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Roundtable Forum

《China Liu Bo, President of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary News, Han Jitao, Vice President and President of Feed Industry of New Hope Liuhe Co., Ltd., Fu Guoxi, Chairman of Sanjiang Tartary Technology Development Co., Ltd., and Ni Zaixin, Chairman of Beijing Huifeng High-tech Biotechnology Co., Ltd. , Mu Zhipeng, chairman of Daahongyu Internet of Things Network Co., Ltd., Lu Li, general manager of Chuan-Tibet Branch of Giant Engine, Xie Youzhi, general manager of Suning Tesco Supermarket Co., Ltd., Chengdu, and Wu Xiaojing, general manager of FAW Group FAW Travel China Western Region Brand Sources Motivation, Talking About the New Future of Agriculture" as the theme of the collision of wisdom.
In view of the development status of Chinese brands, Liu Bo, president of China Animal Husbandry and Veterinary News, said that since 1992, Chinese brands have achieved great development, but they are still not satisfactory. The reason can be attributed to the "three insufficiencies", namely Insufficient understanding, insufficient utilization, and insufficient quality. Only by enhancing consumers' brand awareness and improving brand quality can Chinese brands achieve further development.

Chengdu General Manager of Suning Tesco Supermarket Co., Ltd.Xie Youzhi:
Mr. Xie gave a detailed explanation on how e-commerce incubates agricultural brands. The current e-commerce is a new type of e-commerce, while traditional e-commerce requires more than three days of logistics and distribution. This distribution model severely limits the development of agricultural products, especially fresh agricultural products, and some fresh brands cannot be incubated; the new type of e-commerce is wisdom Mode, today's agricultural products can be delivered in the fastest three and a half hours, and at the same time offline to Suning stores in various places, online through APP menu-style shopping, reducing logistics costs. This year, Suning also proposed the incubation of specific production areas and branding of agricultural products. In the future, fresh agricultural products will be further incubated under the development of standardization, branding and specialization.

Lv Li, general manager of the Chuan-Tibet branch of Giant Engine (Tik Tok):

5G technology The rapid development has provided a broad development space for the Internet content platform. In the paper media era, professional talents were more needed. In the self-media era, more people participate in content creation and generate more content aggregation, which can boost the closed loop of traffic. This year, e-commerce is a mainstream marketing tool. Through research, it is found that 64.1% of users are interested in live broadcast content. Among all the content categories they pay attention to, the sales of agricultural products have risen to the second place. In the future, there will be more expansion in the overall direction of agricultural products. As a mainstream content platform, Giant Engine will launch more products related to e-commerce, open up online and offline sales platforms, and help agricultural product sales and brand building.

Ni Zaixin, chairman of Beijing Huifeng Hi-Tech Biotechnology Co., Ltd.:
The next 15 years will be to promote the construction of a healthy China Period of important strategic opportunities. Beijing Huifeng Hi-Tech Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has focused on bee products for 10 years, ranking top three in the country in the bee product industry. Huifeng is focusing on ecological agriculture and is committed to building the first brand in the national ecological agricultural production chain, with the goal of letting the people eat "natural, pure and genuine" bee products.

Chairman of Sanjiang Tartary Buckwheat Technology Development Co., Ltd.Fu Guoxi:

As a representative product with regional characteristics, Sanjiang tartary buckwheat has been deeply cultivated for more than 10 years and built the brand of Sanjiang tartary buckwheat from Liangshan, Sichuan to the whole country. Such achievements are inseparable from the support of consumers. In terms of product creation, Sanjiang will continue to do well in the following three aspects. One is that specialty products must be matched with the characteristic industry projects initiated by the government; the other is to match the actual needs of consumers and conduct research and development according to consumer needs. ; The third is to match market development and consumer trends. Sanjiang Tartary Buckwheat will continue to do a good job as a characteristic industry, turn small products into a large industry, and contribute to poverty alleviation in minority areas.

