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[National Movement Weekly] June 28, 2020 Domestic animation news

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[National Movement Weekly]

Sunday, June 28, 2020

The eighth day of the fifth lunar month

"Tianbao Fu Yaolu" OP first watchZhou Shenqing loves to sing "Heaven and Earth Are Thoughts" July 5th

[Fixed PV] The second season of Martial Universe is released! July 12th

Wudong Qiankun Animation Super Talk
#Martial Universe Anime# The second season is officially set on July 12
The poster speed is set Quickly view the big picture
Young people move, set the universe!
A journey of practice can only be achieved by intensive training.
Starting from July 12th, every Sunday at 10:00, Tencent Video will be broadcast exclusively on the entire network, and members will be the first to watch an episode!

Love and producer animations are set. Final trailer PV released!

@Love andMaker Animation

Love and dreams must meet each other——
#Love and制作人动漫定档# The final trailer PV is released!
Animation company MAPPA produced X @Love and制作人原作
From July 15th, 2020, every Wednesday night at 23:00
@[email protected] @QQAnime exclusive
​br> CAST
Li Zeyan: Wu [email protected]'t eat hairy
Zhou Qiluo: [email protected] the campus
White from: [email protected]
Xu Mo: Xia [email protected] Xia Lei Leon
Me: Zhang [email protected]

Chief Supervisor: Jing Zongji
Series composition: 𠮷mura Kiyoko
Character design: Yamaguchi Renqi
Film production: Emoto Entertainment
Animation production: MAPPA
Product: Paper Pictures / MAPPA

#Love and制作人动漫# The new main visual poster is released!
From July 15th, 2020, Tencent Video will be broadcasted exclusively at 23:00 every Wednesday night. Please stay tuned for more surprises.

[Song of Time-Flower and Flame Rhapsody OP] Black Flame [TV size] UP Main: Song of Time Project

[Mo Selection] The deepest EVA tribute CG-Director's full version "EVA Super Reality" [Feature Film + Behind the Scenes] by SOMEI | C4D production

A tribute to EVANGELION by SOMEI
Director|Script: Sun Shisheng
Main creator: Sun Shisheng Zhang Lei Zeng Xiaolin MoGroup
First machine model: Huang Jipeng
Launch site model: Wang Chenci
Material drawing: Zhang Lei
Human character production: Zeng Weixiang Sun Shisheng
Lilith |No. 3 Apostle Production: Wang Yizhi
Character Binding: Kang Dandan
Special Effects Solving: Aquatic
Product Rendering: Wang Yuhao
Real Shot|Composition|Subtitles|Behind the scenes: Chen Yang
Animation |Lighting|Rendering|Composition: Sun Shisheng Zhang Lei Zeng Xiaolin MoGroup
Mogroup Participants
AnnLiu ChenYou F****n Syris
TANKEIYII Woozie Hao Zidong Lin Geng Xu
Liu Guobin Shen Yichen Sun Yuhe Zhenghong DEANSZH
Edit| Coloring Sun Shisheng
Music and sound design: Kambiz Aghdam
Ending music from Evangelion 2.00-Tsubasa Wo Kudasai
Special thanks to:
Early handsome man, Chen Yangzubin and Zhang Yide Lin Kai Jaskni Momentor OPPOACE project Group Xinchuanghua khara small wheat Kaikai

Eternal Swallowing

The new work "# Sulfur Eternal#" popularity Break through 3000!
The young master Lin Chen was seized by force and almost exposed the corpse to the wilderness, but with the help of rare techniques to fight back, the king returns!
Update every Friday at 9:00, iqiyi animation FUN members will watch 1 episode first~
Follow-up: _ 2ffkws2sqr1.html
Produced: @ [email protected] comics-Bata
Production: @Hangzhou Hangman Culture
Dubbing: @Lead voice
Comics: @Beijing Aurora Animation
Original novel: Supreme Monster

Station B welcomes its 11th anniversary, and Chen Rui proposes three major missions ?id=2309404520744116682972

Yingsheng animation and technical support work together to create a wide-ranging explosion of "falling to earth"


2020 China Academy of Art Graduation Animation Short Film-"Dad, I'm Back" UP Main : Weiiiao _

The protagonist went to the city alone after a quarrel with his father. Due to a resistance to his strict father, he cautiously lived in the city with an attitude of not going home if he did not succeed, but he struggled for several years Later, I got a response from the city...Can he still go home?

