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Stock account query (how to query the stock account under your own name)

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1. Stock account inquiry

At present, the company's smart express box products have been recognized by dozens of well-known domestic and foreign companies such as Amazon, Fengchao Technology, etc., and are used in the "last mile" logistics and distribution link of the express stock account query industry. deliver.

Juli Rigging (002342), issue price: 24.00 yuan, issuance quantity: 50 million shares, subscription date: January 13, subscription limit: 40,000 shares, stock account inquiry belongs to the rigging industry , The estimated earnings per share for 2009-2011 are: 0.55 yuan, 0.66 yuan, and 0.80 yuan.

■PE monitoring of the IPO sector: market adjustment, the absolute valuation of the IPO stock account inquiry block dropped.

Ji Pengsong is the company's founding stock account inquirer and chairman, and directly holds 12.82% of the issuer's equity.

The company is a medical device company established in 2009 as a stock account searcher. Its main product is a magnetically controlled "capsule gastroscope" robot. Its core product was approved by the CFDA in 2013 and was successfully listed.

The company's industry is the stock account inquiry information security industry. Information security involves all aspects of people's lives and social production, and is related to national security and social stability. The information security industry is a key national support and development Industry.

In July, the 9 small and medium board stock accounts listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to check stocks (see Table 2), the average increase of 79% on the first day of listing.

The company is a high-tech enterprise with a national-level corporate technology stock account inquiry center, a post-doctoral scientific research workstation, and has been approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology to establish the only national insulation material engineering technology research center in China.

The overall situation of online subscription. This round of issuance cycle involves 3 stock creation accounts on May 10 to inquire about new stocks on the industry board, one new stock on the small and medium board on the 12th, and one new stock on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

It is hereby reminded: The issue price or the issue price range of the new shares shall be negotiated and determined by the issuer and its stock account inquiry underwriters on the basis of market inquiry. There is no guarantee that the company’s shares will not fall below the listing. The issue price, please rationally judge whether to subscribe.

The company currently owns 7 fluorite mining rights and 8 prospecting stock account queries. Among them, the Gaowushan-Jiaokengwu fluorite mine in the Bamianshan mine field in Changshan, Zhejiang won the first prize of China's excellent geological prospecting project, and the Hengkengping mining area in Suichang County, Zhejiang Province won the second prize of China's excellent geological prospecting.

The company is in a period of high-speed growth, and is close to investment points: the company is a leading domestic supplier of industrial testing equipment and overall solutions. The actual controller’s total stock account query counts the shareholding ratio to 93.15% and the core has been carried out. Employee equity incentives.

In the review process from declaration to acceptance, the exchange focuses on checking the completeness of the application documents. In the future, there will be other company stock accounts inquiries. After the declaration is approved, the exchange will enter the acceptance process.

From the perspective of the board to be listed, 3 stock account queries and only new stocks are planned to be listed on the ChiNext.

Tongda shares (002560), issue price: 28.80 yuan, circulation: 20 million shares, belong to the wire and cable manufacturing industry, we expect the company’s 2010-2012 earnings per share: 0.67 yuan, 0.81 yuan , The stock account inquiry is 0.98 yuan.

The target customers of our report are also mainly for customers who are ready to sell after winning the new lottery, rather than for customers who inquire about quasi-stock accounts and prepare to buy in the secondary market.

In addition, due to historical, environmental and other reasons, the Cantonese cultural districts including Guangdong, Guangxi, Hong Kong, and Macau are in the language, diet, and living habits of the Cantonese-speaking cultural districts. Investment tips for this issue: this batch of new stocks are planned to be landed. On the Growth Enterprise Market, fundraising in March increased by 1.16 times from the previous month.

16 new stocks made positive gains last week, of which 9 new stocks rose by more than 10% of account enquiries; 104 new stocks saw negative weekly gains, and 64 new stocks fell by more than 10%.

Currently, the issuance of new shares is more beneficial to the issuer, and there are common stock account query questions with high issuance price-to-earnings ratios. Therefore, the listing of new shares poses certain risk challenges for buyers in the secondary market.

With the rebound of the first day's gains, 500 million yuan of funds adopted an average strategy to participate in the February new stock subscription cumulative stock account inquiry rate of 3.17%, an increase of 2.28 percentage points from January.

Here is a reminder: the issuer and its underwriters shall negotiate and determine the issuer and its underwriters on the basis of market inquiry, and no institution guarantees the listing of the company’s shares. In the future, you will not fall below the stock account to check the issue price. Please rationally judge whether to subscribe.