Han Jitao, Vice President and President of Feed Industry of New Hope Liuhe Co., Ltd.:

According to international games Rules to build an international brand. Both New Hope and Tongwei are enterprise groups that started in Sichuan and went to the world. New Hope currently has subsidiaries in more than 20 countries and more than 60 overseas subsidiaries. Mr. Han believes that Chinese brands can’t be made inside the wall and outside the wall. First of all, they must be in China.Only by doing a good job in the basic part of the product can we go international and become an international brand. For Chinese agricultural brands to gain competitiveness in the international arena, the first is time precipitation and accumulation of overseas resources; the second is quality precipitation, which is based on the rules of the international game and the quality of competitors together; the third is integration into internationalization, in accordance with the international The fourth is the accumulation of magnitude, from quantitative to qualitative change is a key process; the fifth is to comply with international laws and regulations; the sixth is to strengthen talent cultivation and cultivate international talents. Only in this way can we make a good Chinese agricultural brand and go global.


Huawei China 5G Innovation Department Director Wang Methodology

5G version of smart agriculture helps the era of agricultural brands

Wang Fa, director of the 5G Innovation Department of Huawei’s China Region, made a keynote speech on "5G Smart Agriculture Helping the Age of Agricultural Brands" and said, 5G empowers the digital society, helps smart agriculture, and improves the quality and efficiency of agriculture from three stages: first, collect data based on 5G large bandwidth and large connections, and efficiently manage; based on 5G large bandwidth, edge computing capabilities to establish models and expert decision-making, based on 5G has large bandwidth, low latency, and fully intelligent execution. Practice in many countries has proved that 5G empowered agriculture can increase production capacity, improve efficiency, reduce the burden on farmers, assist in feed savings and labor costs, and promote the high-quality development of agriculture.


Xiao Yang, Director of Strategic Cooperation of Alibaba Rural Business Department:


Building a digital engine for rural revitalization

Alibaba Rural Business Division Strategic Cooperation Director Xiao Yang brought a keynote speech on "Building a Digital Engine for Rural Revitalization".
Mr. Xiao said that today, the development of China and the world is experiencing the era of digital economy, and the digital countryside is the strategic direction of rural revitalization. The future economic development is rapidly entering the digital economy. Data is becoming the core means of production for economic and industrial development. There are more than 700 million users in the rural county market. The construction of digital villages is an important part of the construction of Digital China. The construction of the digital village is to fill the urban-rural digital divide. The development of digital in the future may bring about a larger digital divide. By filling the urban-rural digital divide, the integrated development of urban and rural areas can be better promoted.
The path to the development of digital villages includes the development of rural digital economy, the promotion of modern rural governance, and the stimulation of rural endogenous power. What kind of opportunities will the digital village bring to agriculture and farmers in the future? It can be summed up in four words: the new era, the historical intersection of informatization and agricultural and rural modernization; new opportunities, the county economy is about to usher in a window period for leapfrog development; new momentum, the digital economy has become a new engine for economic development; new Develop and use numbers to change agriculture, rural areas, and farmers.

16:00 pm

Chen Xingyu, President of the Photovoltaic Division of Tongwei Co., Ltd.

To create a high-quality green ecological complex with forward-looking, leading and replicative properties

In the keynote speech, Chen Xingyu, President of the Photovoltaic Division of Tongwei Co., Ltd. elaborated on the industrial layout and industry status of Tongwei's dual main businesses, and Tongwei The "fishing and light integration" model has developed from research and development to large-scale development, and said that traditional farming has problems such as uncontrollable, natural harvest, environmental pollution, and large investment in human resources. Tongwei hopes to achieve industrial cooperation through technology and capital. The backfeeding of agriculture. The application characteristics of photovoltaics or the stimulus of photovoltaic investment can change the situation where traditional fisheries and agriculture are unable to rely on their own reforms, and bring modern agriculture and fisheries to the countryside. Tongwei’s “Integration of Fishing and Light” model uses modern intelligent fishery facilities to achieve fruitful farming results and increased agricultural income. At the same time, Tongwei will adopt “Integration of Fishing and Light” as its main development model to form wind, light, and storage. Complementary ecological power grids, while developing modern fisheries, cold chain processing bases, and seedling bases, can consume clean electricity locally, form a recyclable ecological industry system, and create a green ecological complex. For a long time, Tongwei has been working hard to implement energy reform, green energySustained development, committed to the construction of ecological civilization, vigorously promoted scientific and technological innovation and accelerated the implementation of results, and created a "fishing and light integration" so that this forward-looking, leading and replicable high-quality green ecological complex will establish a modern agricultural industry in the industry. Tongwei brand. In the future, Tongwei will continue to work with industry colleagues to promote the transformation and upgrading of agriculture, improve quality and efficiency, and achieve modern, ecological, and intelligent high-quality development of agricultural development.


