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Is Liu Chan really an "unable to support A Dou"? Chen Shou: Liu Chan is not only not stupid, but also has great wisdom

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Speaking of Liu Chan, the queen of Shu, many people's first impression of him is basically six words, that is, "A Dou that can't be helped." The reason for saying this is that, firstly, Liu Chan's cowardly character, and secondly, he surrendered to Wei Guo (in fact, the Sima family). Therefore, many people's impression of him is not very good!

But is this really the case? Is Liu Chan really a fool in history?

In fact, judging from the records in Chen Shou's "Three Kingdoms", Liu Chan is not only not stupid, but also has great wisdom!

First of all, from the succession to the throne in 223 AD to the fall of the Shu Han regime in 263 AD, Liu Chan reigned for a total of 41 years , Is the emperor with the longest reign in the Three Kingdoms period.

Of course, you might say that this is the result of Zhuge Liang's dedication. But even if Zhuge Liang assisted him in the early stage, he only assisted him for eleven years, and Liu Chan himself managed the remaining thirty years.

If Liu Chan is really a mentally handicapped boy, can he govern the country for such a long time, and the ministers still obey him? Obviously it can't.

In Chen Shou’s "Three Kingdoms", there is a passage that Zhuge Liang praised Liu Chan in front of Liu Bei, which emphasized four One word: "very smart". From the literal meaning, it means that he is very intelligent and energetic, and he is a capable person.

I have to say that with Zhuge Liang’s wisdom, this evaluation of Liu Chan is more accurate.

When Liu Bei was in the Baidi city, he asked Liu Chan to treat Zhuge Liang like his father. Later, after Liu Chan succeeded to the throne, Zhuge Liang was in power, but Liu Chan did not doubt or suspicion Zhuge Liang because of this. Instead, he gave him enough trust and support.

Take the Northern Expedition as an example! At that time, the land of Jingzhou was occupied by Soochow, and the transportation of logistics materials was difficult. Grain and grass materials could only be shipped from the middle of Shu. The Northern Expedition was a thankless thing. So at that time, many ministers in Shuzhong expressed opposition, such as Li Yan.

However, Liu Chan still rejected all the arguments and fully supported Zhuge Liang's Northern Expedition. This is not to say that Liu Chan is stupid, but to keep his father's death promise.

After Zhuge Liang's death, Liu Chan immediately suspended the Northern Expedition and recuperated. Moreover, after Wei Yan's rebellion failed, Liu Chan did not fall into trouble with Wei Yan's problems, or took the opportunity to suppress Wei Yan's old ministry. Instead, he thanked Wei Yan for his achievements and gave him a coffin to bury him.

Regarding the crime of rebellion, Liu Chan's ability to deal with it this way shows that he inherited Liu Bei's benevolence.

Of course, perhaps he also understands that Wei Yan didn't really want to rebel, but just wanted to seize power with Zhuge Liang. In short, no matter what, Liu Chan's handling of Wei Yan was quite benevolent.

In the later period of the Three Kingdoms, Liu Chan reviewed the situation and surrendered to Wei. Of course, some people think that Liu Chan is mediocre, saying that the land of Sichuan and Shu is easy to defend and difficult to attack. Liu Chan can lead a large army to station in Sichuan and Shu to resist the Wei army. But he chose to surrender, what a shame!

Of course, there is a big controversy about Liu Chan's return. Some people think that Liu Chan is incompetent, but others think it is wise.The choice, because although the land of Sichuan and Shu is easy to defend and difficult to attack, after all, the strength of Wei and Shu is very different. It will be sooner or later that Wei and Shu are captured. Instead of waiting until the city is broken, they are slaughtered. The land is free from the disaster of the sword.

Personally, I support the latter statement.

After Liu Chan's return, his acting skills became even more superb. In order to protect himself, he pretended to be crazy. For example, at a banquet, Sima Zhao made people perform Shudi songs specially for the purpose of testing Liu Chan.

Sima Zhao asked him: "Do you still miss the land of Shu?" Liu Chan replied: "You are happy here, but you don't think of Shu." And this is the idiom "Happy not thinking about Shu". The origin. Liu Chan's performance made Sima Zhao completely let go of his guard, and later named him An Le Gong, and finally got a good death.

So in this way, do you still think that Liu Chan is an "unable to support a Dou"?

Of course, everyone has different views on this issue, but I personally think that when analyzing historical figures, one cannot simply start with literary works. , It is better to combine real historical data for reference.

Take Liu Chan as an example. If you want to see if he is faint, you can't simply look at it from "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", but from the official history like "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" To find the answer.

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