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Ziying Spoilers, King of Europa, Valencia vs. Villarreal, Exclusive Internal Reference

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After a wave of 5 consecutive reds, the old irons can continue to keep up and rebound from this field! It is bound to re-impact longer and even red.

This scene is reissued as a 3 consecutive black article.

4 sets of buy in the evening show

There are currently 50 lots remaining in the fund pool, and 15 lots are profitable this month.

Competition Lottery No. 002 Valencia vs. Villarreal

One: [Information internal reference screening and integration]

La Liga veteran powerhouse Valencia ranked sixth with 49 points, eliminated the Celtics and the Russian Premier Krasnodar to advance, and entered the European war again after two years, previously in the Europa League in the 2003-04 season Won the championship; 4 wins and 1 loss in all competitions in the last 5 games, including defeating Real Madrid at home in the league and Sevilla at home in the away game. They performed well. Including this game, Barencia has played in 2 consecutive home games and has conceded 3 goals in 3 of the last 4 games.

The same old La Liga team, Villarreal, ranked 15th in the league with 33 points, facing a fierce relegation battle, knocking out the Lisbon competition and the Russian super giant Zenit to advance. Entered the European war for the fifth consecutive season, the best result is the semi-finals; the last league game and away 1-0 defeated mid-range team Girona, ending 4 games in all competitions, 1 draw and 3 losses invincible trend.

【Probability of winning and losing】

William's organization opened an initial loss of 1.75, 3.7, 4.6 for this game, and nearly 15 games with the same sp. The home team won 9 games. 2 draws and 4 losses.

Two: [Important Players and Injury Information]

Valencia Injuries:

Midfielder Kondobia (played 18 games and scored 1 Ball);

Forward Sobrino (played 2 games);

Villarreal injury:

Defender Bonnet Pull (5 games),

Suspected play without official confirmation: defender Haome Costa (played 18 games) defender Gaspar (25 games scored 1 goal,)

Midfielder Caceres (played 19 games in midfielder Fornals (played 29 games and scored 1 goal) midfielder Trigros (played in 20 games)

3: [Key Information 】

1. The last time the two teams faced off in the Europa League was in the semi-finals of the 2004 season. At that time, Valencia eliminated opponents to enter the final and defeated Marseille to win the championship

2. Since After the Europa League restructuring, Valencia had participated in 4 times before, and they were eventually eliminated by the La Liga team.

3. Villarreal has a lot of pressure to relegation, and the last 5 Except for the last round of La Liga facing Getafe, the rest of the teams are all downstream teams in the league.

4. Villarreal's performance in the league this season is very sluggish, but in The Europa League so far has a good record of 5 wins, 5 draws and 1 loss.

5. Villarreal is ranked 20th in UEFA, while Valencia is only ranked 44th.

Four: [Simulated Handicap Index Results] (After the sum of the scores and losses after the addition of the host and the object is calculated, it is judged to be positive and negative proportional to the index given by the organization to determine the true index)

Valencia has scored 22 goals and conceded 12 goals in 15 games. 10 goals and 6 goals in the last 7 games.

Villa has 26 goals in the last 15 games.

, 22 goals conceded. 14 goals and 14 goals conceded in the last 7 games.

When the average probability of the recent high score between the two sides is higher than 75%, the size index gives a high payout of 2.75 goals , The market outlook drops to 2.5 large scores, low to mid-to-low payouts, and the pressure on the payers is balanced, and the organization has positive support for the expected value of the large score.

Six: [YouPlay index exclusive coordination]

(According to the overall planning model, the respective game indices in this round are only referenced in the elimination and promotion of the two sides in the top 8. The subsequent semi-finals and finals need to be re-judged in the next stage according to the promotion situation, because the game The index will also change accordingly)

The current situation of the current two-team index in this UEFA Champions League

The winning rate of the Valencia ranking game index: 55.

Villarreal ranking game index winning rate: 124.

In the same situation, there was a Europa Brazil match, and in order to win each other's index, the promotion with a high ranking in the final game index was in line with this field.

Principal plot and data analysis:

This game has reached the deepest index of the 2 teams in the past 12 years, half one. The main reason is the change from the domestic league. For the European game, it increased the judgement of the disparity in strength. It is not a positive support for the home team. With the over-abundance of fame and rally, Villarreal hopes to be unbeaten away and even get back a game. In the case of losing at most one goal, you can play today's main hero (-1) 1/0 (sp: 3.45, 2.03) after an average optimization of 1.3sp

High-compensation recommendation: 1/0 (Sp: 3.6, 4.3)

Index reference: Villarreal + 1 (sp: 1.65)

Score reference: 2:2 2:3 1:3

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