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The essence of a short-term stock market with an investment ghost: memorize an indicator for a lifetime and never miss it

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Ten essentials of short-term stock trading:

The first one: fast in and out. It’s a bit like we use a microwave oven to heat dishes, put them in and heat them and serve them out immediately. The original fast forward and short copy result in a long-term quilt is a losing move, so even if the quilt is to follow the iron law and get out quickly.

The second one: To catch the leader in the short-term. This is closely related to stocking. If the leader runs westward, don't go east. If the leader runs up the mountain, don't jump off the cliff. It is also good to catch the second. Vanke, the real estate leader, has reached its daily limit, and the income from buying Lvjing Real Estate may be expensive. The iron rule is not to chase after the sheep, not only run slowly, but also don't fall behind.

The third article: increase the weight when it rises, and reduce the weight when it falls. This is the same as we ride bicycles. When you go uphill, you can step on it as hard as you can. If you relax, you may fall to the ground. Hold the brakes when going downhill. Safety first. The iron rule is that once the car is overturned, abandon the car to protect the person, otherwise, the car will be dangerous.

Article 4: Any stocks that have fallen sharply can rebound. This is like riding a roller coaster, falling from the top of a mountain to a valley, and going up a distance due to inertia. No matter how bad the fundamentals are, there will be a 20% rebound in stocks that have suffered a major negative. The iron rule is: Don't fall in love, get off the car after rebounding to the resistance platform or filling one or two gaps.

Article 5: Don’t underestimate the unpopular stocks in the bull market. This is like a football game in sports competition. A strong team may not necessarily beat a weak team. Cold often happens. Which one of the big dark horses in the bull market didn't come out of the unpopular stocks? The iron rule is not to match the red-card unpopular stocks, which may be sent off.

Article 6: Resolutely stop the loss of a certain percentage of stock declines (about 4% in the short-term, 10% in the mid-term, and 20% in the long-term). This is the inspiration from Chinese chess. When playing chess, look at seven moves. In a passive position, you must lose your pawn to protect your car. Only when you save the car can you turn over. The stop loss of the iron law is mainly aimed at avoiding systemic risks, and it is not suitable for technical callbacks, because a small pawn is better than a big car.

Article 7: Sell when the high position is three consecutive overcast, and buy when the low position is three red soldiers. This is like a must-see weather forecast every day. The shadows are filled with dark clouds, the heavy rain is approaching, and the sun is shining brightly in Yangxian Sanyang Kaitai. The iron law is the main force that will use this deception technique to wash the market, and it should be screened based on the basic situation of individual stocks.

Article 8: Buy stocks that have fallen sharply against the trend. This is undoubtedly like beach swimming, only when the tide is low can we see who is swimming naked. There are two possibilities for the naked, one is wearing an expensive invisibility suit, and the other is really having no money to buy swimming trunks. The iron law is bucking the trend and it is likely to be a big capital against the top, and the market outlook may also be the main force to induce more to increase shipments. The key is to make up for the decline.

Article 9: Dare to buy stocks with daily limit version. Chasing the daily limit is called a death squad, which requires courage and adventurous spirit. This is as dangerous as unarmed rock climbing, and it becomes a free fall when one foot is in the air. When you climb the mountain, you will see the mountains and small mountains, and your wealth will increase rapidly. Because as long as the daily limit is blocked, there will be a daily limit. The iron law is that before the continuous daily limit is opened, you must not let go, otherwise you will lose all your previous efforts.

Article 10: Dare to buy stocks whose price limit is opened by a huge amount. A huge amount of limit falls, and a large order is quickly opened, so you should not hesitate to enter. It's like watching fireworks in the night sky, first from green to red, and then soaring into the sky. Generally, it can go from the lower limit to the daily limit under huge amounts, with a 20% gain on that day. Tielu is a beautiful firework, which soon became a cloud of smoke, and immediately sold out when the price was collected the next day.