The 17th China Animation Golden Dragon Awards final judge lineup announced!

@China Animation Golden Dragon Award

The 17th #China Animation Golden Dragon Award# The final judge lineup is announced!
The chairman of the jury is @Cai Zhizhong. The final judges of the comics are @A Geng Kok Ye Ji, @My Emperor's White Tea, @He He Wu, @I am Fat Zhi, @Altar nine, @Shada, @Ikesaar @ReeseRUIS, @ghost- Mantou, @Hilarious school_ Zhu Bin.
The final animation judges are @AcFun弹幕video网 Bai Jun, editor-in-chief, Disney senior animator
Andrew Chesworth, chairman of Guangdong Animation Artists [email protected] Comics, @Animation School of Beijing Film Academy Dean Li Jianping, @Shanghai Film Studio Director Su Da, @Shanghai Xi'an Film Academy 3D Animation and Visual Effects Department Director Shawn Tilling, @Taikong AnimationTAIKOSTUDIOS CEO Zhang Shaofu.
They will use the most professional vision and the most authoritative judgment to discover the new forces of animation and to help Chinese animation go to the world!

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The following is a summary of this week’s important news

Start broadcasting

[The Strongest Snail-Uninvited Guest] Episode 1 Robot

Armor Warrior Hunting Armor: Dawn Tower

"Pigman: Dinosaur Diary 3" will be broadcast on June 24 to deepen the layout of popular science animation

https://www.bilibili .com/read/cv6526065


The 5th Anniversary Song "Nian Nian" of Fox Demon Little Matchmaker Animation is released!

@Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker

#Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker# The animation fifth anniversary song "Nian Nian" is released! Thank you for your companionship over 1,800 days and nights of the Red Lines~ On the way forward, thank you for having you!

Chinese Good Story "Dragon Boat "Note"


"Dragon Boat", a good Chinese story, uses the Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Race as the background of the story, anthropomorphic zongzi, dumplings, buns and other dim sums For the role. The traditional Chinese delicacies we are familiar with will appear on the screen in a lively and witty way this time. The dumpling team is cunning and loves tricks; the steamed bun team is simple and honest and uses brute force; the small dumplings have no obvious advantage, but they work together to break through the obstacles and use their collective wisdom and strength to make the dragon boat fly into the sky.
The main creative team @MoisturizingAnimation uses a combination of two-dimensional and stop-motion animation to bring a novel and joyful holiday memory to the audience.

This phosphorus sister You may not have seen it before | Hi! Element animation

Photographic effects UP main: four times Fang Animation

【Two minutes Post-Special Effects Lecture] The first issue is the legendary homecoming fruit 2 UP Main: Fourth Power Animation


July Guide to Domestic Animation in 2020-Bilibili Copyright Guochuang UP Master: Bilibili Guochuang

The launch time of Tianbao Fu Yaolu: July 5th 11: 00
Sleepwalking in Dunhuang Broadcasting time: July 6th, 11:00
Suddenly Otter thought of the broadcasting time: July 8th 12:00

Please eat red beans! The fourth season broadcast time: July 10th 11:30

Yuanlong broadcast time: July 11th 11:00

Song of Time-Rhapsody of Flowers and Flames Broadcasting time: 12:00, July 16
The Unpromising Onmyoji Family 2 Broadcasting time: 10:00, July 15

The second season of Valkyrie’s Dining Table: July 17 at 18:00

The King is not happy. The second season will start at 12:00 on July 21.

