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You don’t understand the trendy post-00s: fried skirts are getting hot, shoes, stocks are out early

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   You don’t understand the "new wave" after 00! Frying skirts is getting hot, frying shoes and stocks are out early!

  Source: China Fund News

   Not long ago, the younger generation of fried shoes and fried blind boxes swept the Internet. "College students earn millions of shoes per month", and "the highest premium of 40 times the price of blind boxes" once topped the popular search lists on all major platforms. There is even a paragraph saying:

   Real estate speculation is the carnival of the post-70s generation, and stock trading is the madness of the post-80s generation,

   is the absurdity of the post-90s, and the feast of the post-00s.


Soon after 00, I fry shoes, and after 10 I start to fry blind boxes. . . . . .

   And when everyone was surprised by the huge profits of "fried shoes" and indulged in the fun of buying and selling blind boxes, another profiteering industry quietly entered everyone's field of vision: fried skirts.

How profitable is    fried skirts? According to the investigation of Red Star News: a skirt costs 100,000 yuan, and a skirt purchased for more than 1,000 yuan will sell for 4,000 to 5,000 yuan after resale. A second-hand doll backpack with an original price of more than 300 yuan will also cost more than 1,000 yuan... "Focus on Lo shares."

   Can the price of a skirt really go high? What kind of fantasy story is it?


Lo circle and Lo skirt

   First of all, let’s understand what “lo circle” means.

   "LO circle" means "lolita circle", which refers to a circle formed by people who like to wear Lolita style clothes. People in this circle gather together according to their personal preferences and carry out various social activities, including exchanging experience and experience, organizing catwalk activities and so on. It should be noted that "lo" is not the same as "cosplay". It is not a role-playing, but a clothing style. Wearing lolita clothing is a personal expression of self-expression and personal hobbies. The clothing can be worn as a daily wear just like Hanfu.

  lo skirt means Lolita style skirt, which is based on gothic, sweet and retro style. Lolita clothing is usually designed on the basis of "doll-like delicate" clothing featuring lace, lace, tie or bow to interpret a certain theme.

The style of   Lolita's dress originated from the Victorian girl's clothing in Europe and the fine clothing of the Rococo period. The protagonist's dress is similar, so it is called the loli style. Later, the Lolita culture spread widely in Japan. The Japanese regarded Lolita as a synonym for an innocent and cute girl. The girl in the Lolita dress was called "Lo Niang", and the corresponding boy was called "Lo Han" or "Lo father". Nowadays, there are a group of girls who love Lolita style all over the world.

   In the past two years, after Lo’s popularity, there are more and more Chinese girls who like Lolita style.


Lo skirts are not cheap in the first place


The chain of contempt is serious

   It is reported that the genuine Lo skirts were originally expensive. According to Red Star News, because of the complex craftsmanship, small circle, small shipment volume and long shipping time of Lo skirts, the price of national brand original Lo skirts is about 500~1000 yuan, and the price of Japanese brand Lo skirts is relatively high. Thousands of dollars, even higher ones have tens of thousands of dollars. After reselling second-hand, the price was even higher, so "fried skirts" began to rise.

   In addition, in the Lo circle, there is a chain of contempt: people who buy Japanese brands look down on national brands, and those who buy high prices look down on cheap ones. Lo Niang who buys cabbage money is the bottom of the chain despised, and is called "cabbage ghost", not to mention buying "cottage".

   There was a video on the Internet that was very popular some time ago.Said that a girl in Chengdu was insulted in the street because she was wearing a copycat lo skirt and ran into two other girls wearing lo skirts. They unceremoniously taught her to "be a human", saying that she was wearing a copycat version and that she would be scolded for wearing a copycat.


Can you make money even by frying skirts?


There are three times in half a year, and some have fried to 110,000.


How profitable is frying skirts?

On    Snowball, there is a "Lao Luoli" who writes an actual record of frying skirts based on her experience of frying skirts in the lolita circle. She blew herself up after buying the famous baby Bunny Bear series accessory bag in the lolita circle, its price tripled in half a year! Made a lot of money.

   is one of the most talked-about skirts in the Lo circle. It is a skirt called "Nakamura Cross" produced by Japanese brand BABY. After the dress was sold for the first time in 2015, there was a hot trend and it instantly became a hot style. However, because of the scarcity of shipments, the dress was auctioned at a "high price" of 110,000 yuan. Because it was too popular, "Nakamura Cross" finally experienced two rounds of re-selling. When the dumpling Ziqiu Mao was sold for the second time in "Nakamura Cross", the price had been reduced to more than 4,000 yuan. Today, on platforms such as Xianyu, the price of "Nakamura Cross" is around 5,000 yuan.

   It is said that a lolita accessory bag with an original price of less than 900, has now been fried to more than 1.5w. Some netizens broke the news that the skirt that her girlfriend started with 1.8W, in less than two months, the price has nearly doubled, and it is more profitable than stocks...

   Some netizens once summarized Lo skirt’s "investment" strategy.

   is the new group sales first. In fact, speculating on new skirts is very similar to venture capital. This netizen went over the car once and bought the skirt at 1700 and sold it at 1200. If you want to sell new skirts, you need to have enough understanding and mastery of the aesthetics of the Lo circle;

   In addition, you also need to look at the store’s sales volume and public opinion to find out the pattern.

   The second is selling old skirts. This is the most routine operation, that is to say, when the skirt is sold again, its advantage is that it can clearly know the official sales situation of the skirt before and the price trend after the sales are closed.

   The third type is out-of-print parts, also known as out-of-print shares. For example, the rabbit bear (accessory bag) produced by the famous Japanese brand Baby, whose original price was less than 900, has now been sold to more than 1.5w.


Derivative illegal transaction chain

   Some netizens concluded: Ten loli and nine are rich, and one is particularly rich.

   So, what about other not-so-rich Lolita skirt fans?

   It is reported that there was a sale of lo skirts suspected of pornography on the second-hand trading platform.

   According to The Paper, there were sellers on Xianyu who were suspected of selling "Lolita" clothing for 1 yuan as bait to lure female buyers into face-to-face transactions, suggesting that they would have sex in exchange for goods.

   And the product sales pages of these sellers have a common feature. They all indicate in the product description that they only support "face-to-face transactions" in their region.

   The screenshots provided by the aforementioned consumers show that some sellers directly typed in code words such as "one piece for one pao" and "one piece for one shot".

   However, in response to this matter, Xianyu quickly dealt with the suspected violation of the product, and at the same time welcomes the enthusiastic support of users and actively report it.

   There have been media reports that in addition to Xianyu, Zhuanzhuan and other second-hand trading platforms also have such a situation.

   Comprehensive: Red Star News, Surging News, etc.


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