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Sui Ran earns millions in commissions every year, do local players need an agent? Guo Ailun fixes the contract by himself

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Recently, Ding Yan Yuhang appeared in the Shandong Men's Basketball Team and took the first step towards a formal return. As Ding Yan Yuhang's agent, Sui Ran stated that he did not participate in the negotiation between Xiao Ding and the Shandong Men's Basketball Team. This means that it is impossible for Sui Ran to earn a commission from the Shandong Men's Basketball team. Therefore, Ding Yan Yuhang definitely needs to pay Sui Ran a commission. According to the NBA agent, Sui Ran can get it at about 2.5% of the player contract. A rake of around RMB 200,000. But the problem is that once Ding Yanyuhang finally pays only 30,000 basic salary, the annual pre-tax rate is only 360,000, and the commission given to Sui Ran may not even be enough for 10,000...

In the NBA, the agent’s commission is drawn from the player’s contract, but in the CBA, the agent’s commission is mostly paid by the club. For example, when Mashan Brooks signs the Guangdong Men's Basketball Team, his agent can get a commission from the Guangdong Men's Basketball Team. If he returned to the Shandong Men’s Basketball Team last year or the year before, Ding Yanyuhang could at least get a contract with an annual salary of tens of millions, and it would be after tax. Regrettably, as an agent, Sui Ran not only failed to become a bridge between Ding Yanyuhang and Shandong Men’s Basketball Team, but also had too many negative effects, which directly led to Ding Yanyuhang’s current contract of only 8 million yuan before tax. The final salary was only 4.4 million.

In fact, Ding Yanyuhang could have made a decent return this season. Unfortunately, in the open letter that has not been deleted so far, there are too many Many traces of Sui Ran. For example, complaining about not receiving a penny of salary for two years, and having to pay for medical expenses by himself. The Shandong Men's Basketball team responded quickly, and it made sense. Later, Sui Ran used his personal social media to speak out, emphasizing that he did not participate in the negotiation between Ding Yanyuhang and the Shandong Men’s Basketball Team. At the same time, he also broke the news that Shandong Men’s Basketball Team had promised to renew Xiaoding with a maximum salary, but asked him to go back and wait. News, and then secretly peddling Xiaoding.

In fact, according to Suiran’s logic, Ding Yanyuhang is obviously a very popular top player, and it should be a lot of teams. It must be right. As a result, he actually said that the Shandong Men's Basketball "sell Xiaoding secretly". This is obviously a contradiction and it is not logical at all! So for such a statement, the Shandong Men's Basketball team even saves on refuting rumors. However, it seems that Suran, who is not professional as an agent, makes a lot of money, and his income may even exceed the current CBA's top-paid players.

At present, under Suiran alone, there are Ding Yanyuhang and Wang Zhelin two top-paid players, and Zhou Qi He took an annual salary of 20 million yuan. Calculated in this way, Zhou Qi, Ding Yanyuhang and Wang Zhelin's annual salary before tax is as high as 36 million yuan. CBA brokers can draw 10%-15% of them, and different salary draws different proportions. With such a rough calculation, if only the salary is drawn into this piece, the minimum guarantee may be around 3 million yuan. Coupled with commercial promotion and event endorsements, Sui Ran's final share is likely to exceed 5 million yuan.

The question is, in CBA, do local players need an agent? The NBA is a purely commercial league so you can let agents talk about salary. However, most local players in the CBA are players within the system. Although the players themselves have little room for negotiation, they can get a satisfactory contract by striving for reasons. For example, Guo Ailun of the Liaoning Basketball Team is said to have won the maximum salary contract by himself. As we all know, Guo Ailun’s commercial endorsements and variety shows are the most among CBA players. And Tao Hanlin of the Shandong Men's Basketball Team once had the opportunity to join the Beijing Men's Basketball Team, but he also won the contract in the Shandong Men's Basketball Team on his own.

Therefore, Sui Ran relied on his relationship in the circle and signed a lot of players. It seems that the agent business is doing well. But when the players under the team slowly recollect, they may find that there is really no need to go to an agent. After all, compared with the Super League, CBA is obviously far behind in terms of professionalism and marketization. Moreover, Yao Ming's implementation of the salary cap system has further reduced the broker's living space. So for Sui Ran, the good days of being an agent are likely to be over.

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