In the "7514" trader's iron law, 7 refers to the 7 characteristics of good short-term stocks, 5 refers to 5 ultra-short-term hype techniques, 1 refers to the best short-term buying point, 4 Refers to short-term precautions.

1. 7 short-term good stock characteristics:

1. Stocks with small buying volume and large selling volume, and the stock price does not fall;

2. Stocks with small buying and selling volumes, and slightly rising prices;

3. Stocks that rose by a huge amount the day before, but still rose strongly on the second day;

4. Stocks that are short and heavy but do not fall in the event of a stock;

5. Stocks that have a regular and long-term rise; Good stocks;

7, stocks that have risen after bonus shares ex-rights.

2. 5 super short-term operation skills

1. Short-term sniper skillsThe twin snakes are dispatched. As shown in [picture below]:

2, short-term sniper skills three needles to the bottom. As shown in the [picture below]:

3. The red flag half-roll of short-term sniper techniques, as shown in the [picture below]:

4. The back light of short-term sniper skills. As shown in the [picture below]:

5. Sunflower Xiangyang of short-term sniper skills. As shown in [picture below]:

3. One short-term best buying point

It is very important for stocks to master the best buying point, especially short-term investors should choose a good buying point. If you buy the right one, you are 80% successful, and the rest is the question of earning more and less. Therefore, we have to work hard to capture the best short-term buying point in order to obtain the probability of success that the attack will win.

It is very simple to hang but not to pay. It is to hang there, but there is no transaction related to this big order.

Handing over without hanging up is more magical, that is, the institution uses their special channel to make a quick self-buying and self-selling behavior. That is, you see that there is a transaction in the market, but there is no clear change in the buy order and the pending order for the buy order in the market. You can set up commission change prompts in the market information software, so that you can see the changes in the handicap more clearly.

Of course, when this happens, it doesn’t have to be tempting to overwhelm or emptiness. It is one of the ways for the dealer and the main force to maintain the stock price. Because of such obvious actions, fools can Understand, how could it be so simple? For example, in a certain stock, today the big order is pressing down, and you think the dealer presses the plate to suck the goods. Who knows, tomorrow, if it suddenly stops pressing, or lifts it up, what should I do? How do you know where you want to be when you buy stocks? It depends on the overall trend. Doing transactions based on large orders is only suitable for short-term transactions.

The stocks that the market maker is involved in are generally stocks whose fundamentals will improve and will have performance support in the future. If there is capital intervention in the technical side, then after its intervention, stocks will often undergo violent washing. When the washing is completed, the dealer will continue to wash the market during the process of pulling up.

The most brutal way to wash discs: the compound graph washes out a profitable hold-down disc

The time-sharing form of U-shaped + arch disc-washing is general Appears after the stock price starts, there is a certain increase, when it is necessary to break through the important resistance position. The purpose is to wash out the profit order and the jailed order at the same time. The main funds in the market performance are to buy 3 to buy 10 large orders, sell 3 to sell 10 large orders, the upper and lower plates are frequently pressed, and the large orders are not handed or handed. Instead of hanging (transaction in the air), the time-sharing chart usually presents a U shape + arch shape or an arch shape + U shape.

Case 1: Galaxy Electronics

Case 2: As shown below

The environment is so treacherous. How should retail investors reap their own benefits in A shares? The following author introduces a very practical indicator-CCI indicator.

The CCI indicator is called the homeopathic indicator. It is the so-called follow the trend. "Those who follow me prosper and those who oppose me die"

The CCI indicator was developed by the American stock market analyst Donald Blue. Created by Donald Lambert, it specifically measures whether stock prices have exceeded the normal distribution range. It belongs to a more special kind of overbought and oversold indicators, which fluctuates between positive infinity and negative infinity. However, there is no need to use 0 as the central axis, which is also different from indicators that fluctuate between positive infinity and negative infinity.

The definition of CCI indicator

The homeopathic indicator is abbreviated as the CCI indicator, which is an overbought and oversold indicator that measures whether the stock price exceeds the normal distribution range. The CCI indicator fluctuates between positive infinity and negative infinity, so there will be no indicator passivation phenomenon, which will help investors to better study and judge the market, especially those abnormal markets that have skyrocketed and plummeted in the short term.

