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What are the points that novices need to pay attention to when choosing an oven?

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Original title: What points should be paid attention to when choosing an oven for novice bakers?

"When one enters baking is as deep as the sea", it’s easy to get started with baking, but it’s more Good will be difficult. We often see posts made by many bakers on the Internet, but the reality is that we do it by ourselves, which often hurts us. One of the necessary tools for baking is to have an oven. For me, a new baking person, how to choose an oven that suits me is undoubtedly a headache. The ratio of different ingredients and the control of the temperature of the electric oven are very important. To make a perfect work, the control of the oven temperature can be said to be the most important thing. The following editor will tell you how to choose an oven suitable for novices.

Oven capacity: desktop ovens on the market have 12L to 32L, or even larger. For families who often bake and use ovens, it is best to choose 25L or more. Too small an oven will easily lead to uneven food coloring, because the larger the oven's capacity, the more even the food will be heated. When choosing an oven, it is best to choose a square-shaped inner container, and an oven with a high enough height, with sufficient spacing between the upper and lower heating tubes, to avoid the situation that the food is too close to the heating tube, which may cause burnt and paste. .

Temperature control: The temperature control should be considered from many aspects, one is the temperature range, the larger the range, the more uniform the heating, generally 40 to 250 degrees good. The other is the number and distribution of the baking tubes. Generally good ovens will be equipped with more than 4 baking tubes, which are distributed on the top, bottom and back of the oven. The back is usually hot air, so as to ensure accurate temperature control during baking. , Better coloring.

Steam: Steam is indispensable in the baking process. The presence or absence of steam directly affects the taste and color of the product. For example, in a bakery, we saw the larger, heavier weight, darker color, golden skin and crunchy skin. Cut open and found that the internal structure of the bread is soft and flexible, and the hollow, fine and uniform Ou Bao is added. It was made with steam. Nowadays, household ovens generally have no steam function, but we can choose a steaming oven that combines steaming and baking. A better steaming oven is no different than pure roasting in terms of roasting function.

Material: The material of the oven is not only related to our safety, but also affects the balance of the temperature field inside and outside the oven. Those who have used the oven know that the glass door temperature is relatively high during the working process of the cheap oven. If there are children at home, it may cause lifelong burns if you are not careful. In addition, part of the heat in the box will be lost through the glass door and the box body, resulting in the temperature of the space near the glass door being lower than the temperature of the middle and rear space, and uneven coloring of the food surface before and after baking. Therefore, it is recommended to buy an oven with two or more explosion-proof and heat-insulating glass doors. If possible, buy an embedded one with good heat insulation, strong heat dissipation and high safety factor.

Lights, door panels: whether we are baking or making other foods, we need to observe the conditions inside at any time so that we can adjust the temperature and time in time to To avoid burnout, we need transparent door panels and lights to observe the situation inside.

Cleaning: The cleaning of the oven is a troublesome problem. It is recommended to choose a stainless steel cavity for easy cleaning and high temperature corrosion resistance, and then see if there is an automatic descaling function , Automatic cleaning system. These can greatly reduce our cleaning work.

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