Founder and CEO of Tianxiaxingnong, "Chu Cheng, "Liu Tao, Pan Apple" brand planner Hu Haiqing:

Create "more flavorful" branded agricultural products

Founder and CEO of Tianxia Xingnong, brand planner of "Chu Cheng, Liu Tao, Pan Apple" Hu Haiqing gave a keynote speech titled "Another Way to Activate Brands-Creating "More Tasteful" Branded Agricultural Products". Mr. Hu said that since 2012, Tianxia Xingnong has successfully incubated more than 60 Chinese agricultural products brands and built Many well-known agricultural products brands such as "Chucheng", "Liutao", "Pan Apple", Wuqing Fruit and Vegetable Series IP, Jianli Crayfish Rice, "Red Heart of Shaanxi and Shaanxi" apples have been sought after by the market and consumers and have been strongly promoted. The development of the agricultural industry in the origin of the product In a wealth of practical cases, Tianxia Xingnong has formed a systematic agricultural product brand marketing method. Mr. Hu believes that in the Internet age, the core idea of ​​building a brand is to dig out the interesting, cultural, and temperature stories behind the product to contentize the product, activate the inner identity of a certain group, and experience the taste and temperature of the brand. Complete the transformation of products from quality to brand from both rational and perceptual levels, making the product a viable brand. The next ten years must be a golden decade for the rapid rise of Chinese agricultural products brands. I hope that the majority of colleagues will work hard to build a bright future for Chinese agricultural products brands.


Party secretary, professor, and doctoral supervisor of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences , Li Houqiang, deputy director of the Sichuan Provincial Decision-making Advisory Committee:

Creating the iconic brand of agricultural products and promoting targeted poverty alleviation

Party committee secretary, professor and doctoral tutor of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, Li Houqiang, deputy director of Sichuan Provincial Decision Advisory Committee A keynote speech was given on "Building Iconic Brands of Agricultural Products under the Background of Targeted Poverty Alleviation". Deputy Director Li Houqiang said that nowadays, people's demand for agricultural products has entered an era of branding, quality, differentiation, safety, and ecologicalization. In the face of severe challenges, we must pay more attention to the creation of agricultural products brands, especially iconic agricultural products brands. Promoting agricultural product branding is an important strategy for accelerating the development of modern agriculture in poverty-stricken areas, an effective way to promote the transformation of agricultural development patterns in poverty-stricken areas, and a key measure to improve the quality and safety of agricultural products and market competitiveness in poverty-stricken areas. A strong guarantee for increasing farmers' income is a solid starting point for protecting traditional rural culture. The establishment of iconic agricultural products brands should take the road of “one strong, two meetings, three integrations, four mentions”. "One strong" means strong quality; "two meetings" means "telling stories" and "wearing clothes"; "three fusions" means integrating industrial chains, integrating regional brands, and integrating trends of the times; "four mentions" means enhancing brand standardization Productivity, enhance the competitiveness of the main body of brand building, enhance the technological support of the brand, and enhance the protection of brand services.

2:00 pm

Renmin University of China Zhang Lixing, professor of the Rural Development College and leader of the major project group of the National Social Science "Research on the Implementation Path of Rural Revitalization":

New planting, new consumption, and new farmers in the era of brand agriculture

Renmin University of China Agriculture and Professor Zhang Lixiang of the Rural Development College and the leader of the National Social Science "Research on the Implementation Path of Rural Revitalization" made a speech on "New Planting, New Consumption, and New Farmers in the Branded Agriculture Era". Customers provide a single point of interest, thereby reducing the cost of their choice of exclusivity symbol. Brand pairIt is very important for the competitiveness of a country. In the future, an important indicator to measure a country’s competitiveness in the world is how many internationally-known brands it has; the growth process of an excellent brand is often associated with many moving Accompanied by classic stories, brands communicate emotionally with consumers through stories, so as to integrate into the hearts of consumers; third-rate companies sell physical strength, second-rate companies sell products, first-class companies sell brands, and super-first-class companies sell standards; brands advocate personalization and cannot Imitate like products; brand building is an important part of modern agriculture and determines the level and success of modern agriculture development. For agricultural brands, the key is regional public brands and geographical indication products. At present, the era of Chinese agricultural brands is facing huge challenges: resource and environmental constraints, excessive market competition, rising costs, lack of brands, and bad money drives out good money to stifle famous brands. Agricultural companies have no time to think about brand strategies. In this regard, China’s agricultural brand upgrade strategy should shift from "product orientation + low-cost competition" to "functional orientation + differentiated competition, creating a new planting and breeding ecosystem that integrates planting and breeding to integration of planting and breeding, and creating a real agricultural business research. , The research is in line with the agricultural and commercial theory of the new era.