The legend of Liu Yi will start at 12 July. :00

LALALACOCO Broadcasting time: July 25th 20:00

Mortal Cultivation Legend: Mortal Wind Rising From the South. Broadcasting time: July 25th 20:00

The five elements of Wushan will start broadcasting time: July 26th 20:00
The opening time of Sansan’s Kitchen of Mischief: July 30th 20:00
The opening time of Under the Spirit Cage: July 31st 20:00

Opening time of the Museum of Humanity: August 25, 12:00

"Five Elements in the Fog" is scheduled The preview will start exclusively at 20:00 on July 26

@Wushan Five Elements Official Micro

#Wushan Five Elements# In ancient times, monsters and beasts were everywhere. Yin and Yang and the Five Elements, God hides Wushan Mountain. The long-awaited "Five Elements in the Fog Mountain" is set for July 26th today!
Co-produced by @Liudao Wuyu Animation Studio and @Good mobile painting, directed by @Lin Hun Hu Banzi Masterpiece, sonorous ink! Hearty! Give you a different young man's blood! This summer, let everyone know that the national wind can also burn like this!
#Wushan Five Elements0726# The fixed-file PV is presented, quickly turn on the chasing mode!

《The Poll Record" Animated Character Promo-Sun Desheng UP Main: Shimei Pictures

"The Second Season of Bump Academy" Dragon Boat Festival PreviewStart broadcasting in July! The second school year is about to start

《 "Guide to Self-Help by Wearing a Book" Burning Trailer, the correct way to open the male protagonist of Xiu Xianwen UP Main: Tencent Video Animation

Flying to the Moon Trailer

Movie Flying to the Moon

#Flying to the moon trailer#come~ Mid-Autumn Festival dreams of Chang'e, dreams of you are the most amazing! By @Oriental Dream Studio Produced by @Netflix, @CMCChinese culture and @Chinese FilmCMCPICTURESThe co-produced animated film "Flying to the Moon" uses Chinese mythology as a traction, and uses extraordinary imagination to convey love and hope. The trailer makes people #I really thought about Mid-Autumn Festival#! Can the dream girl Feifei succeed in going to heaven? Let’s have a family fun this fall, let’s watch "Flying to the Moon" together! To


The pure 3D animation of "The Desolation" is coming! ! ! _ Dihifm3CyupZsaBHw

​ Ahhhhhhhh! ! ! The long-awaited 3D animation series "Tian Huang" PV is finally out! ! ! This is a new story written by Chunjie starting in December last year. It was produced by its partner Hangzhou Ruohong Culture. Now it has finally entered the mid-term stage. Let’s bet it out... The dazzling 3D graphics, the wonderful battle scenes, The first season of the feature film is expected to be officially broadcast on a certain platform in the second half of the year. Special thanks to the partners of Ruohong Culture for their hard work, please look forward to it! ! !

[Official 1080P+] The dubbing lineup of the strongest men’s day group in "YiYing" Daliang announces UP main: Kiwi Animation Club July 10th
< /h1>

Magic Master Q Concept Trailer

@Dao MasterAC Official Wechat

Dao MasterAnimation Chaohua#Dao MasterQ Concept Preview# First release! The cute version of Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji are cured

@Gideon-Liu /p>

Shimei (Chongqing) (Xi'an) @Xi'an Shimei Pictures is a joint production. The first work produced by Xiaoxi is "Idioms Story", which is the second project.

Japanese service "Tomorrow's Ark" Chapter VI "Partial Necrosis" Animation PV

https://www.bilibili .com/video/BV1HK4y1476L

"Benghuai 3" animated short film "Sinner's Elegy" advance preview UP main: the first idol love of the collapse 3 Sauce


The three-body live-action theater film is produced by October Culture, directed by Tian Xiaopeng

@Journey to the West: The Return of the Great Sage

A new departure, start now ! _ rnd1592916219428


A warm welcome to the original Caitiao House The founder and president of the film industry, Mr. Yi Qiao, will serve as the co-founder and president of October Culture from now on; Ms. Wei Yunyun, the former chief producer of Caitiaowu Pictures, will serve as the chief content officer of October Culture from now on.