[Stock Exchange Account Inquiry Bank] "New Stock Strategy" follows the analysis of the fundamentals and issuance profile of each new stock, and combines The principle of combining factors such as the environment in the secondary market at the time of issuance reveals investment opportunities and investment risks.

2. IPO subscription process: IPO subscription process: T-2 days, T-2 days (including T-2 day) The average daily market value of the first 20 trading days calculates the placement market value; on T day, the subscription of new shares does not exceed the market value placement amount. The stock account inquiry degree (the Shanghai stock market can subscribe for 1,000 shares for every 10,000 yuan market value, and the Shenzhen stock market every 5 500 shares can be subscribed for with a market value of 1,000 yuan); on T+1 day, the winning rate will be announced, the lottery will be drawn, and the winning result will be formed.

Issuance status: The total number of shares issued this time is 13.5 million shares, and 1080 is issued online. 10,000 shares, with an issuance price-earnings ratio of 80.00 times.

Company profile Qingdao Hairong Cold Chain Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development, production, sales and service of commercial cold chain equipment for commercial use. The display cabinet is the core product, providing customers with customized products and services for the freezing, refrigeration and display of food at the sales terminal.

2. How to query the stock account under my own name

It is one of the leading enterprises in the domestic lithium battery manufacturing equipment industry. Its main products are manufacturing equipment in the three links of cell assembly, battery testing and battery packs in the lithium battery production process.

The average gains of the two batches of small-cap stocks recently listed (calculated by average price) were only 58% and 59%, respectively, and how to query the stock account of one's own recently listed large-cap stocks (China Everbright Securities) rose only 35%.

Stock market issuance: the issue price is 17.95 yuan, 26.68 million new shares are issued, and there is no transfer of old shares. After the issuance, how to check the total share capital of 106.68 million shares in my own stock account.

The company is One of the drafting units of the national standards for hot pot base and chili sauce, and also participated in the Sichuan-style compound seasoning and Sichuan-style condiment: On March 22, how does the SSE Science and Technology Innovation Board Stock Issuance and Listing Review System query its own stock accounts? The website published the relevant information of the first nine sci-tech innovation board companies accepted.

The main products include advanced driver assistance systems representing "intelligence", intelligent enhanced driving systems representing "networking", How to inquire about the stock account terminal and vehicle-mounted network terminal under your own name in human-computer interaction.

Main business Business: How to inquire about the special equipment industry for stock accounts under your own name.

Relying on how to check the daily increase in stock accounts under his own name, 500 million yuan of funds adopted an average strategy to participate in February’s new share subscription cumulative yield of 3.17%, an increase of 2.28 percentage points from January.

Currently, the issuance of new shares is more beneficial to the issuer, and the issue of high P/E ratios is common. Therefore, how to check the stock account market under your own name on the new shares poses a certain risk challenge to buyers in the secondary market .

The company has verified reserves of more than 2,000 fluorspar resources. How to check the stock account under its own name by 10,000 tons, and the total amount of minerals is nearly 10 million tons.

⣶The online issuances of this issue are: Jinli Technology, Haige Communication, and Tianqi Lithium will be listed on the stock account board in Shenzhen small and medium-sized enterprises.

How does the company’s product query its own stock account product production mainly adopts the sales-based production model, and carries out appropriate stocking; the sales model is mainly distribution.

He Wenbo, the actual controller of the company, controls the company 37. How to inquire about 69% of the shares in the stock account under his own name.

The company was rated as "Hebei Province Famous Trademark" and "China Food Industry" by the Hebei Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, the China Food Industry How to Inquire the Growth Star Selection Committee of Its Stock Account, and Sugar, Tobacco and Alcohol Weekly Magazine "The Most Growing Enterprise", "The Benchmark Brand of China's Food Industry (Plant Protein Beverage)".

It is hereby reminded that the issue price or the issue price range of the new shares shall be negotiated and determined by the issuer and its underwriters on the basis of how to query their own stock accounts in the market inquiries, and there is no guarantee by any institution after the company’s shares are listed. Will not fall below the issue price, please rationally judge whether to subscribe.

At present, one of the reasons for the excessive lack of financing function in my country's securities market is that the issuance system will face important reforms, but market reforms will still be promoted in a gradual manner. There are some problems in the current IPO system , And sparked a big controversy on how to query the stock account under his own name.

The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of nano-scale carbon materials. The main product is carbon Nanotube powder, conductive paste and conductiveMasterbatch, how to check the stock account under your own name for lithium batteries, conductive plastics and other fields.

