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6 kinds of blasting methods, 12-character formula to get the essence of blasting dishes

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Baked dishes are demanding on fire conditions, and the ancient method says: "The way of cooking is like taking treasure from fire. If you don't get enough time, you will grow old. If you go too far, you will grow old. Contend for the Russians and lose the time." After a second, it will not be cooked, and after a second, it will not be crispy. Fried dishes are one of the most difficult dishes in Chinese cooking.

All condiments

The quicker the seasoning stage, the better. Mixing a bowl of seasoned gorgon juice in advance is the appropriate method. Generally, it is blended with chopped green onion, chopped ginger, chopped garlic, soy sauce, salt, sugar, vinegar, cooking wine, pepper, etc., plus water and starch. When sautéing the vegetables to thicken, stir and flip quickly while pouring the juice into the pot.

6 kinds of blasting methods, a fusion of blasting dishes

The cooking method of sauteed vegetables is heated by the conduction of oil and water. It is divided into oil explosion and soup explosion. The following subdivisions are mainly sauce explosion, coriander explosion, green onion explosion, water explosion, and others include hot, bad and braised. Baked, salted, garlic, etc. The dishes and techniques have their own characteristics due to the different raw materials, seasonings, and heat conditions.

The oil explodes, the pot is full of gas

After sizing and blanching the processed small-shaped raw materials, fry them in a boiling oil pan until they reach the maturity level, remove the oil, and raise the oil pan again. The oil temperature rises and the oil is heated thoroughly, and the fried raw materials are turned over. Once, add the seasoned gorgon juice, and then turn it over a few times. The action should be fast, otherwise it may cause the glutinous powder to clump and pack unevenly.

Raw material: poultry meat, offal, aquatic products or seafood without fascia removal

Heat: Prosperous and hot oil

Flavor: full pot gas, strong aroma

Oil burst double crisp

This is a special traditional dish of Shandong cuisine. It has a long history. According to legend, it started in the middle of the Qing Dynasty. It uses pork belly tips and chicken gizzard slices as raw materials. It is carefully operated by a knife and stir-fried in boiling oil. . The belly and gizzard slices that need to be cooked for a long time can mature quickly, and the taste is crisp, tender and smooth, fresh and refreshing.

Tips: The oil temperature is controlled at 120℃-270℃, the firepower should be strong, and the action should be clean and tidy.

This stir-fried kidney slaw is to put the raw materials in a thin paste, not boiled in hot water, directly into the oil pan to fry until six or seven mature, and then continue to cook in the oil pan.

Tips: Change the pork loin to wheat ears and cut into strips of 3.5 cm x 6.5 cm. After sizing, use 80% oil to pull out the pot, control the time within 5-6 seconds, and burst. The whole process of frying is controlled for about 55 seconds. Drizzle pepper oil before serving to enhance the aroma.

The oil-battered conch slices need to cooperate with superb knife work. The conch slices are cut into large slices, put in a pan, boiled in clear broth, added auxiliary materials and seasonings, and quickly fried.

Tips: Boil the snails in warm water at 80°C, then add ice water to make them crispy and tender, and then cook them with strong oil.

The sauce is burst, the sauce is fragrant and beautiful

The main ingredients are first sizing and oiled or blanched, and then fried with sauce-like seasonings, without adding gorgon juice, so


burst than oil burst juice Less. The skill of the heat is to use medium heat to warm the oil, about 90 ℃ to deep fry the sauce, fry the sauce until it is cooked thoroughly, so that the sauce tightly wraps the cooked ingredients.

Ingredients: poultry, livestock, seafood, such as diced chicken, diced fish, beef cubes, seasoned with sauce

Heat: Heat the oil in medium heat, the sauce is easy to bitter when the fire is high, and it is not easy to hang the sauce when the fire is small

Flavor: red and bright color, mellow sauce

Change the beef tenderloin into pieces with a knife, add the flavor and flour, and fry it in a non-stick pan until it is ripe. Stir-fry the beef cubes and the fried lactone tofu cubes for a while, add salt and other seasonings, sauces, cornstarch sauce, and amber peach kernels, stir-fry for a while, and you can get out of the pot. The beef has a good texture, and the lactone tofu is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Tip: The amount of sauce is about the amount of the main ingredient1/5, pay attention to the heat when fragrant sauce, too old will taste bitter and black, too tender will have raw sauce taste, the aroma is not strong.

