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Yen Zidan Zhizun Blue Moon Legend Mobile Game Download

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Yen Zidan Supreme Blue Moon Legend Metamorphosis Edition is the latest and most popular metamorphosis version of the legendary mobile game in 2020. The mobile game endorsed by famous celebrities is absolutely fun! In this legendary mobile game, you can experience the super cool joy of the game, one-shot and second-guess, full screen drop-out, straight to the full level, there are more welfare gifts and many surprises, what are you waiting for, hurry up Come and download it!

Introduction of Donnie Yen’s Extreme Blue Moon Legend Metamorphosis Edition:

Perfectly continue the core competitive gameplay of the classic legendary mobile game, the bloody legendary world, familiar maps, familiar gameplay, familiar occupations, many classic scene maps, etc., to experience the most original legendary hegemony, warriors, The classic three-legged professions of mages and Taoists reappear, the imperial city battles for hegemony, the world of Marfa, and the wild PK, stimulates the battle for hegemony.

Yen Zidan Supreme Blue Moon Legend Metamorphosis Edition game features:

1. Shocking competition, fingertip micro-manipulation design, and the wonderful feeling brought by gorgeous colors;

2. The use of powerful skills, joint attacks, rapid improvement and promotion of strength;

3. Complete different competitions, participate in a multi-player duel, pick up the weapon in your hand, and continue to hack and kill.

Yen Zidan Supreme Blue Moon Legend Metamorphosis Edition game highlights:

1. There is no professional role that balances and restricts each other. No one is the most powerful. The key is to rely on players to create them.

2. Fight against the dungeons, challenge the powerful dungeon bosses, harvest high-explosive supernatural outfits, and team up to fight for a greater chance of winning.

3. Diversified battle modes, personal PK arena, multiplayer imperial city battle for hegemony, each has its own excitement

Yen Zidan Supreme Blue Moon Legend Perverted Game Style:

▼Restore the three professions of warfare and Dao, the legend is coming

Warrior’s flame swordsmanship, mage’s hell thunder light, Taoist priest’s summoned beasts, the coexistence of the three major occupations, enjoy the fun of uninterrupted output and cooperation, advanced reincarnation orange outfits, legendary red suits, help you conquer the Marfa continent , Unify and play legendary hegemony! Eternal Era!

▼Hot-blooded BOSS, fight in the wild, slay the dragon and break the dawn

A lot of wild BOSS are waiting for you to grab, refresh quickly, perfect world BOSS, personal BOSS, mutant elite, ancient blood, ancestor BOSS, super high explosive rate, crazy harvest, all equipment depends on hitting, recycling equipment to send ingots, rare equipment High explosive, the sale system on the shelves wins recharge ingots!

▼The system is rich, the gameplay is super, and the domineering God of War

Daily activities include the secrets of God’s Mansion, Treasures of the Heavenly Book, Gang Purgatory, Arena PK, Mine Exploration, Legend of the Imperial City Hanging Machine, Sweeping Wild Chicken and other rich gameplays. You can enjoy activities throughout the day, PK , Collection, leveling, ranking, rich gameplay to meet your every need, the ring of paralysis, the rod of green poison ruling a large number of rewards, easy to help growth!

▼Cool title, fully upgraded, single player of the legendary king of heaven

The title system is fully upgraded, cool effects, show off the audience! The whole server is eye-catching! Not only is cool, but also the battle strength soars, the fifth personality charm, customize your exclusive title to dominate the whole server! Let your strength and style It has been worshipped by thousands of people! Thanos are afraid! Chu Liuxiang Wuxia Zhuxianxianxiu mobile game, the legendary prosperous world will begin tomorrow!

▼Guaranteed at the start to help you level up, a green legendary battlefield

The start is guaranteed to be level 80, and the system opens faster! Unlock more poses, it’s not the way to play! Play with the blue moon legend private server, open the bloody rivers and lakes, the era of angels! Ultra-smooth operation experience, super-powerful blow pleasure, magical magic Abnormal, technological innovation, the memories are still there!

▼Passionate attack on Tsar, imperial city cross-server battle, legendary world

Weekly Shabak’s siege battle, dominates the Dragon City, and the lord of the city is splendid. The heroes are fighting for hegemony. Who will be the final winner of the bloody Sand City? Who is the master of the dragon slayer? Let’s PK and passion. , To create your own king glory! The winning guild can also get exclusive soldiers and titles!

▼Super manyWelfare, offline income, handed down with a single knife

Give gift packages online, and the benefits are exciting. The free line VIP can get multiple experience, gold coins, skills, etc., as well as many benefits such as daily sign-in, log-in rewards, ring running activities, lucky cats, and point carousels, so you can grow up easily and worry-free! Legendary game, click it, play for a year, no need to spend a penny on equipment!

Yen Zidan's comments on the game's abnormal version of the Blue Moon Legend:

Yen Zidan Supreme Blue Moon Legend Metamorphosis Edition is a very classic and interesting legendary game. This game has high-definition game quality, exciting gameplay, and super passion!

Yen Zidan's comment from the editor of the perverted version of Legend of Blue Moon:

Master Ye’s endorsement must be a boutique! After downloading and playing for ten minutes, now I can play ten, no, I want to play a hundred! Come download and play with me!

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