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Tianlong Babu sf "General, it doesn’t matter if you curse it out, but it’s all over. The Han people will definitely watch us tightly or kill us directly. It doesn’t matter if we die, but if the news doesn’t reach the old With the king, the whole burning is over!" Kun Mu said softly while looking at Aguli. Guo Jia rarely takes seriously, but once he gets serious, what he says is a very important thing. Cao Cao put aside his expression after hearing the words, and solemnly bowed to Guo Jia: "This matter must be deepened. Take a warning.” It is not an order, but a private request. Zhang Xi still respects Tian Feng. Moreover, this request is also from the perspective of the lord. Yuan Shao’s current strategic focus is on Cao Cao. As long as he wins Cao Cao, The world is at your fingertips. At this time, there is no need to provoke Lu Bu out of the blue. If Lu Bu is really angered and sent over, Yuan Shao will have to face the dilemma of fighting on the two fronts. It may not be really embarrassing, but the previous one. The deployment will definitely be disrupted. If Cao Cao takes the opportunity to turn around, it will be a disaster for Yuan Shao.

"It should be." Li Ru nodded. "Will you tame a war eagle?" Lu Bu looked at the ugly Tu Geren in front of him in amazement. "Thinking." "When did you leave?" Zhang Ji looked at Chen Gongdao with a wry smile.

"Qin Hu Ganglie, maybe because of the situation and cooperate with the lord, but if you want to subdue Qin Hu, you can't be as tough as against the Hu people." Jia Xu laughed. "What's your name?" Lü Bu became interested. War eagles cannot be as popular as flying pigeons, but it is better than none. Also, although war eagles cannot be popular, they have a wider effect than flying pigeons. This is quite a trick. Spirituality, if well trained, can also be used to detect enemy situations. "Wang, you should rest." A military commander of the Yue family looked at the king of the Yue family as if ten years old, and said with concern.

"Go to my father." It seems that an important decision has been made , Lu Lingqi walked straight to the door, behind her, dozens of female soldiers followed silently. "What?" King Tu Ge's complexion changed drastically, but King Langqiang and King Xianling had gleeful expressions on their faces, glanced at each other, quietly withdrew from King Tu Ge's camp and returned to their respective camps. Seeing this person, the eyes of a group of Qiang people have narrowed a lot. The strong among the Qiang people are respected. For such a strong person, it is easy to be respected among the Qiang people.

It’s just the truth, but the other party is the nephew of the commander-in-chief of Jingzhou Commander Cai Hao, so naturally it can’t be that simple. Although the number of Lv Lingqi is not many, all the cavalry and war horses are also excellent war horses brought back from Xiliang. On the Wenpin side, only a dozen of Wenpin's guards have mounts. Following Fan's chase, she gradually distanced herself from the large army. When Wenpin reacted, Lu Lingqi had already returned with her troops.

"It's been two hours." Da Qiao thoughtfully helped Lu Bu set up an umbrella to cover the rain, and said softly. Chapter 21. The beginning of the Battle of Guandu, Da Qiao nodded in agreement: "However, his eyes are more like a husband, and they are a little scary." Behind him, the slender second Qiao also looked at this with blurred eyes. Everything, Yang Xi boldly sat on Lu Bu's lap.

This is still because of Lu Lingqi, if other people approach here, I am afraid the cold arrow cluster has already greeted her. Tianlong Babu

"Do you want to ask me about this kind of thing?" Lu Bu frowned, looking at Zhang Ji with a little dissatisfaction. No matter what kind of relationship he will have with Lu Bu in the future, Lu Lingqi is her own lifesaver. Even if she gets a blind eye, Zhao Yun can’t watch Lu Lingqi take dozens of women to a foreign country to make meritorious work, be a human, and be a good friend. , Not to mention a life-saving grace, Zhao Yun was not going to leave until Lu Lingqi's safety was ensured.

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