The joining of the two also brings a new strategic direction for October culture. In the future, October Culture will focus on the field of "CG movies" and fully develop the two directions of "3D animation movies" and "live-action visual effects movies".

Director Tian Xiaopeng, as an explorer of Chinese CG movies, used "The Return of the Great Sage" 5 years ago to bring domestic 3D animation movies into a new era. In the coming October, the culture will continue to explore and upgrade. Many animation works such as "Deep Sea" and "The Great Sage Raises the Palace of Heaven". At the same time, with the strong support of Youzu Films and Guangguang Films, October Culture won the production of "Three-Body" live-action theater film., Mr. Tian Xiaopeng will be the director, and Mr. Yi Qiao and Ms. Wei Yunyun will be the producers. "Three-Body" will become the first live-action theater movie of October Culture. October is willing to meet new challenges and strive to fulfill its mission!

"Deep Sea"! "The Great Sage Nauses the Heavenly Palace"! "Three Body"! Three blockbuster works are worth all the efforts.

@Wang Changtian

"Deep Sea"! "The Great Sage Nauses the Heavenly Palace"! "Three Body"! Three blockbuster works are worth all the efforts.

The wonderful theater of the pull has now joined Aha Entertainment !

News from the wonderful theater Bilibili from Jieju: I didn’t expect it

Actually we didn’t expect it. //@President Sha: The scissors said in the comment section that the dubbing is like the team , I didn’t expect to be discovered before it was announced.

Officially announced: The team @Wei Yang's Wonderful Garden Theater has now joined Aha Entertainment! At first I saw their Wu Liuqi's fan works, which was both moved and excited! (I have been paying attention to everyone's works, you must continue!) After understanding, I decided to invite them to join Aha Entertainment! Due to the ups and downs of the epidemic process ~ in short, we finally became a colleague. Next, we will produce more content about Wu Liuqi and plan new original content. Of course, more students who love content creation will be invited to join! Bring more good works to everyone! 

Eleventh Anniversary of Beep Beep

Fifth Anniversary of Fox Demon Little Matchmaker

Announcement of the winners of the "Official Competition Unit" at Angxi Animation Festival in France in 2020

"Xiurong Town" won the "JEAN-LUC XIBERRAS" Short Animation Debut Award"< /h1>

"Wonderful Parallel World" won the "Short Film Experimental Animation Award"

France Hennessy Animation Festival held the first online festival exhibition in China A wonderful appearance at the booth _ 525140458.shtml

8 well-known Chinese companies The representative of the animation company shared with you the 10 most representative Chinese animation works at the promotion meeting, namely "Hundred Birds in the Phoenix", "Panda and Kiwi Bird" by CCTV Animation Group, and "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea" by Hunan Golden Eagle Cartoon Satellite TV. , "No. 23 Niu is Tang", "Monster Remote Control" of Huace Film and Television Group, "Challenge the Big Devil", "Daily Growth" by Shenzhen Tiantian Growth Film Co., Ltd., "Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker" by Tencent Animation, iQiyi "Invincible Deer Team", Bilibili and Wuhan Art Painting's "Spirit Cage". The promotion will use animation as the medium, through video display, to fully display China's long and splendid historical civilization to overseas audiences, and vividly tell Today’s wonderful and vivid stories in China have attracted the attention and interest of international colleagues.

