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What? The number of bacteria has increased by 700 times? The Japanese experiment found the "dirty corner" of the refrigerator

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Recently, an experiment conducted by the Hyogo Prefectural Research Institute of Life Sciences found that the most severely contaminated part of the refrigerator-fruit and vegetable boxes. Didn't expect it?

The test results show that the number of bacteria in a dirty fruit and vegetable box is 100 to 1000 times that of a clean fruit and vegetable box. What's more noteworthy is that many people wipe the fruit and vegetable box with a cloth dipped in clean water, thinking that as long as there is no residue, experiments have shown that this will only spread bacteria to every corner of the fruit and vegetable box, and the number of bacteria can increase to 30~700 Times.

Four things that make refrigerator bacteria multiply

Many people use refrigerators as food "safes" and stuff all kinds of food into them at will. Poor storage habits are not only detrimental to food preservation, but also make bacteria multiply, unknowingly steal the nutrition of the food, but also steal your health.

👏1. Put leftovers in plates

Some families have the habit of putting leftovers and leftovers directly into the refrigerator as plates, and stacking plates and bowls layer by layer if there is not enough space, even Bent the partitions. Doing so will not only cause food odor, but also easily spill the food, providing sufficient conditions for the growth of bacteria.

👏2. Vegetables are not packaged

Vegetables can be kept fresh and tender in the refrigerator, but if you buy them directly into the fruit and vegetable box, the water will evaporate and the surface will shrink. The wilting of vegetable leaves accelerates the loss of vitamins and cross-contamination of microorganisms on different varieties of vegetables.

👏3. Repeated thawing of meat

Once the food in the freezer is brought into contact with the air at room temperature, the bacteria in the dormant state will start to multiply. When the food is put into the freezer again, although the propagation speed of bacteria slows down, the total amount has increased.

👏4. Unsealed foods are not sealed

Unfinished milk, unfinished sauces, etc., if they are not sealed, put directly into the refrigerator without the lid, there will be The greater the risk of cross-contamination, accelerate the oxidation and deterioration of food.

📢My friends, remember, it’s best not to do the above 4 things again! At the same time, we must also think about cleaning the refrigerator regularly, not only for the purpose of removing odors, but also for the sake of health and safety.

⭐1. If conditions permit, it is best to clean the refrigerator once a month.

⭐2. Before cleaning, turn off the refrigerator and take out all the ingredients.

⭐3. Finally, don't forget to wipe the refrigerator thoroughly with a clean cloth to avoid residual cleaning fluid.

⭐4. In addition, the refrigerator handle is also the main source of bacteria in the refrigerator. Don't forget to wipe the refrigerator handle by the way when cleaning.

So, the question is, what is the most effective way to clean the refrigerator for sterilization? Don't worry, the fragrance master @Sister Guo teach you a good way to make your own essential oil disinfectant:

10 drops of tea tree + 10 drops of lemon + 50 ml of purified water, and wipe it with the watering can.

Sterilization and odor removal will keep your refrigerator sweet and sour

Haha~ But remember "once a week"

Friends, hurry up and prepare! Use it to clean the refrigerator, clean and refreshing, safe and non-toxic, healthy every day~

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