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Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. again won the TOP 10 of "The Most Valuable Investment Enterprise in China's Pharmaceutical Industry"

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Original title: Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals won the "Top 10 Most Valuable Companies for Investment in China's Pharmaceutical Industry" again

Insight into industry hotspots and full innovation. In early September, 2020 (37th) National Pharmaceutical Industry The annual information meeting was held in Zhuhai. The conference is discussing the hot spots of the pharmaceutical industry and new opportunities for the transformation and development of Enterprises At the same time, the highly anticipated 2020 "China Pharmaceuticals Industry's Most Valuable Investment Enterprises ( Non-listed)" and other lists, Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Company Being on the list again shows a good development prospect as an innovative Chinese medicine company.

Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceutical is the first Chinese medicine in Shanghaijoint venture has been adhering to the tenet of “innovating traditional Chinese medicine and serving healthy China” for many years, and constantly promotes the modernization and internationalization of Chinese medicine, and has won several China MedicineManufacturing industry top 100 enterprises, Chinese medicine industry has the most growth The honorary titles such as the most powerful enterprise and the most technologically innovative Chinese medicine enterprise, etc., continue to move forward on the road of traditional Chinese medicine inheritance and development. Let's take a look at the path of integrity and innovation of this company with the most investment value through the milestones in the development of Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals.

Science and technology innovation is the keynote

Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceutical was awarded the National Enterprise Technology Center

Shanghai Hutchison Huang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in August 2001 by Hutchison Whampoa (China) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Medicinal Materials Co., Ltd. Co-investment was established. Its predecessor was the Shanghai No. 1 Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory. , Cai Tongde merged in 1958.

Since its establishment, Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals has unremittingly promoted Products technological innovation is improving Product quality standards and product R&D and clinical research have been invested heavily. At present, there are 74 products under the umbrella, with dosage forms such as pills, tablets, injections, etc., and the registration of "Shanghai Pharmaceutical Brand"< span web="1" target=" _ blank" href="/item/%E5%95%86%E6%A0%87">Trademark and series of modern Chinese medicines such as Shexiang Baoxin Pills and Danning Tablets Products.

"Innovating traditional Chinese medicine, serving healthy China" is the purpose that Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals has always adhered to. On the basis of inheriting classic Chinese medicine products, the company has relied on Hutchison Whampoa’s strong R&D strength and application Internationally advanced science and technology and methods, secondary development of traditional Chinese medicine products, continuous innovation, including further clarification of the material basis, mechanism of action and clinical efficacy of compound Chinese medicines, and the establishment of modern Chinese medicine Total quality The control system has set a model for the modernization and internationalization of Chinese medicine in China.

Since 2005, Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals has been continuously assessed as a "Shanghai High-tech Enterprise", and successively won the "Shanghai High-tech Enterprise". National Torch Program Key High-tech Enterprise", "2012 Shanghai Innovative Enterprise", "Shanghai Excellent High-tech Enterprise", "2016 Top 100 Chinese National Medicines Brand Enterprise" and other titles. In 2020, Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Technology Center was approved as National Enterprise Technology Center , Becoming the industry innovation and technological innovation ="Info.3291">Main force military.

Modernization and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine

The modern innovation project of Shexiang Baoxin Pill was awarded Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award

As a leading product of Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals, Musk Baoxin Pills have been on the market for more than 30 years and have received continuous R&D investment from the company. ,fruitful. Therefore, its modern innovation project "The establishment and application of key technologies for the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions based on a holistic view" is well-deserved for winning the second prize of the 2018 National Science and Technology Progress Award.

From its research and development in 1974 to its official launch in 1981, the advent of Shexiang Baoxin Pills can be said to be a model of innovation in traditional Chinese medicine. At that time, the Shanghai Health Bureau set up a special scientific research team. Under the leadership of Professor Dai Ruihong of Huashan Hospital, combined with the analysis methods of western medicine, after repeated animal experiments and a large number of clinical studies, the formula was optimized, the meal was removed and the essence was obtained. There is a formula of Shexiang Baoxin Pill, which is composed of artificial musk, ginseng extract, artificial bezoar, cinnamon, Suhexiang, toad venom, and borneol. At the same time, the scientific research team continued to carry out a large number of technical research and innovations, and successfully developed a unique particle pill technology. A Shexiang Baoxin pill is only 2.85 mm.

Since then, Shexiang Baoxin Pills have been in the forefront of innovation and development. In 2002, Shexiang Baoxin Pills were confirmed to have Chinese patent medicines to promote therapeutic angiogenesis; in 2004, the research results of Shexiang Baoxin Pills in promoting ischemic myocardial angiogenesis were published in the journal Life Sciences. Recognized and affirmed by Western medicine. Subsequent research on Shexiang Baoxin Pills has been awarded by the National Eleventh Five-Year Science and Technology Support Plan, the National Major Scientific and Technological New Drug Innovation and Technology Special Project, and the National Natural Science fund. Support, apply for more than ten patents. In 2015, the world's top magazine "Science" published the latest scientific research results of Shexiang Baoxin Pills jointly completed by the Second Military Medical University (now Naval Military Medical University) and the University of Cambridge. The results showed that Shexiang Baoxin Pills were the representative The compound Chinese medicine of China is receiving widespread attention from the world.