2 copies






Chinese stories stunning the world strong>

   France Angxi International Animation Festival is known as "Oscar in animation industry, Cannes in animation industry". The official competition unit of this animation festival received more than 3000 animations from 94 countries to participate in the awards, China (Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan) A total of 11 works were shortlisted, which is the most in the past. Specifically: "Ten Thousand Points Devil" (10000 Ugly Inkblots), "The Town", "Black", "Only the Seas Live"Forever, Serial Parallels, shortlisted students in the competition unit"Catgot" "PuppyLove", "Happy Year of the Rat", which was shortlisted for the animated series/promotional film competition.2020", "Luo Xiaohei" which was shortlisted in the official feature film Contrechamp competition unit, and "New God: Nezha Rebirth" and "Inu-Oh" which were shortlisted in the WIP official roadshow unit. Among them, among the 21 works awarded globally, 2 works in China won the "Official Competition Unit" award: "Xiurong Town" won the "Jean-Luc "Xiberras" short animation debut award, "Wonderful Parallel World" won the "Short Film Experimental Animation Award". These animations focus on contemporary Chinese development and human thinking, and present the emotional world of Chinese creators from a creative and imaginative perspective.

   The online Hennessy Animation Festival will be held until June 30th, fully demonstrating the global animation industry’s firm determination and perseverance to overcome its influence and seek cooperation and development. China’s joint booth and China’s animation industry are among them The hot debut, vividly demonstrated the "Oriental beauty" to the world, and conveyed beliefs and blessings to overseas colleagues and audiences.

Alibaba Entertainment has once again changed its general, iQiyi has been invested by Morgan Stanley 128 million shares ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404518606107967586

The official Korean dubbing version of Chinese animation "Full-time Master" is scheduled for First broadcast in South Korea on July 9

@The sun is so big

#Full-time master#Chinese animation "Full-time Master" official Korean dubbing version
Full-time master animation version is set The file premiered in South Korea on July 9
The premiere method was dubbed in all Korean. The official release of the "Super Luxury Korean Voice Actor Lineup" and the Korean version of the trailer

https://weibo. com/tv/v/J7nhT6OqH?fid=1034:4517577695625251

*The original work of the same name is being serialized in Korea (Korean version)

"Xiurong Town" won the 2020 Angxi International Animation Film Festival in France Short Animation Debut Award

【Call for Call】The call for works for the second Dongbuzhou International Animation Week competition unit is officially opened!

https://mp.weixin. _ _ biz=MjM5ODU1MzI0Mw==&mid=2653026821&idx=1&sn=0f052275e95d4e9aa4b041d46234cfcf

The National Cyberspace Administration of China instructs the local Cyberspace Administration of China to make an appointment according to law Dealing with 10 live webcast platforms such as Huya and Douyu

https://mp.weixin.qq .com/s/alllV1wATt51M0wvvMzpxA

Tencent Video 8 animations, who invests? Who made it? | Lei Bao

Art film "God What adaptations did "Bi" make to the fairy tale "Ma Liang" the magical pen _ _ biz=MjM5MzExNjgwMw==&mid=2655333147&idx=1&sn=49d5a56156647a5d42d402fca75a7ae8

New Media Research Institute released the report "Research on Information Dissemination and Innovative Products in the New Coronary Epidemic"

https://weibo. com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404519004587819243

Sanwenyu "Great Wall Animation lost 400 million yuan last year, animation and game business stagnated"

https://weibo. com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404519336470511879

Shenzhen’s "anti-pornography and anti-illegal" department promotes Tencent to upgrade its protection measures for juvenile games



[Shenzhen’s “anti-pornography” department promotes Tencent’s upgrade of protection measures for juvenile games] Guidance at the “Shenzhen Anti-pornography” Office and the Cyberspace Administration of the Municipal Party Committee Next, Tencent games have undergone many grayscale tests and technical optimizations. Since June 17, 2020, the protection measures for minors have been officially upgraded. On the basis of "play restriction, charge restriction, and curfew" for real-named minors, Aiming at the problem of "children fraudulently using parental identity information to bypass supervision", the application scope of face recognition technology is expanded, users who are suspected of being minors are screened, and the protection of minors is upgraded to a new stage.

