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When Deng Ai attacked Shuhan, if Liu Chan chose to defend himself and Jiang Wei returned to the army, what would be the result?

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   Deng Ai walked the Yinping Trail into the hinterland of the Shu Han, and successfully defeated Zhuge Zhan, and Zhuge Zhan died, in fact, the heart of the Shu Han was completely dissipated. If Liu Chan stays dead, he will not be able to defend Chengdu, because since Zhuge Liang's death, the heart of the Shu Han has become more and more broken, and Zhuge Zhan's death marked the complete collapse of the heart of the Shu Han, and there will be no one in the court anymore. Willing to fight to the death! Everyone understands the situation and believes that the Shu Han is not the enemy of the Wei state, and surrendering may have a good ending!


   Many people think that if Liu Chan defends Chengdu firmly, Jiang Wei will come to rescue from the back. Reinforcements came to flanking Deng Ai, and Deng Ai would be completely defeated in the end. This statement looks good on the surface, but everyone has forgotten the premise that battles are fought by humans, and what do humans rely on to support their tenacious resistance? It's the human heart! Judging from the situation at the time, the hearts of the people of the Shu Han had been lost. In the center of the court of the Shu Han, most people thought that Chengdu could not be held!


   In fact, since Liu Bei established the Shu Han, the people’s mind of the Shu Han has gone through three stages!

  Liu Bei era

  In the Liu Bei era, the people of Shu Han were still available. After all, the name of Uncle Liu was well-known in the world, and the army of Uncle Liu was also very powerful. In the Battle of Hanzhong, he even defeated the incredible Cao Cao! No matter how you look at it, as long as everyone followed Liu Bei well at the time, it seemed that a lot of benefits would be allocated! Maybe it's really possible to win the world.

   Unfortunately, shortly after Hanzhong’s victory, Jingzhou was attacked by Soochow, and Guan Yu was also defeated and killed. This was a big blow to the Liu Bei Group, which was in the ascending period, and made everyone to Liu Bei. The group was suspicious. So Liu Bei decided to attack Wu and retake Jingzhou to save people's hearts. However, in the end Liu Bei suffered a miserable defeat and lost his heart. More and more people doubted Liu Bei's ability, and many people directly raised the flag and rebelled against Shu Han. During this period, the people's mind of the Shu Han dropped to a freezing point, and the elite suffered so much in the two consecutive battles that it almost reached the point of panic.


   Zhuge Liang Times

   Fortunately, Shu Han had Zhuge Liang like this After the death of Liu Bei, a great talent successfully settled the Shuhan and brought the hearts of the Shuhan together again. And this time, Zhuge Liang's goal was to expedite Cao Wei in the north. The so-called Wangye was not partial! It was also under the leadership of Zhuge Liang that all the people of the Shu Han were united in their minds, thinking about breaking into the Central Plains and restoring the territory of the Han Dynasty, and they also got a share of it. At this stage of the Shu Han, the hearts of the people are available, and everyone is confident! However, due to the fact that the national power of the Shuhan was too weak, although everyone had ideas, they still failed to make great progress.


   Liu Chan era

   After Zhuge Liang passed away, his The successors had already discovered that the Shu Han was too weak to defeat Cao Wei, so they began to change their aggressive strategy and entered the stage of strategic defense. After Fei Yi’s death, Jiang Wei took charge of the army. Although his military ability was good, he was inPolitical influence is still far behind Zhuge Liang. Jiang Wei could not unite the hearts of the people of the Shu Han, and his slogan for the Northern Expedition was not that Wang Ye would be unbiased and restore the territory of the Han family, but to complete Zhuge Liang's Northern Expedition! In fact, from the slogan, we can also see everyone's attitude towards the Northern Expedition.

   In the later stage, many people opposed Jiang Wei's Northern Expedition, thinking that this was a move that was laborious for the people and money. To put it bluntly, after so many years, everyone's heart has been cold and they are no longer willing to start a war against Wei. Everyone thinks that since Wei cannot be defeated, it is better to live your own life behind closed doors. At this stage, the people's mind of the Shu Han was no longer aggressive, but the pursuit of stability, thinking that he was not an opponent of Wei.


   When Deng Aibing is near the city, the performance of Shuhan Chaotang is even more comical. Because most of them think they can't hold the city. They are not discussing how to defend the city from the enemy, but how to escape or surrender!


Original text: But it was said that the postmaster was in Chengdu. Hearing that Deng Ai had taken Mianzhu, Zhugezhan and his son were dead, so he urgently called for civil and military discussions. The nearby minister said: "The people outside the city will help the old and the young, crying loudly, and fleeing for their lives." The master was shocked, and suddenly sent a horse to report, saying that Wei Bing was approaching the city. Many officials said: "There are few generals in the army, and it is difficult to meet the enemy. It is better to abandon Chengdu early and go to the seven counties in the south. You can defend yourself from the precipice. Just borrow the barbarians and come back to overcome it."

   can see By the time, this group of people has long been corrupted, where is the blood and lofty ambition of the year? In the face of a powerful enemy, their thoughts are surprisingly consistent, that is, escape! In the end, under Qiao Zhou's suggestion, Liu Chan chose to surrender, because even if he fled to other places, there would be no good end! Judging from the performance of Liu Chan and his officials this time, the hearts of the Shu Han commanding the center have long been dissipated, and there is no ability to defend the city and defend the enemy at all!

   If Liu Chan really defends the city, let's not say whether the army can arrive in time and defeat Deng Ai. Just say that Liu Chan's defense of the city will not necessarily succeed! Because of the collapse of the people, there must be many people who want to take refuge in the Wei state, and as long as the gate of Chengdu is opened, they will make great achievements. Under the oppression of Deng Ai's army, many people will surely take risks. The final result is Chengdu, which Liu Chan insisted on, was opened from the inside, and Deng Ai's army entered, Liu Chan could only surrender!



   Conclusion p>

   Defending the city requires someone to guard it, and the Shuhan court is already broken. Even if the generals still want to fight, the characters in the court are not willing, they are not willing to bury the Shuhan. . If they surrender to Wei, they can still enjoy life in fine clothes and food!


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