Thanks to the systematic research, Shexiang Baoxin Pills have won the honors of National Confidential Types of Traditional Chinese Medicines, National Key New Products, etc., and entered the National Essential Drugs List, National Medical Insurance Category A Varieties and National Low-Priced Drug Lists. Etc., and obtained the "Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Myocardial Infarction with Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine", "Guidelines for the Rational Use of Coronary Heart Disease (2nd Edition)", "Guidelines for the Rational Use of Heart Failure (2nd Edition)", and "Expert Consensus on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Heart Failure in Traditional Chinese Medicine" ", "Acute Myocardial Infarction Expert Consensus on Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment", "Shexiang Baoxin Pills in Treating Coronary Heart DiseaseColic Chinese Expert Consensus, Atherosclerosis Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment Expert Consensus and other guidelines/consensus recommendations have become a well-deserved model of inheritance, development, and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine.

Dare to be the first in the internationalization of Chinese medicine

Danning tablets obtained Canadian "dual certification"

In December 2016, Danning tablets obtained the Canadian natural medicine marketing license, and became the first Chinese patent medicine of Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals to be fully recognized by the Ministry of Health of Canada for its "functions and indications". It has taken a solid step on the road of internationalization of Chinese medicine. . In 2019, Danning tablets further obtained the certification approval for production sites outside Canada, and successfully ranked as the Canadian market combined traditional Chinese medicine in the whole process of market access.

The success of Danning tablets is closely related to its innovative R&D road of simultaneous development of "production, learning, research, and medicine". It is understood that Danning tablets are the first national-level Class III new drug successfully developed in Shanghai after the country implemented the new drug review method in 1986. It originated from the prescriptions of the late famous Shanghai doctors Gu Bohua and Xu Changsheng, and was jointly developed by Zhu Peiting, a tenured professor at Longhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Shanghai No. 1 Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory (now Shanghai Hehuang Pharmaceutical). Danning tablets are composed of 7 Chinese medicines including rhubarb, polygonum cuspidatum, hawthorn, turmeric, white grass root, green peel, and tangerine peel. It is clinically used to treat chronic cholecystitis and cholelithiasis. The preparation of Danning tablets and its preparation method are the core patents of Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals, enabling this innovative Chinese medicine to successively win Shanghai's top ten outstanding patent products and the 19th China Patent Excellence Award.

The development of Danning tablets did not stop there. In 2010, Shanghai Science and Technology The committee launched a special project "secondary development of Danning tablets" for the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. span web="1" target=" _ blank" href="/item/%E5%9B%A2%E9%98%9F">The team developed the material basis, mechanism and quality of Danning tablets Standard improvement, clinical re-evaluation, research on key technology of medicinal materials base and other modernization studies of traditional Chinese medicine have identified emodin and curcumin as the main medicinal ingredients, which can enhance the liver's resistance and reduce oxidative stress damage and play a hepatoprotective effect. At the same time, it can also improve the liver and intestine metabolism disorder of bile acid, reduce the accumulation of bile acid in the body, and then improve the symptoms of cholestasis.

With borrow good efficacy and safety, Danning tablets Obtained the "Expert Consensus on Cholecystitis TCM Diagnosis and Treatment Standards Opinions (2012 "Expert Consensus on the Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Gallbladder Surgery for the Treatment of Gallbladder Stones (2016 Edition)" "Expert Consensus on Cholecystitis Diagnosis and Treatment of Chinese Medicine (2017)" "Consensus on Cholelithiasis Diagnosis and Treatment of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine (2017) "Expert consensus on treatment of benign gallbladder diseases by endoscopic minimally invasive gallbladder surgery (2018 edition)" and "Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Common Diseases in the Community with Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine" and other expert consensus/guidelines are widely recognized.


Innovation is the source of long-term development of an enterprise. Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals has been adhering to scientific and technological innovation for more than ten years and is determined to move forward. Dare to be the first on the road of modernization and internationalization, and the core competitiveness demonstrated by this will support the start of the next new journey and move to a new height.


The National Pharmaceutical Industry Information Conference is the most in ChinaInfluential one of the annual selection events in the pharmaceutical industry, the organizer, China Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center and China National Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry , Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industrial Research Institute, based on the research and analysis of objective data in the pharmaceutical industry, in 2010 The list of "Most Investment Value Enterprises in China's Pharmaceutical Industry" was launched for the first time, aiming to in-depth explore the context of industry changes and select future rookies with the most investment value in China's pharmaceutical industry. The result of the selection has received high attention and recognition from the industry and enterprises.

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