China International Cartoon and Animation Festival makes a brilliant appearance in the "Animation World" Oscar"

Drain water into silk and cast stars! Interview with the beautiful animation of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, "Falling Dust"! _ _ biz=MzAwNjAyMzczNQ==&mid=2650943733&idx=1&sn=c27fb262dc6e8a5ca103e57b4f43887a

"Three-Body" movies, games, comics and radio dramas have all gone | Lei Bao

Azhong Daguaiji


【Comment Animation| #A Zhong Daguai Ji#】Since the COVID-19 outbreak, China has been consistently grappling withrumors and conspiracies made up by some U.S. politicians. It is liketrying to hit the targets in a game of whack a mole, where the virus and rumors test China's agility and determination. Check out this arcadegame to see how China is hittingback. Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, some politicians in the United States have continued to spread rumors. While fighting the virus, China has had to fight various rumors and conspiracy theories. If fighting the epidemic and smashing rumors is a game of killing monsters, how does the player Azhong break through? Come and review the anime "Azhong Daguai Ji" to find the answer!


This is the final set completed from last summer to March this year, 60 cards, which lasted 8 months. Concept design, design draft, original animation, background, photography, music composition are all my own. There are no lines, only the effect sound is a sound effect that has been downloaded with open copyright. In the beginning, I was not good at telling stories and always stuck on the storyboard. Tanaka said that if you don’t tell stories, you can draw the world you want to draw. So I drew something I like in the past eight months, and I am satisfied. _ rnd159282987656

Wuhe Qilin is doing animation

Selling a house to make an animation UP Master: Meniere Animation

The strongest doctor's self-made fan will debut at station B. We will do our best to achieve the weekly change. There will be ups and downs of the story and new characters, but it is still the strongest doctor in the original flavor! It's really difficult to do animation, but let's fight it!

@Melon Eats Bai Xiao

The draft of the first episode of the new animation. I still prefer to use comics to make scripts. Before my waist is good, I can only grind it slowly by the bed.
Stay tuned. (˙-˙

@james _ vfx

Show an animated movie storyboard.

@yoginYao jing

Unfinished conversation fragment J7Ru7xnu5?fid=1034:4518738847006740

[Behind the scenes|"Fu": How the 2020 Spring Festival hot animation is made]

Taikong Animation _ _ biz=MzI0Mzc2ODEyNg==&mid=2247484464&idx=1&sn=9c144cc09aa0a61b8343de2b02d431cf

Graduation Season 2020 | Zhejiang Normal University "Animation Department" Bi Set Works Exhibition is here!!!

https://mp.weixin.qq. com/s? _ _ biz=MzAwNjAyMzczNQ==&mid=2650942382&idx=2&sn=ace6731148796dcf52902eb003726c7c

2020 Graduation Season|Communication University of China "Games" major exhibition is here!!!


"Wish Stack" IP Brand-Guangmei 2020 [Digital Entertainment and Derivative Studio] Bishou works

< h1>The 2020 Graduation Season | Beijing Film Academy Animation School "Comic" unit is set up!!! _ ZukP2mg8

#AniOne# Interview Works|I was born as a girl, I'm sorry? : Guangdong Baiyun University "FLOWER"

The short film "FLOWER" is based on a female perspective , To tell about the physical and psychological harm that gender stereotypes bring to the growth of women and women's gender in the process of social life. Present-day genderThe victims of transformation speak out. What we convey is the hope that one day people can get rid of the shackles of the inherent gender culture and bravely do what they want to do.
Author: Chen Shuna Hanzi Tong Hui Hong
school: Guangdong Baiyun University


https: // www

Reprinted from am an anime guy# #2020「Global Animation School Animator Graduation Season」#Title of work: "Hello"Author: microblogging @ Rowe- April bubblesThe 2020 Graduation Works of Digital Media Art Major of Guangzhou Business SchoolOriginal video link: to the work: "Hello" is a two-dimensional animated short film about a boy with social phobia in a space suit isolated from the outside world, through the use of flowers as the medium of the heroine, to bravely get out of psychological dilemma and chase the inner light. In today's society, more and more people have social phobia ranging from mild to severe. This symptom often makes people very uncomfortable in public places because they will encounter the least willing communication and stare at them. People who are deeply troubled by social fear will try their best to hide themselves and avoid social places deliberately. The short film uses blue and purple as the main background color to express the boy’s inner silence. The flowers serve as his support and as the "bridge" of the film. After meeting the heroine, it played a big role, and finally stepped out of his heart bravely. After the predicament, she finally stood in front of the hostess, and told her with a smile and full of joy what she had always wanted to say.