Tsinghua University Zhang Hongyu, vice president of China Rural Research Institute and former director of the Department of Rural Economic System and Management of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs:

In the era of agriculture 4.0, strive to achieve high-quality development of modern agriculture strong>

Zhang Hongyu, deputy dean of the China Rural Research Institute of Tsinghua University and former director of the Department of Rural Economic System and Management of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, gave a keynote speech. Deputy Dean Zhang Hongyu said that the just-concluded Central Economic Work Conference clearly stated that it is necessary to pay close attention to agricultural production guarantees Supply, in-depth advancement of agricultural supply-side structural reforms to drive farmers' income and rural revitalization.
Agricultural brands are an important engine for achieving high-quality agricultural development. Since the founding of New China 70 years ago, agricultural development has entered the 4.0 version from the 1.0 era. From 1949 to 1978, this stage was the initial stage from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture. The main feature was that the whole party focused on food production. Modern agriculture version 2.0 was from 1978 to 2003. The main feature was that after solving the problem of food security, agriculture and forestry Historical progress has been made in all aspects of animal husbandry and fishery industries, especially the township and village enterprises ushered in great development. From 2003 to 2017, China entered the modern agriculture 3.0 era. The basic feature is that several traditional industries of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery continue to enrich and develop, and new industries New business formats continue to grow and develop. The biggest new industry is "Internet +". And agricultural product processing industry. Now, since 2017, the central government has proposed the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, and modern agriculture has entered version 4.0.
Chinese agricultural products are lacking in exports Global competitiveness, China’s agriculture is very large but not strong. To enhance the global competitiveness of China’s agriculture, to achieve the transformation from an agricultural country to an agricultural power, and to enhance the global competitiveness of China’s agriculture, it is necessary to firmly establish a diversified development. Roads, determine the principle of priority development in agriculture and rural areas, adhere to the overall pattern of opening to the outside world, uphold the concept of green development, and innovate agricultural systems and mechanisms.

11:50 AM

Deputy to the National People’s Congress, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Sichuan Intellectual Property Service Promotion Center, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director of the Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Administration Hui:

A trademark can become a brand only by using it

Introduction by Zhao Hui, deputy secretary of the Party group and deputy director of the Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Administration, the representative of the National People’s Congress, the party secretary of the Sichuan Intellectual Property Service Promotion Center, and the deputy secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Administration The basic situation of landmark protection products, landmark and agricultural work, landmark poverty alleviation work, existing problems and other landmark protection and brand building status, and said that Sichuan has 274 geographical indication protection products, ranking first in the country; There are 805 companies specializing in logo protection products, covering fruits, Chinese medicinal materials, vegetables, silk, condiments and livestock products; 103 geographical indication products participated in the brand value selection, with a total value of 400 billion. However, what needs to be noticed is that there are some brand premiums for individual landmarks to enjoy the scarcity, uniqueness, safety, and wide recognition of geographical indication protection products, but they do not assume the responsibility of maintaining product quality, brand culture, publicity and promotion. Based on the above situation, Deputy Commissioner Zhao Hui cited actual cases for analysis, and said that trademarks can only become brands when they are used, and brands must be protected like life. The brand concept needs highly refined and direct expression.As a well-known domestic and international brand, Tongwei has a strong sense of intellectual property rights. In the future, it can further integrate intellectual property rights and exert a stronger brand power.

11:20 AM

Zhao Yong, Chief Livestock Pastor of Sichuan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs:


Cultivate and strengthen the brand system of agricultural products and promote Sichuan to leapfrog into a strong agricultural province

Agricultural brand building is an objective requirement for China’s agricultural transformation and upgrading, meeting people’s needs, and adapting to the country’s supply-side reforms. It is also an important step in achieving the goal of agricultural modernization. hand. In recent years, Sichuan has deeply implemented the rural revitalization strategy, deepened the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, strengthened the advantageous agricultural industries, and enhanced the international competitiveness of agricultural products. Tongwei, New Hope, Gaojin, Keshike, and Zhuyeqing have emerged. A large number of industry-leading companies and brands with strong driving ability, Tongwei Fish is well-known nationwide and even the world. In the new period of development, Sichuan will speed up the construction of a modern agricultural "10+3" industrial system, cultivate and expand the agricultural product brand system, and promote Sichuan's leap from a major agricultural province to a strong agricultural province. Leading agricultural enterprises represented by Tongwei should seize the opportunity, take advantage of the trend, and actively integrate into the tide of rural revitalization and new socialist rural construction. Greater contribution.

