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The Complete Version of the Answers of the Chinese Education Committee

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"Ten Dynasty Education Committee" can help you find your childhood, more than 80 subject categories! More than 3,000 questions that are informative and interesting! As long as you reach 60 points, you can start the next level of study! There are 4 super props to help you graduate! Then let everyone use their brains to answer the questions! The iPhone version of the popular intellectual game "Tianchao Education Committee" not only brings back childhood memories, but also brings laughter to everyone. Rich knowledge and fun quiz will make your life more colorful. The 1.3 version of the game is now online, I believe it will bring fun to more people.

There are Android and ios versions of the game:

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The official version of the Tianchao Education Committee v1.3 (IOS)

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The following are all the answers, let’s first look at the

Anime Master’s Primary Answers:

1. "Soul Samurai" changed from game to anime Among them, who is the one who is the brother of Bawang Maru and who hates each other?

Tooth God Huanjuro

2. After the messy hemp falls into the Niangduoquan, what will it become when it falls into the cold water?


3. What color was the color of "Doraemon" when it was born?


4. Who is the author of "Forest King"?

Osamu Tezuka

5. Which of the following is not the protagonist of "The Three Sisters of Cat's Eye"?

Fate of the Afterlife

6. What do you want to achieve in Naruto to join forces with A Fei?

Sasuke's eyes

7. What is the name of the master of Kenshin Gomura?

Biku Qingjuro

8. What kind of chess does the word "Goss" refer to?


9. What does "seiyuu" in Japanese animation mean?

Voice actor

10. Who is Galford's favorite in "Soul Samurai", which has been changed from a game to an anime?


11. What is the name of Wukong’s second child in "Dragon Ball"?


12. "Captain Tsubasa" brought Japanese football from ignorance to prosperity. What is the name of its protagonist?

Big Sky Tsubasa

13. The Love Story of the Metropolitan Police Department in the TV version of "Detective Conan" mainly describes the relationship story between Mikako Sato and whose relationship?

Takagi Shibu

14. In the "Naruto" manga, who is known as the performer of the magic?


15. In "Naruto", what does Elder Toad predict that Naruto will meet?


16. Who is the author of "Initial D"?

Shuichi Shigeno

17. What is the liberation language of Kuchiki Byakuya Zanpakuto in Bleach?

Scatter it, Qianbon Sakura

18. What is Big Big Wolf good at in "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf"?


19. Who are the following characters who do not belong to "Arale"?


20. What is the name of Kenshin's second wife?

Kamiya Xun

21. How many gourd children are there?


22. Asura King Yiping, Heavenly King Qiao Family, Dragon King Liangma, Yasha King Kuroki, which stage of comics do these people belong to?

Sky Wars

23. I have become weaker, but it does not mean that you have become stronger! From which character?

One side pass

24. What is the name of Xiaoqing’s father and Vinda’s husband in "The Hilarious Life of the Tropical Rainforest"?


25. What is the name of the cat from the Echizen family in "The Prince of Tennis"?


26 Of all the police departments that appeared in "Detective Conan", who is the most neurotic and incompetent police department?

Mountain Village Exercise

27. Who is the author of "Inuyasha"?

Takahashi Rumiko

28. How old is the target audience of "Teletubbies"?

Under 5 years old

29. "Dinosaur Express Kesai? The big villain among them. What is the name of the population of living organisms that invade the earth?


30. Which country is "Teletubbies" a puppet show for children?

United Kingdom

31. What does ED mean in animation terms?

Ending song

32. In "Detective Conan", what is the name of Mouri Kogoro's wife?

Concubine Miles

33. Who is the maker of Astro Boy?

Dr. Tianma

34. What is the name of Crayon Shin-Chan’s mother?

Nohara Miya

35. Which cartoon theme song is YUI's "again"?

"Fullmetal Alchemy FA"

36. Who is the author of "Detective Conan"?

Aoyama Gosho

37. Who is the fateful opponent of Shinto Hikaru, the protagonist in "Hireki"?

Taya Ryo

38. In "Saint Seiya", what is the name of the Japanese consortium that is rich in wealth and trained a large number of bronze saints?