[AniOne|The energy of an otaku is beyond your imagination: Zhaoqing College "Ah Can"]

At the age of 30 But the mediocre and decadent Ah Chan, accidentally picked up a cat, the cat is the key to the local gang's recent business. The protagonist Ah Chan almost confessed that he was there when he returned the cat for the first time, and it was at this time that the daughter of his friend Tracy got a serious illness and needed a huge amount of medical expenses. Faced with the difficulties of life, did Chan continue to escape or risk it?
Author: Ruanguo Xiong
school: Zhaoqing University

[Original Beifu] No one in "Youyou" is an island UP master: Animated Beifu

"Youyou"Author: Li Meng @ Le Mans a Xiaoxu [email protected] chimes are ringing

[Excellent Graduation Design of 2020 "Raccoon and Orange"]

Source: School of Animation and Digital Art
author: Xu Yibo Shen Ming-Hao Liu Pei force Linge Liang Wei Yan Huang to guide teacher Zhang Yutong
: Wang Lei

AniOne|I was reincarnated from the mouth of a crocodile and decided not to be a human being: Shandong Art Institute "Drawing a Clumsy Freedom"


[Excellent Graduation Design of 2020 "Unknown World"]

@China Communication University

#Mid passGraduation Season·completeSETexhibition#
【Excellent Graduation Design of 2020 "Unknown World"】
Source: animation and digital Arts School
author: Chenyao Zong Zhao Xiuyin ban Yu Jun Song Chuting
instructor: tax Linlin =1034:4519636889174039

Graduation season 2020 | Beijing Film Academy Animation School "Games" and "Animation Planning" units completed exhibition is here! ! ! _ _ biz=MzAwNjAyMzczNQ==&mid=2650944147&idx=2&sn=fa9d63e9e9e10594acda312f02de02aa

The reason for AniOne|UP masters "coococo" has been found! : Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts "Battery Life"

AniOne|Obviously, I can rely on my strength, but I have to rely on my appearance...Who can't afford it: Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts "Come and Test" UP Main: Animation Academic Party


2020 animation complete set "Liu Li" UP Master: I am consciously aware

https:/ /

2020 Animation Department Graduation Design Video This production is a short story around the child after school. On the way home, the boy found a bead and encountered a little trouble, but was cleverly resolved, but because he was lost, he saw a beautiful view in a room. Who knew it was dark, but he woke up in the classroom. It's like a dream. The Bishe story was originally expected to be longer, but it was limited to only two teammates, and he was not proficient in the production of two-dimensional animation, which caused many problems in the production. Too much time was lost in continuous learning, and the story had to be cut off a lot of plots, and the film would be a bit rough.

What a great deal! Paper Tiger and Paper Wu Song are fighting! : Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts "Tiger" UP Main: Animation Academic Party

Work: "Tiger"Author: Cheng ZimingSchool: Shanghai Institute of Visual ArtsIntroduction: The tiger drawn by the boy jumped out of the paper and ate the boy’s parrot, and the boy drew Wu Song fighting with the tiger again...

Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts " Let’s have a try."

@Animation Scholarship

[#AniOne# |Obviously, I can rely on my strength, I have to rely on my appearance... Who can't afford it: Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts "Let’s compete"] Two contestants competed in the arena and one of them was judged by the judges Explicit favoritism, the other person was eliminated directly. They order to be able to compete fairly, respectively, posing once again participated in the competition ......

After the release of this video
obtained the author's permission: Liu Haoyang
school: Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts

Stop-motion animation complete work "FLOWER"

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