Stir the coriander and use coriander to enhance the flavor

Coriander blast is also called salt blast. The cooking process is similar to oil blast. The temperature of the oil is about 90℃-120℃, but only the seasoning and clear sauce is used before the pot is cooked. Starch and soy sauce are not added. Coriander is generally made with coriander, green onion, minced garlic, salt, cooking wine and other condiments.

Raw material: use coriander stalks as ingredients, raw materials are mainly silk, strips, and slices

Fire: The fire is big, but the oil temperature should not be too high

Flavor: strong coriander flavor

Rinse the lamb's tripe with clean water and put it in boiling water for 3 minutes, remove and shred. Add the oil and sauté the ingredients, pour in the seasonings, and stir-fry the raw materials for 5 times over high heat to get out of the pot. This method can also explode ingredients such as donkey intestines, sheep tripe, and dried silk. Cooking vinegar can cleverly use the hot and sour taste to cover the peculiar smell.

Tips: The coriander used for blasting the coriander is only the stems, not the leaves, and cut into small pieces. The coriander should not be put into the pot too early, it is best to put it before the pot.

Stir the green onion, sauté the fragrant white onion

The main ingredient is the scallion segment. When the raw materials are fried, use the scallion segment and the raw materials in a frying pan to fry together. The other cooking process is the same as the oil-blasting process.

Raw material: green onion as the ingredient, raw and exploded without sticking

Hot: Stir-fry fast in big fire

Flavor: Green onions overflowing

Scallion Pork

Scallion fried pork is a characteristic traditional Shandong dish, delicious and salty, the meat is fresh and tender, the green onions are crispy, and it has a smoky fragrance. Different raw materials can be used to make similar dishes, such as fried lamb with green onions and beef tenderloin with green onions.

Tips: Change the meat into slices, the size and thickness should be even, pickled and seasoned, combined with the white onion, cook quickly over a strong fire, put the onion in about 20 seconds after the pan is out.

The soup is fried, fragrant and delicious

After changing the raw material to the knife, put it in boiling water or boiling soup and blanch it to cut off the raw material. After blasting, remove it and put it in a soup bowl, and then pour some adjusted broth.

Raw material: crispy or tender animal primitive family

Heat: water temperature 80℃-100℃

Flavor: fragrant, crisp and tender, full of umami taste

When making clear chicken soup, boil 1 old chicken, elbows, and ribs on a low fire, hang for 10 hours, then hang with minced chicken and filter. Cook the snail slices with clear chicken broth. The raw materials and soup color are transparent and clear, which fully reflects the crispness of the ingredients.

Tips: The ironing time of the raw materials should be short.

Water burst, refreshing with sauce

When the water bursts, heat up the ingredients in boiling water and remove them, drain the water and dip them in the seasonings for consumption. The key to cooking meat and water-boiled vegetables is to master the time of boiling the ingredients in boiling water, and blanch until the main ingredients are bloodless and the color changes from dark to light. If the blanching time is too long, the main ingredients are old but not crispy. The most common belly burst is water burst, which is light and crispy.

Raw materials: offal of poultry and livestock, vegetables, vermicelli

Heat: 100℃ boiling water

Flavor: refreshing but not greasy, with dipping sauce

Burst belly

Baodu Feng has been passed down to the fifth generation. The cooking secrets of "hot belly" handed down from the ancestors are "hot bursting", "water bursting", and "popping the pot", which means that the fire must be strong, the water must be boiled, and the pot must be cooked. be quick. Depending on the raw materials, blanch the water in the pot for 5-8 seconds.

Tips:Sandan pays attention to "one look, two views, three turns". The raw materials are put into the fence, and the pot is boiled in water. At the same time, put the dinner plate in the water and blanch the plate. Avoid cold plates. After serving, shake the scattered pill twice in the boiling water and turn it over. After three consecutive turns, it will be out of the pot, and the water will be controlled when it is out of the pot. Baoduren emphasizes "one look, two breaks, three shakes, four turns".

Dear masters, fried dishes are kung fu dishes. They pay great attention to the taste and texture. I believe that as long as you master the characteristics of the raw materials and the experience in controlling the heat, and practice hard, you will be able to practice and make perfect, and you will be able to cook a great taste that is admirable!


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