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Interview with Ace News anchor Wang Shuai: Parents can’t be a "hands-off shopkeeper" in the cultivation of children _ performance

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▲A group photo of Wang Shuai's "our class" class

Why do you have a soft spot for "I'm the Little Host"?

Wang Shuai said frankly: "I am very happy to have the opportunity to get together with such a group of people, a professional team, and familiar friends. I can communicate both professionally and emotionally. "

Wang Shuai said, "I am a little host" sticks to the professional path and insists on bringing healthy and progressive programs for children, which is very valuable.

""I Am a Little Host" is a rare stage, and it can be regarded as the top health-oriented children's growth program in China."

Over ten years of journalism, Wang Shuai has professional confidence in the field of journalism, whether it is an emergency such as an earthquake or fire, or a dull event. Wang Shuai can maintain a high level of daily news.

But when doing children’s shows or dealing with children, Wang Shuai admits that Mango, Maomao, and Jingjing, who are also the class teacher of "I Am a Little Host", are experts, and they can learn a lot from them. Including ways to deal with your children.

"Children have their own worldview, and they cannot be treated like adults."

▲Wang Shuai invites students to join the class

Wang Shuai on the stage of "I am a little host" puts down the cold side in the news program, uses his own way to bring laughter to the students, when the young students are lost , And did not hesitate to encourage words.

Participated in "I Am a Little Host" in the third year. Wang Shuai said that the current post 00s, 10s, and 80s Post-90s and post-90s are not the same.

"When we were young, we still had newspapers and magazines, but today's children almost grew up in the world of the Internet. This makes the knowledge structure and the way of dealing with people and things of the children are very different from the previous children. It’s a rewarding thing to have the opportunity to see these changes."

It’s a small host"


On the stage of "I am a small host", Wang Shuai will patiently watch each student Performance, and give his own professional advice.

His obsession with details is often ridiculed by other class teachers as "really strict"!

▲Wang Shuai commented on the performance of the students

And Mr. Wang Shuai’s comment most often appears The three words of "Vice Language".

What is a "sublanguage"?

This is defined in Baidu Encyclopedia.

Paralanguage refers to a symbol system that does not use artificially created language as symbols, but uses other senses such as sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, etc. as the information carrier.

It looks very complicated, but in actual speeches or public performances, paralanguage refers to the tone of voice, facial expressions, and body movements that match the "text" in those performances.

The face is flushed when shy, pale when afraid, hands and feet tremble, especially heartbeat, breathing rate, body temperature, pupil size and body trembling are more difficult to control than other movements. Therefore, the paraverbal behavior is relatively the most real and the hardest to train.

▲Participants of "our class" Li Tongle and Qiu Wenqian perform together

"Vice language" will become This is the most important criterion for judging a person’s true state.

In a good language performance, the content is very important, but the language performer’s grasp of "para-language" can better reflect his "language performance quality."

Wang Shuai said: "

To judge a host, although it seems to start from when he stood to the center of the stage, it actually started from before he took the stage. His standing, eyes, and gestures will all be straightforward. Affect his judgment."

This is actually a stricter standard for the host.

"To control the stage, you don't have to speak standard Mandarin and wear the most gorgeous costumes, but to have the ability to recreate the space. When he stands in the center of the stage, he is the host."

▲ "Our class" Huang Yu personal performance

In the "our class" with Wang Shuai as the head teacher, Huang Yu He is one of the most satisfied students of Teacher Wang Shuai.

"Her cultural foundation is very good, the audience is courteous, her eyes are piercing, and her eyes never evade when communicating with the teacher."

A student Yan Anqi also praised Teacher Wang Shuai.

▲"Our class" Yan Anqi's solo performance

"She is from Fuyang, compared with Hangzhou For the children from the prestigious schools in the city, although she does not have the best hardware resources, she is generous and generous. I think she is very suitable to be a host of a cultural program."

Wang Shuai He said that he favors those little hosts who are not stage fright, have content, and radiate confidence from the inside to the outside.

True companionship and false companionship


In addition to the identity of the host, Wang Shuai is still a A university teacher. After joining "I'm a Little Host", he also began to pay attention to children's language and art education.

Wang Shuai gave his own suggestions to parents who want to improve their children’s language skills:

"I hope parents can understand

'True training, false training, true companionship , False companionship'."

Wang Shuai said that in the training of children, you should not blindly throw your children to a training institution and become a "hands-off shopkeeper."

"Parents not only need to investigate more and choose high-quality institutions for their children. They also need to accompany their children more in their spare time to give them a true companionship."

"Both of them You don’t need to accompany you with your mobile phone."

▲"Our class" students Chu Yicheng and Deng Hanhan perform together

Wang Shuai suggested to improve children's language skills and pay attention to the use of garbage time.

What is garbage time? It's the time for going to school, waiting for the bus, and doing housework.

In these garbage time, you can broadcast news channels and high-quality online podcasts, so that high-quality sound can accompany the growth of children.

▲"Our class" student Chu Yicheng's personal performance

Wang Shuai also emphasized that the child’s Temperament depends on the parents.

"We often see parents have high demands on their children, but relax their demands on themselves.

Parents and friends should put down their phones, read with their children, and grow up with their children Progress."

It’s better to think ahead than to stop


Wang Shuai feels that today's children will face greater and greater challenges and competitive pressures in the future.

"Now that these children grow up in the era of Douyin and Kuaishou, their language skills are very strong."

"In the past, foreign language learning only required proficiency in reading and writing. Now in foreign language learning, I can’t miss any of listening, speaking, reading, writing."

▲"Our class" student Deng Hanhan, Tang Qiaoyu’s cooperative performance

"Companies like Tencent, NetEase or Alibaba all need to do various media presentations, and the requirements for language expression skills will only become higher and higher."

Teacher Wang Shuai once again emphasized, "Language expression ability includes dealing with people, clothing, and overall eyes."

▲"We "Class" students Yan Anqi and Sheng Zixuan perform together

The future is the era of 5G, the era of artificial intelligence, and the huge data stream makes media everywhere. The interaction between man and man, man and machine will be more frequent, and there will be more and more language requirements.taller and taller.

"In the future, no matter what industry you are engaged in, the ability of language expression will be necessary for everyone. This is the ability that we are forced by the advancement of social science and technology and must be mastered."

▲ "Our class" students Tang Jiawei and Xu Haoran perform together

In such an era, we must be enterprising.

"It's better to think ahead than to stop." is a sentence Wang Shuai wants to give to children and parents and friends. It comes from his favorite movie "The Grand Master" .

This sentence is also his own life motto.

"The biggest advantage of doing news is that you can meet the best people in all fields." Wang Shuai said.

If you want to meet the best people and get in touch with the forefront of the world, you must continue to learn, constantly improve your abilities, and keep moving forward.

On the road of life, "I would rather think about progress than stop when I think about it." Wang Shuai used his practical actions to interpret the true meaning of this sentence for us.

▲Wang Shuai gave small gifts to students of "our class" at the graduation ceremony

He is The strict and warm class teacher in "our class" is a rare role model for young students to grow up.

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