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A 51-year-old person has a principal of 30,000 yuan in his hand. What kind of business can earn 300 yuan a day?

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For the current small businesses in the market, expectations cannot be too high. In the sluggish consumer market, both large and small businesses will be affected and they are not easy to do. To answer this fan’s question, a 51-year-old man with a principal of 30,000 yuan in his hand, what kind of business can earn 300 yuan a day? I recommend some here for market reference only.

Claypot Rice

For a 51-year-old person with a principal of 30,000 yuan in his hand, he can sell claypot rice at a small stall. This small business is very suitable. Assuming that 50 claypot rice can be sold every day, and the per capita consumption is about 20 yuan, then the daily turnover of the shop is about 1,000 yuan. Excluding labor and food costs, the general profit margin is 45%. Then, a small store's net profit is 450 yuan in one day, and a month's net income is 13,950 yuan. This has achieved the small goal of 300 yuan a day.

Vegetable bonsai business

This is also a very profitable small business. People now live in buildings. Growing vegetables is a luxury in itself, and the only feasible place is the balcony. But how much area can the balcony have? It is impossible to grow a lot of vegetables; secondly, bonsai vegetables can not only be used as vegetables, but also can be cultivated as flowers, so that one's home is full of green and full of vitality; thirdly, it is to save the cost of living. The cost of living is too high these days. Vegetables cost four or five yuan per catty if they do not move. For some migrant workers, the pressure in their lives has increased dramatically. If you grow some bonsai vegetables in your own home, you can effectively save part of your expenses. Therefore, a 51-year-old person who uses a principal of 30,000 yuan to do a vegetable bonsai business can easily achieve an income of more than 10,000 yuan after a month.

Home hosting small class

I have pushed this project many times. For a 51-year-old person, it is a very good small business. If you have a chance, you can definitely try it. Small classrooms provide corresponding services for the common phenomenon that children from dual-career families are not taken over after school. They are specifically responsible for picking up children after school in the afternoon, guiding them to do homework, reviewing homework, and waiting for their parents to pick them up after get off work to relieve their worries. The investment in this project is not large. Rent a room near the school and prepare some desks and chairs. An investment of 30,000 yuan is sufficient. If you can take care of 20 children in one semester, your daily income will not be less than 300 yuan.

Pet care shop

A 51-year-old person, with a capital investment of 30,000 yuan, can run a pet care shop, and earn 300 yuan a day, which is also very easy. With the development of the economy, many people have the conditions to raise pets, and pets are a family member to them. But many people do not have professional knowledge of pet care, so many pet owners will go to the pet store to check their pets 1-2 times a month on average. The consumption is not high, and they can give their pets. A good experience. Therefore, a 51-year-old person simply invests in himself, learns a little pet care knowledge, and then can open a pet care center, which is a very good small business.

In summary, for the above few small businesses, for a 51-year-old person, you can try to do one The investment is less than 30,000 yuan, and it’s done.The total income can reach 300 yuan per day, and it is recommended to investigate and try.

I will share with you today, thank you for reading.

I am the watcher of the real economy, follow me, and have more entrepreneurial knowledge to share with you.

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