11:30 am

China National Farmers News Association President, Vice President of China Agricultural Economics Association, Party Secretary and President of Farmers Daily, Tang Yuanjie:

Inject brand power to enhance agricultural competitiveness

Chairman of China National Farmers News Association, China Agriculture Tang Yuanjie, Vice President of the Economic Society, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Farmers Daily, delivered a keynote speech on the topic of "Injecting Brand Power to Enhance Agricultural Competitiveness". President Tang said that the high-quality development of agriculture not only depends on building a strong brand to solve the problem of oversupply of ineffective low-end and insufficient supply of medium and high-end, but also relying on the brand to lead the industry to strengthen itself and cope with international competition. It can be said that the brand is a red line, holding this line can bring the overall situation alive. At present, the construction of agricultural brands in my country is still in its infancy, but under the general situation of high-quality agricultural development, brand-strengthening farmers has become a national action, and its main direction, objectives, tasks, and policy measures have been established, and the development of brand agriculture has become a prairie fire. . Transforming from a small agricultural brand country to a large agricultural country is to promote the structural reform of the agricultural supply side as the main line, with the goal of improving quality and efficiency, and on the basis of expanding the number of brands, optimizing the brand structure, enhancing brand competitiveness, and accelerating the construction of modern agriculture Brand clusters, cultivate a group of "China's No. 1 and world famous" agricultural brands, inject brand power to enhance my country's agricultural competitiveness, and comprehensively promote my country's transformation from an agricultural country to an agricultural power.

11:00 am

Meishan City People’s Government Deputy Mayor Xiao Zhongliang:

Recommend the advantageous agricultural products of Meishan City

Meishan City People’s Government Deputy Mayor Xiao Zhongliang recommended Meishan’s superior agricultural products, and said that Meishan is a youthful, full of vitality, Old and young city. Meishan has outstanding location advantages and is an important part of the state-level Tianfu New District. It is the prefecture-level city closest to Chengdu in Sichuan Province, and a city of quality of life that is suitable for living, business, and business. Taking advantage of its superior geographical advantages and natural environment, Meishan has expanded and strengthened its five leading industries, refined and optimized its eight characteristic industries, and built the country’s largest kimchi production base, a late-maturing citrus advantage area, and the province’s largest source of milk, white tea, and grapes. The nine major industrial bases, including Qingjian, Orange, and High-quality Rice, have been awarded the title of 13 "Hometown of Chinese Characteristic Agricultural and Sideline Products", and is one of the most concentrated areas of "Hometown of Chinese Specialty Products". Wengong Loquat and Hong Yateng were established. Jiao, Danling Shiranui and other 23 national geographical indication protection products, 34 organic foods, 126 green foods and other national signs have been cultivated, and they have 6 well-known Chinese trademarks, 30 national patents are exported to more than 100 countries and regions. In 2019, the sales revenue will exceed 20 billion yuan. We sincerely invite forum leaders, guests, and entrepreneurs to Meishan for sightseeing, inspection and exchange, and investment and business development.

10:25 AM

World premiere of the top 100 iconic brands of Chinese agricultural products

Market competition is not only a contest of products, but also a contest of brands. In order to establish a model and benchmark for agricultural brands and deliver the positive energy of Chinese agricultural brands, this year’s grand ceremony focused on agricultural brand building and united a number of domestic research institutions, brand consulting agencies, mainstream authorities and industry media to hold the "Top 100 Iconic Agricultural Products in China" At 10:25 in the morning, the top 100 iconic brands of Chinese agricultural products made their global debut.
The selection activity has attracted the active participation of a large number of agricultural enterprises across the country. The evaluation content covers various dimensions such as agricultural brand development scale, word of mouth, sales volume, market share, product competitiveness, industrial poverty alleviation and brand operation. The top experts of the brand consulting agency formed a jury to conduct multiple rounds of selection and authoritative evaluation of the shortlisted brands. In the end, brands such as Heilongjiang Wuchang Rice, Jiangsu Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crab, and Sichuan Pujiang Kiwi Fruit won the award of China's top 100 agricultural products iconic brands. A grand award ceremony was also held at the scene.

