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Enlai Star named after the Prime Minister rises into the sky, this prosperous world is as you wish

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News reported on January 18, Beijing time. Recently, an important piece of news was released from the hometown of Premier Zhou Enlai in Huai’an District, Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province. On January 19, the “Huai’an” Enlai Star, as my country’s first CubeSat with active off-orbit braking device, will be launched on the Long March 10 With the help of the No. 1 rocket, it lifted off from the Gansu Hotel Satellite Launch Center.

This is the first satellite named after Premier Zhou Enlai in our country. Previously named after Premier Zhou, there was also the "Zhou Enlai" locomotive belonging to the Shanghai Locomotive Depot of the railway.

At the recent expedition ceremony, Cui Chun, deputy satellite launch commander, said that the launch of the "Huai'an" Enlai Star was one of the most influential events in the series of events commemorating the 120th anniversary of the birth of Premier Zhou Enlai.

The "Huai'an" Enlai Star is a sun-synchronous orbit satellite that uses mature micro-nano satellite technology and weighs about 2 kilograms. The satellite integrates functions such as measurement and control management, image data download and voice data forwarding.

After launching into space, the orbiting "Huai'an" Enlai Star will be available for young people to carry out satellite measurement and control, image downloading and other space practice activities, feel the charm of voice data forwarding, ground station remote control and other technologies, and become a nationwide A window and platform for young people to learn about space and explore space technology.

Speaking of which, Premier Zhou is the founder and promoter of China's aerospace engineering. He has made indelible contributions to China's development of "two bombs and one satellite" and "Dongfanghong No. 1".

In the article "Premier Zhou’s Care and Guidance for the Development of China’s Aerospace Industry", the former Director of the Department of Regulations and Regulations of the Ministry of Aerospace, Jiao Yong mentioned that, compared with other ministries, Premier Zhou paid more attention to the Ministry of Aerospace. The hard work is also great, and the speech and instructions are also the most.

On October 8, 1956, Zhou Enlai approved the establishment of the Fifth Research Institute of the Ministry of National Defense (the predecessor of the Ministry of Aerospace), China’s first missile and rocket research institution. This marked the official launch of the unprecedented satellite and rocket development in China’s aerospace industry. Start.

On August 2, 1965, Zhou Enlai presided over the convening of a special committee of the Central Committee to approve in principle the "Proposals for the Development of China's Artificial Satellite Work Plan" reported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Zhou Enlai put forward the requirements for China’s first artificial satellite to be “advanced than the first satellites of the United States and the Soviet Union, with new technology, heavier weight, high transmitter power, long working life, and audible sound”.

In 1969, the "Dongfanghong-1" satellite completed the overall design and entered the factory for production. On April 1, 1970, a special train carrying the "Long March One" rocket and two "Dongfanghong-1" satellites went to the Jiuquan launch base after a four-day and four-night journey.

On the afternoon of April 24, Premier Zhou called and told Luo Shunchu, the deputy director of the National Defense Science and Technology Commission: "Chairman Mao has approved this launch. I hope everyone will work hard and work hard to win glory for the motherland once and for all." On the second day of the successful launch, Premier Zhou personally announced the news at the three-nation and four-party meeting in Guangzhou.

According to the records of the Special Committee of the Central Committee kept in the Archives of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Zhou Enlai has presided over more than 40 meetings of the special committees of the Central Committee and several small meetings of the special committees of the Central Committee. He once said: "Twenty years after liberation, I cared about two things, one water conservancy and the other heaven (referring to the satellite). This is a major event related to the lives of the people. Although I am a layman, I have to take care of it."

On April 12, 1974, Zhou Enlai was ill and presided over the meeting of the Central Committee for the last time. At the end of the meeting, he also reminded everyone: "China's cutting-edge business is still in its infancy, so we must buy time and get it up as soon as possible."

Deng Jiaxian, the founding father of the "two bombs and one star" by Zhou Enlai affectionately called "Little Deng", once said: As the head of the Central Committee, Premier Zhou has given China's nuclear and aerospace industries indescribable With the wisdom, courage, loyalty and strength of the end, under the international environment of blockade, embargo and isolation, China has achieved success again and again by relying on its own hard work, all of which are the efforts of Premier Zhou!

Now, on the 120th anniversary of the birth of Premier Zhou Enlai, the launch of such a satellite that brings together the most cutting-edge science and technology, the hard work of scientific researchers and the enthusiasm of young people, will undoubtedly be the best commemoration for Premier Zhou.

This prosperous world, as you wish!

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