The principle of the CCI indicator The CCI indicator is an overbought and oversold indicator. The so-called overbought and oversold indicator, as the name implies, "overbought" means that the buyer's ability has been exceeded, and the number of people buying stocks exceeds a certain percentage. Then, the stocks should be sold in reverse at this time. This will help investors to better study and judge the market, especially those abnormal markets that have soared and plummeted in the short term.

Technical indicator settings

Among the commonly used technical analysis indicators, the CCI (Crop Trend Index) has a relative reference area: +100 and -100. In other words, as shown below:

The "antenna" of CCI is +100, and the "ground line" is -100. According to the common thinking of indicator analysis, the operating range of CCI indicators is also divided into three categories: +100 and above are overbought areas,- Below 100 is an oversold zone, and between +100 and -100 is a shock zone.

1. The normal area of ​​CCI from +100 to -100. When it breaks through the +100 antenna from bottom to top, it is a period for short-term speculators to grab the market, and it is also a way to grab the daily limit.

The first day

The next day

This check is more obvious at the end. It is also in the absence of warning that suddenly there is money to put it in the end From the 1% increase to close to the daily limit, the call auction fell 2% the next day, with the largest intraday drop close to 4%

First day

General reasons for a sharp pull at the end:

(1) Whitewashing the K-line chart The tail market sneak attack can repair the pattern that has already gone bad, creating an illusion of rising in the K-line trend, whitewashing the K-line chart, and pulling out the bald sun to show more confidence , But actually prepares for the distribution of chips. Investors must be careful for this kind of late-market rally, and must not blindly pursue it, because the next day will generally have a trend of gapping and opening.

(2) Institutions are accumulating funds, quickly pulling up out of the cost zone and pulling up at the end. It may be that a stock has major good news or major events will be announced soon. The main force will sometimes rise rapidly in the end or even collect in a daily limit-take-all manner. Bargaining chips. Investors can properly participate in this kind of late-market rally, but pay attention to distinguishing the authenticity of the good news.

(3) Pull up the cover to protect the stock price from rising after a period of unilateral market After entering the high-level consolidation and shock phase, on the time-sharing chart, the stock price has been operating below the average price line most of the time, and the weakness is full. However, there was an unexpected rapid rise in the late trading, and retail investors were busy catching up. The main force was shipped smoothly.

The technical aspect of stock speculation is not the most important, and the fundamentals are not the most important. Even if you don’t know anything about the stock market, it doesn’t matter, but there are three things you must do:

The first is to have a stable mentality;

The second is to be firm in the concept;

The third is to Obey the discipline.

These seem to be relatively imaginary things, but they allow us to have the ability to make money from our bones, rather than just appearance. The ancients said that there is poetry and literature. Zihua probably means that.

Look at those who have made a lot of money, and then look at those who are still in a state of loss during the stock market’s rally. Natural selection is competitive, and the fittest survives. , The reason why the strong become strong is that they follow the following six rules. These rules have all appeared in the author’s essays on ideas. To summarize today, you can also view the original text.

First, don’t take the market too seriously

We are buying and selling individual stocks instead of the market. It is meaningless to study the market too much. It has long become a tool to suppress the stock market and manipulate the mentality of stockholders. But it is easy for institutions to control the index in a group, but it is difficult to control all stocks. No matter what the market is, individual stocks will always go up and down. What we have to do is to hold or Fancy stocks Full research, the market is only for reference. The key is to be optimistic about the stocks in your hands or fancy, don't take the market too seriously.

Secondly, forget about the cost of opening a position

When many stockholder friends ask me whether to lose or defend the stock, they always tell me how much it is If you buy it with money, you still lose as much as you make. It seems to them that how much they earn and how much they lose can control the rise and fall of stock prices. If you always stare at your own costs, you will ignore "the stock market is risky", you will forget the law of stock price rises and fall, you will comfort yourself with self-righteousness, you will not sell when it is time to sell, and you will buy in a bull market. Highs, sell lows. Forgetting the cost of opening a position is to analyze the ups and downs of stock prices more sensibly. It is like forgetting the starting point on a stadium to get more motivation to go to the end.

