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How is the girl who won the "Alipay Koi" back then? You may not think of _ child

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As a parent, you should educate your children well. This is the most important thing. Instead of waiting for the pie in the sky to fall, how can you educate your girl as a parent?

1. Points for attention in parent education

For girls, parents usually hold it in their mouths and fear it, and hold them in their hands. Because of the differences between girls and boys, parents almost tend to be free-range for boys, and they are very strict with girls.

But in the process of parents educating their children, education is divided by gender. For girls, what needs to be educated is some rules and some bottom lines. Parents can call it three things or three things.

2. Three essentials

Three important points, the first of which is to focus on cultivating children’s emotional intelligence. Because only after the emotional intelligence is rich, children will have super-strong self-control ability, and at the same time they can restrain themselves, withstand the temptation from the outside, and will more firmly implement their goals in life.

And the second thing is to pay attention to the abundance of children's spirit. Spiritual abundance is not as easy to achieve as material abundance. Parents must instill in their children a sense of self-esteem and self-love from an early age, and care about their children in place, so that the girl's emotions can be satisfied. Then after the children grow up, they will not lose themselves in the environment of lack of love.

The last thing is to make children responsible. Girls' minds are more sensitive than boys. So parents should give girls more encouragement and affirmation, so if things go on like this, parents will surely reap a confident daughter.

3. Three Don'ts

Three don't, the first is don't be indifferent. Parents' care for their children should be reflected in the details of life. Compared with boys, raising girls should be more careful. Girls always pay attention to details, and they should use body language to encourage their children, and don't treat them indifferently.

The second is less beating and scolding and more education. Times are constantly changing. The era of filial sons under the stick is over. In today’s family education, you must not use her to scorn girls. To train girls is patience, and what is needed is to educate children with principles. Instead of using violence to stop the child.

The third is not to push the child to others. In the final analysis, some problematic children are irresponsible parents. Therefore, the girls raised by irresponsible parents will have more problems in their growth process, so parents must accompany the girls to grow up, rather than push the girls to others.

The third point is that parents cultivate their children's emotional intelligence so that their children can grow up healthily. Third, don’t let your children understand the bottom line of life and recognize the current situation of life. Guide your child well and let her take the right path, then the future of the child must be bright, and parents can also save a lot of worry. Only when parents do this can they be a perfect account for their children.

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