In the first 10 batches of 18 new stocks in 2019, 15 of them adopted the differentiated market value threshold, accounting for 83.3%. Among them, 12 in the Shenzhen market accounted for the purchase guide: November 15 Lifan shares, How can Tian check its own stock account Qimo, Zhongshun Jierou and other three new stocks will be purchased online, the price-earnings ratio of this new stock issuance has decreased, among which, Lifan shares issuance price-earnings ratio is 45.3 times, Tianqimo is 54.69 times. Zhongshun Jierou is 56.55 times.

Company profile The company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in communication network technical services. It provides communication networks including core network, wireless network, transmission network and other network levels for communication operators to query their own stock accounts. Comprehensive technical services such as engineering construction, maintenance and optimization, and provide comprehensive technical services such as base station supporting and tower construction and maintenance for China Tower, as well as information technology services such as customized development and integration of information system software for customers.

The company’s main focus is on cathode materials for high-energy-density power batteries. It cooperates with CATL, BYD, LG Chem, and how to check their own stock account investment points: integrated circuit companies focusing on the core technology of infrared thermal imaging.

Assumptions under credit subscription: (1) In 2019, the science and technology innovation board will issue 50-80 new shares for the whole year, and how to inquire about other A shares in 2019 on the stock account section of your own name and issue 100 new shares Only, and large-cap stocks with more than 400 million shares accounted for 10%, and small-cap stocks with less than 400 million shares accounted for 90%.

Among them, the production and sales scale of motorcycle engines ranked first in the industry from 2005 to 2008, and ranked second in the industry since 2009. It has strong competitiveness in the motorcycle field and relies on the company’s machinery. The conclusion of the move: On the 15th, the funds for the rebate for new stock subscriptions totaled 8532.

Pearl River Beer (002461), issue price: 5.80 yuan, circulation: 70 million shares, which belongs to how the beer industry can inquire about the stock account under its own name. We estimate that the earnings per share from 2009 to 2011 are respectively : 0.13 yuan, 0.16 yuan, 0.19 yuan, it is recommended to buy below 6.50 yuan, 6.50~7.20 yuan to increase holdings, 7.21. Basic situation of issuance and listing A total of 9 stocks were issued in the A-share market in July 2008 (see Table 1), Raised funds of 2.516 billion yuan; 6 listed stocks, all listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange; as of the close of July 30, the sum of the circulating market value of the 12 newly listed stocks was 5.677 billion.

How to inquire about the core brand "Dahongpao" and "Good Renjia" of the stock account company under my own name. The products are sold nationwide and exported overseas.

2. IPO subscription process: on T-2 day, the market value of the allotment is calculated based on the average daily market value of the 20 trading days before T-2 day (including T-2 day); how to check your own stocks on T day Account, subscription for new shares, no more than one-thousandth of the online issuance, and no more than the market value allotment (the Shanghai Stock Exchange can subscribe for 1,000 shares for every 10,000 yuan market value, and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange can subscribe for 500 shares for every 5,000 yuan market value); T+ On the 1st, funds are frozen, verified and assigned numbers; on T+2, the winning rate is announced, and the lottery is drawn; on T+3, the unsuccessful funds are unfrozen.

The volume of shrinkage has plummeted, and the market situation has cooled down significantly. The small and medium-cap GEM index has clearly led the decline in the broader market.

(Stock account query) Baidu recommendation: https://zhidao./question/11302920.html

How to query your own stocks Account: /s?wd=%E5%A6%82%E4%BD%95%E6%9F%A5%E8%AF%A2%E8%87%AA%E5%B7%B1%E5% 90%8D%E4%B8%8B%E8%82%A1%E7%A5%A8%E8%B4%A6%E6%88%B7&rsf=1000013&rsp=0&f=1&oq=%E8%82%A1%E7%A5 % A8% E8% B4% A6% E6% 88% B7% E6% 9F% A5% E8% AF% A2 & ie = utf-8 & usm = 3 & rsv_pq = b42c0d1a00012c27 & rsv_t = b13bscMuN% 2BMkPhgo2eXH6ho6w49lyRtfcLqH% 2FYmLq7uzXcCoFJBQwQQDf0M & rqlang = cn & rs_src = 0 & rsv_pq = b42c0d1a00012c27 & rsv_t = b13bscMuN% 2BMkPhgo2eXH6ho6w49lyRtfcLqH %2FYmLq7uzXcCoFJBQwQQDf0M

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