City Household Consortium

39. Who in "Slam Dunk" is the prince in the minds of the girls from Xiangbei?

Rukawa Maple

40. What is the orthodox Chinese translation of Doraemon, the protagonist of Doraemon?


The Romance of the Three Kingdoms Elementary

1. Among the generals of Cao Cao, who is known as the tiger idiot?

Xu Chu

2. Who was fighting with Liu Bei when he was separated from Guan Yu and Zhang Fei?

Cao Cao

3. Who will eventually destroy Hua Tuo’s medical skills?

The jailer’s wife

4. Hulao Guan Sanying Battle When Lu Bu, who was the last to play?

Liu Bei

5. What era is the author of "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms"?

Late Yuan and Early Ming

6. Zhang Yide's anger whip over the post incident, in fact, is not actually done by Zhang Fei, who actually did it?

Liu Bei

7. Where is the capital of the Kingdom of Shu?


8. Who made the plan for Cao Jun to burn Xinye and break through?

Zhuge Liang

9. Where is the capital of Wei State?


10. What is the total number of chapters in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms?


11. The whole body is as red as charcoal, without half hairs, from head to tail, one foot long, from hoof to top, eight feet high, roaring, There is a state of flying into the sea, which horse is described? Chitu

12. From whose hands did Liu Bei occupy the land of Jingzhou?

Liu Biao

13. Sun Shangxiang was originally the beauty of the Soochow envoy, but his mother, Wu Guotai, liked Liu Bei's promise of marriage. Where did Wu Guotai see her son-in-law?

Ganlu Temple

14. Guo Jia is a counselor that Cao Cao cherishes very much. His word is


15. Who is the son of the son of Jingzhou City in the third search?

Liu Qi

16. Who is Zhao Zilong's savior saved by riding alone?

A Dou

17. After Liu Guanzhang was separated, where did he finally reunite?

Ancient City

18. Who made the single ride for thousands of miles?

Guan Yu

19. Guan Yu's character is long, but Guan Yu's character was not long before. What is it?


20. Tao Qiansan let Xuzhou, and finally died of serious illness. Who is Xuzhou for?

Liu Bei

21. Green plum cooking on the hero is a very exciting dialogue in "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms". Who is the conversation?

Cao Cao and Liu Bei

22. From whom did Liu Bei seize the treasures of Xishu?

Liu Zhang

23. Zhuge Liang is alive and angry with Zhou Yu. A total of several times before and after Zhou Yu was angry.


24. When riding a thousand miles alone, Guan Yu protected Liu Bei's wife. How many ladies were there at that time?


25. Guan Yu despises a certain general as if he sells the first label, who is he talking about?

Yan Liang

26. After Cao Cao was defeated by Huarong Road, who was let go and escaped?

Guan Yu

27. How many times did Zhuge Liang go out of Qishan for the Northern Expedition?


28. Guan Yu and Zhuge Liang agreed that if Cao Cao is released, it will be dealt with by military law. This agreement is an agreement that Cao Cao will go?

Huarong Road

29. Guan Yun's long defeat to Maicheng almost determined that Guan Yu's defeat was set. Who did Guan Yu die in the end?

Sun Quan

30. After Cao Cao's death, who is his successor?

Cao Pi

31. Whose account do Mi Zhu, Jian Yong, Pang Tong and others belong to?

Liu Bei

32. Who is said to have the ability to remember?

Zhang Song

33. Before Dong Zhuo died, what title did Dong Zhuo achieve in the end?

Prime Minister

34. In the Eastern Wu, who is the general who robbed Weiying with a hundred horses without losing one horse?


35. Wolong boarding on the Qixing platform, the east wind and the river surge overnight. Isn't Kong Ming's tricks, Zhou Langan's talent? What does it mean?

Borrowing the East Wind

36. Lu Bu is known as the number one warrior of the Three Kingdoms. What weapon does he use?

Fang Tian painted a halberd

37. Where is Zhang Yide?


38. Whose hands did Cao Cao's uncle Cao Song die?

Zhang Kai

39. When Wenjiu cut Huaxiong, who was Liu Guanzhang's subordinate?

Gongsun Zan

40. Because Cao Cao was addicted to wine, which one of his favorite generals did he lose?


41. After Liu Biao died, to whom did his wife and son dedicated the land of Jingzhou?

Cao Cao

42. What is the relationship between Guan Yu and Guan Xing?

Father and Son

43. Who is Sun Quan's father?

Sun Jian

44 Burning Chibi is the most exciting battle in "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms". Who is defeated in this battle?

Cao Cao

45. Who died in the end because of the chicken rib incident?

Yang Xiu

46. When Liu Bei jumped off his horse at Tanxi, the horse he rode finally saved Liu Bei's life. What is the name of its horse?

Lu of Lu

47. Where is Lu Bu in the Three British Wars?


48. Luo Ben, Zi Guanzhong, author of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, what is his name?

Scattered People in Huhai

49. Zhuge Liang used his strategy to quell the Nanban, and adopted the policy of attacking the mind first?

Ma Di

50. The beginning of "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" talks about the general trend of the world, and after a long period of time, it must be united... What is the next sentence?