10:00 AM

Ma Wenpu, Former Vice Minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee:


Don’t forget your original aspirations and stick to national policies

Ma Wenpu, the former deputy minister of the International Liaison Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, said in a speech that food is the most important thing for the people, and agriculture has always been the focus of the party and the government. The central government once proposed that 1.4 billion Chinese people There must be two things in your hands. One is that the Chinese people’s food must be in their own hands, and the other is that the core technology and the major powers of the country must be in their own hands. In the 70 years since the founding of New China, China's agriculture has made achievements that have attracted the attention of the world. It has fed 1.4 billion people with food production that has doubled in successive years, and the agricultural market has become increasingly prosperous. Leading enterprises represented by Tongwei have not forgotten their original intentions, adhered to national policies, closely followed the national development strategy, and developed into a national agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise, a large-scale Chinese multinational enterprise, and practiced the concept of green and sustainable development. The new energy industry is the glory of Chinese enterprises and the treasure of the Republic. Chairman Liu Hanyuan's vision of the times, strategic concepts, and strong family and country sentiments are awe-inspiring. At present, the world has developed from the first industrial revolution to the intelligent era. Leading companies represented by Tongwei must keep pace with the times, climb the peak forever, and make new and greater contributions to the national and national rejuvenation.

10:15 AM

Qi Jingfa, former deputy minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and member of the Party Leadership Group:

Agricultural brand building is climbing to the high end of the "smiling curve"

Qi Jingfa, the former deputy minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and a member of the party group, gave a speech and said that over the past 70 years, especially the reform and opening up and the party’s Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China's agriculture has achieved historic changes. An important sign is the realization of the "16 consecutive harvests" in grain production. For a long time, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has attached great importance to the cultivation and construction of agricultural brands, established an agricultural brand policy system, created a number of well-known agricultural brands, created 43,000 certified green organic and geographically-identified agricultural products, and polished China's agricultural "golden sign" "Agricultural brands are climbing towards the high end of the "smile curve". At present, my country’s agricultural brand building is still in its infancy, and there are still many shortcomings and problems. The organization and management of food, production, processing, transportation, storage, and sales should be very standardized and strict. , Rose to the height of legislation. Vice Minister Qi Jingfa said that as a historical witness who has worked on the agricultural front for many years, he has every reason to believe that: Chinese farmers who are hardworking and intelligent are the most creative, coupled with the huge joint force formed by the government, enterprises, and modern technology, China Agriculture Brand, the world is infinitely broad, and the prospect is bright and splendidToday, it is a big agricultural country, and it will soon become an agricultural power standing among the nations of the world.

9:45 a.m.

Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce , Chen Fang, vice chairman of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and chairman of the Sichuan Federation of Industry and Commerce:

Insist on branding strong agriculture and promote high-quality agricultural development

Chen Fang, Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Vice Chairman of the Sichuan Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Chairman of the Sichuan Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce Speech. Chairman Chen pointed out that the key to whether agriculture is strong or not depends on the brand. Facing the increasingly competitive international agricultural product trade and the re-adjustment and upgrading of agricultural product production structure, insisting on brand-strengthening agriculture is the need to promote agricultural supply-side structural reform, an important means to improve agricultural efficiency and increase farmers’ income, and to enhance international competition for agricultural products. The urgent requirement for power is also an important symbol of the high-quality development of agriculture.
With the enhancement of government, market players and consumers' brand awareness, the atmosphere for building agricultural brands is becoming stronger and stronger. Chinese agricultural brands have ushered in a golden period of development, accelerating their growth, rising rapidly, going abroad, and going to the world. Tongwei has been deeply involved in agriculture for 37 years, actively integrated into the revitalization of rural industries, innovated the development model of rural industries, and made positive contributions to my country's agricultural and rural development. Today, everyone gathers together to discuss the innovative development of agricultural brands in the new era, and work together and collide wisdom for the high-quality development of Chinese agricultural brands.

9:30 a.m.

