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Children are fond of games? Not focused? Lack of logical thinking? One trick to get it

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+ One trick to do it +

+Children are eager to play games, not focused, and lack logical thinking+

+ What trick? +

+This trick can not only solve the above problems+

+You can also prepare for further studies+

+Increase core competitiveness in the future+

Next, we will interpret one by one from bottom to top


+ To increase core competitiveness in the future +

We have missed too much!

Going to the Sea in the 1980s Doing business,

9 Stocks in the 0s,

Internet in the 00s,

House speculation in the 10s.

Cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain

It seems even more incomprehensible.

These are all because we don’t understand new things and don’t even have the courage to try them.

I don’t know if you have noticed the changes around you. You can rent a bicycle by scanning the code, you can order takeout by opening your phone, and you can order a car by sending a location. You don’t need to use cash when you go out. The speed of technological development will always be faster than we imagined.

Just as computers just came out, we think it’s a professional matter and has nothing to do with me. But 10 years later, and now I don’t understand computers, and life has become difficult. PresentWith so many online courses, there is no way to help children receive a good education without knowing computers.

Maybe we feel that we are still far from the future, but our children are very close to the future! If we miss so much, are we willing to let our children miss it too?

I don’t seem to be able to feel anything if I don’t learn programming now,

But what about 3 years, 5 years, 10 years from now?

The gap between children will be an era.

Now is the age of people, speaking is the basic skill of communication, not being able to speak is equal to being incomplete. The future is the era of humans and computers. Humans and computers communicate with each other by programming. If programming is not possible, is it a kind of incompleteness?

The future is a competition for scientific and technological talents, and programming skills and computational thinking will become more prominent. Win at the starting line of the trend, otherwise others will be waiting for you at the end.


+ Preparing for further studies strong>+

The future is too far, I can’t see through it, I just look at going to school


Japan 2020 will be fully included in the college entrance examination!

The United Kingdom has included programming in the compulsory curriculum of primary and secondary schools!

Former U.S. President Barack Obama called for all people to learn programming!


Zhejiang Information Technology College Entrance Examination is included in the college entrance examination!

Nanjing has officially included programming in the extra points for the Nanjing high school entrance examination!

National policy is strongly supporting


+ Let children stop playing games +

It is the nature of children to love to play. Instead of letting them play games, let them make up games.

Children's programming leads children to make games, make animations, and make practical tools. Through the production of individual projects, children will develop their ability to analyze and solve problems.

At this point, he is already creating games by himself, and the time spent thinking about creativity and logic far exceeds the time playing games. Thinking of creative games is a process of exercising logical thinking.

After learning to create games, and then play games, I am thinking more about how to make this design better, rather than just playing. The meaning of this is completely different. Once you understand the principle, you won't be addicted to games. Have you ever seen a software engineer addicted to games?

+ Cultivating habits +

Children are basically not impatient with the things they like.

The mode and fun of programming can attract children to drive their own and spontaneous learning with interest. In the case of interest, even if you are impatient with cumbersome things, it will continue based on interest. Patience will be cultivated over time and can be applied to other things. And concentration is extremely important for children's lifelong learning and growth.


+ Cultivate logical thinking+

Programming is a process of dialogue between humans and computers purely using logical thinking. It can be said that logical thinking is being exercised from beginning to end, so it is very helpful to improve logical thinking ability.

Through the learning of programming, just like Chinese and mathematics, it is a general skill.

Now make the basics, Learning everything will be easy in the future.

So what exactly do children learn about programming?

Is it the complicated code?

Can children learn?

Children’s programming has experienced the development of scientific systems,

With a programming language specially developed for teenagers,

It is Scratch.


+ What is Scratch +

Scratch is a children's programming tool designed and developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). A programming environment for children, it does not need to write any coding, as long as you use the mouse to drag and drop parts, you can compose games, cartoons and animations. Features: Beginners may not know English words or use the keyboard.

But it completely retains the logic and core ideas of programming.

+ What's the use of Scratch+

Scratch is the best tool for young children to learn from scratch. The improvement of problem-solving ability has a positive effect. It can allow students to gain gains in the interactive experimentation of constantly raising and solving problems. In the realization of creativity, children can not only release their playful nature, but also understand the concept of programming.

+ What are the benefits of programming languages ​​+

For children’s logical thinking ability

And imagination is very helpful

Let children in the creative programming of games

Reap both happiness and thinking

+ We don’t know programming, how do we educate children? +

Basic Xiaomawang 2 years of offline education experience and a complete curriculum system,

The hard work of a 50-person teaching and research team, two years of meticulously designed content

Thousands of students have first-line teaching experience

Solve problems that you won’t teach

+Course age range +the best in elementary school

(Taipan can contact)

+ Course content +

Scratch language


Continue to advance

+ Course format +

Format: Online video teaching, computer-based learning and operation, teacher real-time answers, one-to-one tutoring, giving children the best learning experience and interaction.

+ Class information +

Classes start on time at 18:30 every Saturday

You can learn at any time every day of the week every day

+ Introduction of famous teachers +

+ Book introduction +

The book explains in detail from the various functional modules in the Scratch software to the use of individual program blocks. Then advanced to the analysis of the project system, starting with game analysis, character planning, and program design, and then proceeding with project production. The whole process is not followed step by step, but more thinking is brought in, and analysis is advanced to programming. Finally complete the project.

eight + Registration information +

Course price: 199 yuan/60 days

Registration method: add teacher QR code

(Free consultation and registration)

Sign up for our courses,

Enjoy more than just

Rich and vivid programming courses,

It’s more like you own one

Family Counselor,

Answer questions for children at any time,

Maximize your child's learning efficiency !

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