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This is actually the "dirty" corner of the refrigerator: the number of bacteria can be increased by 30 to 700 times _ Suggest

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Such as green onion leaves, grated radish, onion skin, corn silk, etc.

It is not easy to clean if it is a drawer type

The test result shows:

The number of bacteria in a messy fruit and vegetable box is 100~1000 times that of a clean fruit and vegetable box

Many people wipe the fruit and vegetable box with a cloth dipped in clean water

I thought it would be fine if there is no residue

But experiments have shown that this will spread bacteria to every corner of the fruit and vegetable box

The number of bacteria can be increased to 30~700 times

Fortunately, there is a solution:

After wiping with water, spray some disinfectant alcohol in the fruit and vegetable box

Or wipe with alcohol directly to eliminate harmful bacteria

During the epidemic, many people disinfected fruits and vegetables bought home with alcohol

But I don’t know that it will be contaminated with bacteria after putting it in the refrigerator


You may wish to thoroughly disinfect the fruit and vegetable box first

4 things to double the refrigerator bacteria

Tips from nutrition experts:


Put leftovers on a plate

Don’t put leftovers directly into the refrigerator.

If there is not enough space, just stack plates and bowls one after another

So that there are sufficient conditions for the growth of bacteria


It is best to put leftovers in a fresh-keeping container with a lid

It is better for food to occupy more than 1/2 of the volume.


Vegetables are not packaged

Put the newly bought vegetables directly into the fruit and vegetable box

Water will evaporate, the surface will shrink and the leaves will wilt

Accelerate the loss of vitamins and cross-contamination of microorganisms on different vegetables


It is best to wrap each vegetable with two layers of soft paper

Put them in separate plastic bags, and tie them loosely

This can slow down drying and extend shelf life


Repeated defrosting of meat

Bring the food in the freezer to room temperature

The bacteria that are in a dormant state begin to multiply

Put it back into the freezer, the total amount of bacteria has increased


Before freezing, cut the meat into appropriate sizes and pack them separately for freezing

When using, take out a piece and defrost it and eat it.

The temperature of the freezer compartment should be stabilized below minus 18 degrees Celsius to improve the storage effect


Unsealed food is not sealed

Unfinished milk, unfinished sauces, etc. are left unsealed and uncovered in the refrigerator

Accelerate the oxidation and deterioration of food.


Squeeze the air out of the bag of milk and fold it in three at the opening

Save for no more than 24 hours,

Heat sterilization before drinking

After opening the orange juice and other beverages, cover tightly and refrigerate

Generally no more than 48 hours

Tighten the lid for bottled seasoning sauce.

Cover the homemade food with plastic wrap

And try to tighten with rubber bands, take it out and heat sterilize before eating

A scientific "refrigerator cleaning guide"


Clean the refrigerator once a month


Before cleaning Power off the refrigerator first and take out all the ingredients


The adhesive strip is easy to be contaminated. It is recommended to use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to wipe it


Use a clean cloth Wipe the refrigerator thoroughly to avoid residual cleaning fluid


when cleaning I forgot to wipe the handle of the refrigerator by the way.

Nothing to say

Mr. Herald is going to toss my big refrigerator

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