Third, survival in the stock market is the most important thing

Stock investment is actually like adding water to a bucket. If the bucket is intact, even every Just add a little bit at a time, it will not take long to fill up; if there is a big hole in the bowl under the bucket, it leaks while adding water, no matter how fast you add water to the pipe, it is impossible to fill it up; if your The bucket leaks faster than the water is added, and sooner or later the water in the bucket will leak dry. To fill the bucket, the first thing to do is not to enlarge the tube, but to make up the leaking bucket. This is the leaky bucket theory. To put it simply, the first is to learn to stop losses, and the second to learn to control their desires. Almost all of the experts’ advice on stocks is to keep your principal as much as possible. Survival in the stock market is the most important thing.

Fourth, it is the ancestor who will be short positions

If you feel that the stocks are difficult to operate and the hot spots are difficult to grasp, most of the stocks have fallen sharply, and the increase list The stocks on the list have risen very little, and the stocks on the decline list have fallen sharply. At this time, short positions should be considered. At this time, the analysis of the stock market is no longer an analysis of the stock market's rise and fall, but an analysis of whether it is suitable for operation. If it is not suitable for operation, even if the market is still rising, it must be sold decisively. The reason for short positions is not because of fear, but to preserve vitality; the purpose of short positions is not to dodge, but to "bystanders clearly" to see the rising and falling laws of the stock market. Therefore, there is a saying, "Apprentices will be bought, masters will be sold, and ancestors will be empty."

Fifth, respect the rules

Any game has its own rulesThe stock market is also a game. If you want to become a super player in the stock market, you must display your skills under the premise of following the rules. To put it bluntly, the stock market is actually a zero-sum game, and short-term imbalances are for long-term balance. The stock market rises and falls regularly, but in most cases we don't find it. Even if we find the law, if it is not good for our current operation, we will turn a blind eye to the law. For example, if the stocks in our hands are going to fall because of bad news, we will persuade ourselves by luck, telling ourselves that it is possible to "do good and not go up, but not go down when we are good." The winner focuses on the rules, and the losers are surprised. If they want to survive in the stock market for a long time, they must follow the rules. Stop loss and take profit are the principles that must be followed to survive in the stock market. Stop loss can control risks, and stop profit can help cash in profits. Be cautious in chasing the rise and bravely killing the fall (be cautious when buying, and decisive when selling).

Sixth, retail investors must fight "guerrilla warfare" and "protracted warfare"

As retail investors, they must analyze their own advantages and disadvantages. Our lack of funds, poor information, limited analytical capabilities, unstable mentality, frequent mistakes, and weak discipline... all these determine that our retail investors can only fight guerrilla warfare and protracted warfare. Guerrilla warfare is agile and protracted warfare is firm. The two are one. I believe everyone can discover the immense power of it.

The stock market is actually a psychological warfare. Whoever can grasp the law and follow the law can become the big winner of the stock market. We must learn lessons and sum up experience. Some people say that failure is the mother of success, and the author believes that experience and lessons are the true mother of success. The plan for a year lies in the spring. We should not take part in the battle in a hurry. What we need is calm thinking and full preparation. You must learn technical and fundamental aspects, but more importantly, you must learn concepts and follow the rules of the stock market.

In my spare time, I communicated with stock friends to learn "Ssangyong short-term strategy", "Daily limit replication strategy of catching bulls", "Middle line main force high control strategy", "Funding interest solution strategy" and other practical operations Investors who are interested in learning voluntarily are welcome to contact me for exchanges and learning, and they will definitely help me. The gentleman respects the straight inward, and the righteous to the outside.

You can follow me and reply directly to "Strategy" by private message to receive a set of Tactic and Trading System for free!

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