Hejiu must be divided

51. Whose title is the Marquis of Wuxiang?

Zhuge Liang

52. For what kind of illness Cao Cao invited Hua Tuo for treatment?


Civil Service Examination Questions

1. What is the weight of adults in blood?


2. In order to allow the telescope to observe the celestial bodies, the roof of the observatory's house is designed?


3. In the stock market, the index has risen sharply, also known as?

Bull market

4. Where is the largest peninsula in Europe?

Northern Europe

5. What is the first geothermal power station in my country?


6. Where is the folk song "In That Faraway Place"?

Qinghai folk song

7. Which of the following vitamins can be converted into calcium after sun exposure?


8. Why do you say "drinking is not suitable for sports"?

Drinking alcohol will reduce athletes' athletic ability

9. Where is the headquarters of Microsoft Corporation in the United States?

Western United States

10. "Gadamelin" is the narrative song of that nation?

Mongolian nationality

11. Which organ has the highest water content in the human body?


12. Many people like to go sunbathing in the Dead Sea because?

The weakest ultraviolet rays

13. Huangshan is divided into five major scenic spots, namely Qianhai, Tianhai, Beihai, East China Sea, and West China Sea. What does the so-called "sea" mean?

Cloud Sea

14. What is the outstanding aroma of dark beer?

Malt Thought

15. What is the lowest altitude of the Dead Sea?

-392 meters

16. Other conditions are the same. Which of the following teapots hold more water?

The height of the spout and the body of the pot is the same

17.Where is the first Yaobai e-commerce station established in Tianjin?

Dagu Road

18. Who is the author of "Symphony No. 9"?


19. In ancient books, men often hold the word "three feet". What does it refer to?


20. "Hua'er" is a folk song of which ethnic minority?

The Hui nationality

21. Why does the white woven lamp turn black after using it for a long time?

Tungsten filament sublimation

22. Where is Pu Songling's former residence?

Zibo, Shandong

23. "The March of Volunteers" is the theme song of that movie?

"Children of Wind and Cloud"

24. What is "Zhou Yu" in the Peking Opera "Gathering of Heroes"?


25. Who is the author of the novel "Mrs. Bovary"?


26. Are chloasma and freckles more common?


27. Which one of the following is not part of the twenty-four solar terms?


28. The origin of the term "constitution"?


29. Who designed the famous ancient water conservancy project Dujiangyan?

Li Bing and his son

30. What was the purpose of the long jump in ancient times?

Escape from beasts

31. Which is the second largest of the seven continents by area?


32. Who is the author of "Othello"?


33. In addition to hearing, what role does the inner ear of crucian carp have?

Balance the body

34. In which city is the Longmen Grottoes, a historic site in my country, located?

Luoyang, Henan

35. When gold and copper are mixed in proportion, what color metal can be made?

Red Gold

36. What is the name of the cooking method of "Baobao"?

With coriander as an ingredient

37. Which country are Domingo and Carreras in the "World's Three Tenors"?


38. What is the net content of a can of Coca-Cola?


39. What kind of bird has the longest flight distance in the world on record?

Arctic Tern

40. What is Wu Daozi's work?

Tianwang Sending Child Picture

41. How long is the growth cycle of eyebrows?

Two months

42. Known as our countryWhich is the largest grotto of classical art?

Mogao Grottoes, Dunhuang, Gansu

43. What is the abbreviation of UNESCO?

United Nations Science and Education Organization

44. The term "Impressionism" comes from?

Monet's "Sunrise Impression"

45. What was the first TV series in our country?

Eighteen years of the enemy camp

46. In what month do penguins lay eggs?


47. What is the name of Dianthus caryophylla, which belongs to the same genus Dianthus?


What does the apricot altar refer to in 48 "Sabaya articles show the sun and the moon, the apricot altar ceremony and music crown Huayi"?

The place where Confucius lectures

49. Where is the production place of the famous rice wine "Added Rice Wine"?


50. What is called a "smoke-free city"?


51. If you want to equal the amount, what kind of food has the lowest cholesterol content?

Rabbit Meat

52. How many countries participated in the first ancient Olympic Games?


53. How did the legendary owner come into being?

The tears of Shun's concubine formed from tears

54. What is the city flower of Chengdu?

Hibiscus flowers

55. When will the euro be officially born?

January 1, 1999

56. Used in photography What light is the most light?

Visible light

57. What is the schedule of the international marathon?

42195 meters

What kind of iron is usually used for iron pans?

58. Pig iron.

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