play together very rationally." He understood the meaning of "people divide by groups" in Chinese.

Li Sirong’s echelon eliminates some players every year. Watching his teammates with good talents leave the team because of his own reasons, he will cherish what he has now.

Li Sirong often said to himself: "As a professional player, if you are not professional, no one can help you."

His professionalism is not only in training, but also in diet.

Li Sirong revealed that in the past few years, the family has prepared two sets of dishes every day. This is because, after studying in the club, he began to understand that some dishes on the table "not for athletes."

In order to let oneself better absorb nourishment, "two factions" have formed on the family table. Li Sirong ate Western food alone; while his mother and sister still ate Chinese food as before.

Zhang Dongmei "complained" about this, "I was forced by Cong Cong to learn to cook western food."

In order to keep his mother from being overworked, Li Sirong began to learn to cook Western food by himself.

Salad, pasta, fish. He is best at making burritos, which the locals love to eat, wrapped in vegetables and chicken, and stuffed in his mouth, which is very healthy.

Zhang Dongmei occasionally wants to change her taste and try some burritos made by her son. She will be surprised by his son's cooking skills and give a thumbs up.

After changing the diet, the effect is obvious. Li Sirong has benefited a lot from his physical fitness. As he grows older and has extra physical training, he gradually no longer has to worry about the fierce physical confrontation on the court.

"When I first arrived in The Hague, I felt that my body couldn’t keep up with the training. I didn’t pay attention to the diet structure before, but now I pay attention to it, and it immediately feels different. Now my muscle lines are all of the standard athlete type. I will not lose to others in the confrontation."

Ji Lugang, Director of the International Department of The Hague Club, revealed: "Generally speaking, because of the difference of race, the physical development of Chinese players is slower than that of European children.

However, Li Sirong's physical fitness is not inferior to other players in The Hague Club, and it is even considered good. His speed and explosiveness are among the best. "

If he chose to stay in the country to study at that time, Li Sirong might go through the high school entrance examination, college entrance examination and various small examinations. Before entering the workplace, he would have to wait for hundreds of tests.

When he came to The Hague to play, his battlefield was transferred to the stadium. Every day is a screening, which will determine whether he can stay on the team and be promoted in the end.

In my memory, when I first came to The Hague to play football, there were 16 friends in a team, and now only 2 people are left to sign with the Hague Club with him.

When gathering with friends, he is not the one who occupies the C position, but on the court, he wants to work hard to become a core player.

"The possibility of staying in the echelon will become greater. There must be a sense of competition, because everyone is competing for a position."

At the same time, he also knows that football is a team sport, and you cannot guarantee victory by doing it yourself.

The teammate did not perform well, the team lost, he was depressed, but he never complained about the mistakes of his teammates. He will watch the game video several times and then exchange some key points with the coach.

04 Injuries

2020 is actually the hardest hit to Li Sirong's growth. He experienced the death of his friend and had 2 operations in 3 months.

Zhang Dongmei recalled that the first operation performed by her son was a minor operation, and the second one had a more obvious impact on him, as it injured the cruciate ligament.

Regarding this, Ji Lugang expressed his views: “The Hague Club is really willing to see more and more Chinese players come to play. But the premise is that the club’s shareholders will not give the team an order at the technical level, saying that it must It’s not feasible in the football industry to let anyone play, and the Dutch will not accept this approach."

"Li Sirong's performance at The Hague Club in the past few years has also shown to the Dutch that Chinese players can play well and are no worse than foreign players. Under such preconditions, they are also willing to cooperate with the shareholders' vision."

In fact, two years before this contract was signed, Li Sirong had already signed a youth training contract with the club. This is to prevent reserve talents with good conditions from being poached by the rich clubs. This also proves that Li Sirong is already on the club's list of intentions.

"After signing the youth training contract, the club will give the players living and transportation subsidies, with a salary of several hundred yuan. After the age of 18, signing a professional contract will be higher than the youth training salary and better guarantee."


After signing this contract, Li Sirong successfully entered the U21 list of The Hague Club. This summer this team will participate in training camps and then compete in the league.

There are 8 teams in the U21 League.

According to Ji Lugang, there is no reserve team between the first team of the Hague club and the U21 team. That is to say, as long as Li Sirong meets the requirements, he can enter the first team and participate in the Eredivisie.

At present, the Hague clubs are in the relegation zone in the Eredivisie League and are at risk of relegation.

But because The Hague is the third largest city in the Netherlands, and the Hague is the only professional football club team in this city, it has a history of 100 years and has a deep accumulation.

Therefore, Ji Lugang believes, "Even if they are relegated, the Hague club will quickly return to the Eredivisie."

Li Ming once talked with Ji Lugang about when his son can enter the first team. His point is that a football player needs to play 10,000 hours on the pitch to reach a mature level.

Li Sirong practiced late. From a parent's point of view, Li Ming didn't want his son to show up soon to encourage him.

He smiled openly and answered unexpectedly, but he was also honest, "I haven't thought about this, I just want to participate in the World Cup."

Zhang Dongmei also smiled on the side, "Congcong is like this, what he has to say, his thoughts are very simple."

(Dong Zhengxiang)


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