Former Prime Minister of Australia, Dean of the Asia Society Policy Research Institute Your Excellency Rudd:

Realize sustainable development and pursue a better life

His Excellency Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia and Dean of the Asia Society Policy Research Institute, delivered a speech and said that Australia has always attached great importance to agricultural development , China and Japan are the world's first exporters, and the export of dairy products and wheat ranks among the top three in the world. Utilizing abundant land resources per capita, Australia has closely integrated science and technology with agriculture, vigorously building agricultural informatization, large-scale development, and the development of agricultural biotechnology.
Similarly, as a global agricultural country, China’s total grain output accounts for one-quarter of the world’s total agricultural output value. 180 billion yuan, increased to 1.250 billion yuan in 2017, doubling every year. In addition, from 1978 to 2017, the total output value of China's food industry has increased by more than 240 times from 47.2 billion yuan to 11.4 trillion yuan, becoming the only industry in China that exceeds 10,000 billion yuan, and the market size of China's health food It also reached 200 billion yuan. With the publication of the amendments to the "Regulations for the Implementation of the Product Safety Law" in October this year, China has made considerable progress in product safety supervision and product safety standards.
As China's innovative enterprise with agriculture and new energy as its dual main business development, Tongwei Group adheres to the new concept of "green economy and healthy development", and is unique in the world and vigorously develops the "fishing light body". “Over-the-water power generation, under-water breeding, and underwater sightseeing”, sufficient, physical, and sustainable use of limited resources have achieved three harvests of “power, electricity, and environmental protection” and solved poverty alleviation problems, employment problems, and rural infrastructure Construction issues and so on have achieved the effect of "one stone, multiple birds".
For the high-quality development of China's agriculture in the future, I would like to share with you the following four points: First, product safety is more important than the sky. The implementation of product safety supervision and the setting of product safety standards require the efforts of enterprises and the government to devote themselves to the setting of industry standards, to learn from the world's excellent system design and management experience, and to better promote the spirit of private entrepreneurship. Second, China is the world's largest agricultural and product industry market. There should be a batch of world-class agricultural brands, such as Tongwei; building a world agricultural brand is the right direction. Brand represents credibility; credibility is the foundation of all economic activities. Third, build a large agricultural data platform to solve the information asymmetry of agricultural production and consumption, and improve agricultural production efficiency and product quality. By recording and analyzing the dynamic changes in the process of agricultural planting, breeding and circulation, we can regulate and manage agricultural industrial policies to make agriculture develop in an efficient and orderly manner. In the era of intelligence, it is necessary to use technology to empower agriculture. Fourth, the overall system promotes similar good system designs such as Tongwei's "Yuguang Body", which is multi-faceted, and makes full use of resources to promote sustainable development. Only by realizing sustainable development can we pursue a better life.

9:20 AM

Liu Hanyuan, member of the Standing Committee of the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, representative of the National People’s Congress, Chairman of Tongwei Group’s Board of Directors:

is "Made in China" Be proud of the transition to high quality and high brand value!

The 11th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Liu Hanyuan, member of the Standing Committee, representative of the National People's Congress and Chairman of Tongwei Group Board of Directors, delivered a welcome speech. Chairman Liu said that the vicissitudes of life have changed in a short time. Our country has developed from a poor and weak agricultural country to the world's second largest economy and the largest manufacturing country. It has made great achievements in social and economic development.
As a private enterprise that has grown up along with the reform and opening up, Tongwei Group, which originated in aquaculture, has been steadily steadily growing from the invention of "channel metal cage-type flowing water fish farming" to now being the world's largest aquatic feed manufacturer Forward. Minister Han Changfu of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs once stated that out of every five fish farmed in the world, more than three are raised by the Chinese, and one of the three fish raised by the Chinese is more or less related to Tongwei.
In the course of development of the past 40 years, my country's economy has achieved gratifying results, but the importance of ecological and environmental protection has been relatively ignored. Food safety, greenhouse effect, smog and other issues closely related to human life are plagued by everyone. Accelerate the advancement of a new round of energy revolution, vigorously promote the development of renewable energy represented by photovoltaics, and control global warming and solve the problem of smog.
Renewable energy development represented by photovoltaics has found a new direction for sustainable development for mankind. In the past ten years, my country's new energy industry, especially the photovoltaic industry, has developed rapidly, from catching up all the way and advancing side by side to fully surpassing photovoltaic powers such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. It has occupied more than 70% of the global market share and has become a high-speed rail. Among the top 10 photovoltaic brands in the world, China occupies 6 to 7 seats.
We are proud of the progress of the photovoltaic industry, and also proud of the gradual transformation of "Made in China" to high quality and high brand value! From small to large, from rough to refined, from unbranded to branded, and then to famous brands with brilliant stars, this is the brand path that many industries in China have experienced in the 70 years since the founding of New China, especially over the past 40 years of reform and opening up. In the new period when my country's economy has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage, it is even more necessary to vigorously promote more emerging industries to become the new "national name card".

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Cultivate a nationalized world brand Build a company with brand competitive advantages

Vice Chairman Luo Fuhe of the 11th and 12th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference sent a congratulatory letter to the ceremony. Vice Chairman Luo Fuhe pointed out in the congratulatory letter that he had been engaged in agricultural research and work for a long time and had deep and special feelings for Chinese agriculture, rural areas, and farmers. In the 70 years since the founding of China, my country's agriculture has gone through a glorious development process, and has achieved a historic change from hunger to food and clothing to a well-off society. China has become the world's second largest agricultural product trading country, and social consumption has been brought into the "brand era". In recent years, the central government has attached great importance to agricultural brand building, and the brand strategy of strengthening agriculture has been elevated to a national strategy. At the same time, the level of my country's agricultural brand building still lags behind economic and social development, and it is necessary to truly cultivate a nationalized world brand and better build an international leading enterprise with brand competitive advantages. In this context, the grand ceremony of this year's grand ceremony announced the "Top 100 Iconic Brands of Chinese Agricultural Products", which demonstrates the organizing committee's courage in building iconic and regional agricultural brands, and the earnest implementation of the national brand strategy of strengthening agriculture. It is hoped that the government and enterprises will work together to seek development in a win-win situation and contribute to building China into an agricultural brand power as soon as possible.

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As the guests took their seats one after another, after a grand promotional video , The Fifth China Agricultural Brands Annual Ceremony in 2019 kicked off. The famous CCTV host Liu Dongdong introduced the important guests attending this forum. They are: Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia and Dean of the Policy Research Institute of the Asia Society of America
Chen Fang Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Vice Chairman of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Chairman of the Sichuan Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce
Qi Jingfa Former Deputy Minister and Party Leadership Group Member of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
Ma Wenpu Former Deputy Minister of the International Liaison Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China
Liu Hanyuan Member of the Standing Committee of the 11th CPPCC National Committee, representative of the National People’s Congress, Chairman of the Tongwei Group Board of Directors
Tang Yuanjie President of the All-China Association of Farmers Newspapers, Vice President of the Chinese Association of Agricultural Economics, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Farmers Daily
Zhang HongyuDeputy Dean of China Rural Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Former Director of the Rural Economic System and Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
Xiao Zhongliang, Deputy Mayor of Meishan Municipal People’s Government
Zhao Yong, Chief Livestock Pastor of Sichuan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs > Zhao Hui Representative of the National People's Congress, Secretary of the Party Group of Sichuan Intellectual Property Service Promotion Center, Deputy Secretary of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Administration
Zhang Lixiang, Professor of the School of Agriculture and Rural Development, Renmin University of China, National Social Science "Implementation of Rural Revitalization Path Research" Major Task Team Leader
Ji Yujiao, President of Tongwei Group
Hu Haiqing Founder and CEO of Tianxia Xingnong, Brand Planner of "Chu Cheng, Liu Tao, Pan Apple"
Lan Mingjian Sichuan Chairman of Provincial Animal Husbandry Association
Ma Min, Deputy Head of Sichuan Provincial Animal Husbandry General Station
Wang Qiang, Deputy Principal of Sichuan Fisheries School
Xiong Ying, Director of Meishan City Agriculture and Rural Bureau
Liu Qiang, Deputy, China Recreational Fishing Association President
Wei Xiaobing Secretary-General of China National Farmers News Association
Liu Bo President of China Animal Husbandry and Veterinary News
Wang Wen President of China Fisheries News
Li Yanlin Chief Editor of Sichuan Rural Daily News
Han Jitao, Vice President and President of Feed Industry of New Hope Liuhe Co., Ltd.
Chen Xingyu, President of the Photovoltaic Business Unit of Tongwei Co., Ltd.
Huang Qigang, Secretary General of China Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Brand Research Institute, Vice President of Tongwei Group
Xu Huanqing Secretary General of Fujian Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprises Association
Wu Xiaojing General Manager of FAW Group FAW Travel in Western China

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