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What are the concept stocks of Apple's industry chain? 2020 Apple Concept Stock Leading List

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Summary: With the most advanced technology, obtaining the highest gross profit and most profits in the industry chain, Apple is the representative of the electronics industry. In this regard, many A shares are also listed companies that benefit from Apple's industrial chain. The editor specially compiled a list of Apple's concept stocks. I believe it will be helpful to you!...

Introduction to the sector: With the most advanced technology, obtaining the highest gross profit and most of the profits in the industry chain, Apple is the representative of the electronics industry. In this regard, many A shares are also listed companies that benefit from the Apple Industry Chain. The editor specially compiled the List of Apple Concept Stocks. I believe it will help you!

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002600 led puzzle manufacturing

Relevance: Leading Technology is the leader of Apple's industrial chain functional parts, and it has a relatively stable market in Apple's supply chain die-cutting business; it accounts for the proportion of terminal brand customer Apple's revenue Over 50% in each period

300433 Lens Technology

Relevance: The leading window protective glass has been supplied since the first generation of iPhone; Apple and Samsung are the largest customers, and Apple has always maintained a share of more than 40%; in technology , Scale and capital advantages, leading A-share similar companies in terms of gross profit margin; 2.5D glass production capacity will be expanded by 50%, reaching more than 600 million pieces to meet Apple’s new glass backplane demand

002635 Anjie Technology

Relevance: One of Apple’s functional device suppliers, the supply covers almost Apple’s full range of products; participates in the research and development of Apple’s wireless charging related products; the company relies on many years of functional components Experience has been successfully introduced into the OLED heat dissipation related functional parts, and the ASP has increased by about 3 times. It is expected to be introduced into the iPhone wireless charging related functional parts and packaging film supply chain in the future

300709 Jingyan Technology

Relevance: Product end customers cover Apple

002384 Dongshan Precision

Relevance: Subsidiary MFLX has a significant competitive advantage in the field of high-end FPC, and there is huge room to increase its share in Apple. At present, 70% of its business share comes from Apple; Apple’s new products include wireless charging and 3D The introduction of camera and OLED design will further increase the amount of stand-alone FPC

300136 Xinwei Communication

Relevance: Apple’s only antenna supplier in mainland China, WiFi antennas account for more than 50% of the iPhone’s share, and new iPad and MacBook antenna products are also beginning to increase in volume; currently cutting into Apple The products of the industry chain have expanded from antennas to include high-performance RF connectors, precision hardware components, LDS products, acoustic products, and audio/RF modules; 5G will be a new growth opportunity for the company p>

002947 Hengmingda

Relevance: The company is one of Apple’s 200 core global suppliers in 2018 and Foxconn component manufacturer

002273 Crystal Optoelectronics

Relevance: OEM for Blue Glass Factory, indirectly supplying Apple Blue Glass IRCF products; iPhone X uses 3D recognition, which will benefit the company’s narrowband filters. It is the only manufacturer in China

601231 USI

Relevance: The exclusive supplier of Apple Watch SIP packaging, the global leader in SIP packaging, and the production line has industry-leading process capabilities; wireless communication module suppliers, maintaining 50% of the entire series Market share; January 18, signed a joint venture agreement with a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qualcomm, and plans to invest in a new joint venture company in Brazil. The main business is R&D and manufacturing system-in-package (SIP) module products

603283 Saiteng shares

Relevance: The company’s automation equipment is mainly used in the assembly of Apple’s terminal products. During the inspection process, the current scope of application mainly includes mobile phones, watches, wireless headsets, tablets, and after-sales Services and other fields; main products air tightness testing equipment, wireless headset assembly equipment, button assembly equipment, etc.

002938 Pengding Holdings

Relevance: The company is the world’s largest PCB company, and Apple is a major downstream customer of the company

300115 Changying Precision

Relevance: First order for 19 metal cases of Apple MacBook

300207 Xinwangda

Relevance: Entered the Apple industry chain in 2006, and later became its supplier of lithium-ion battery modules; accounted for 20% to 30% of Apple’s lithium battery share; will benefit from Apple’s innovation Special-shaped batteries and dual cells that lead the innovation of the smartphone industry

002045 Guoguang Electronics

Relevance: Apple’s main supplier of smart speaker speakers; with internationally advanced speaker design technology and production technology; high stand-alone value, and the industry chain estimates that the first year’s shipments will be Tens of millions of units have a significant effect on the company’s performance.

002241 Goertek

Relevance: Leading in the acoustics industry; acoustic components are mainly speakers, receivers, microphones, and earphones; two MEMS microphones in AirPods are provided; future performance is mainly See Android customers

002475 Luxshare Precision

Relevance: Apple's core supplier of wireless charging transmitter; AirPods core assembler; Apple's lighting cable core supplier; layout of wireless charging, acoustics, antennas, wireless headsets, motors , Iwatch straps and other product lines, the value of single machine increased

300476 Shenghong Technology

Relevance: Indirect supply of accessories for Apple products, such as circuit boards for earphones, etc.

300088 Changxin Technology

Relevance: The only domestic thinning business supplier certified by Apple; thinning capacity is at the forefront of the industry, the company’s new glass single-sided thinning process makes AMOLED single-sided Both the thinning yield and production efficiency have been raised to Apple's requirements

002861 Intone Communication

Relevance: Terminal brandThe user is Apple’s iPhone series earphone wire, earphone semi-finished product and data cable supplier; the company’s earphone micro-communication wire products occupy an advantageous position in the industry

002975 Bojie shares

Relevance: The company’s downstream customers are concentrated in consumer electronics and other fields. Apple is one of the company’s main customers, providing it with automated test equipment and assembly equipment/Apple industry chain span>

002079 Suzhou Good Technetium

Relevance: Rectification products and voltage stabilization products are provided in the Apple series of products, with more than millions of shipments every month

002981 Chaoyang Technology

Relevance: A leading domestic electro-acoustic product provider; the company's main earphones and electro-acoustic product accessories OEM, ODM foundry, has formed from communication wires, earphone holsters, The complete product chain from semi-finished earphones to finished earphones; the company has cut into the supply chain of Apple and other smart terminals and earphone brand manufacturers in earphone finished products, and is the core supplier of Beats earphone holsters

603626 Corson Technology

Relevance: The only direct supplier of Apple metal parts in China. The main products are precision metal structural parts. The products are used in Apple's IPhone, Ipad, Macbook, Ipadpencil, Beats, etc. A series of products have been supplied for many years; in 2017, Apple’s revenue accounted for 48%; in terms of new iPhone products, the company used its leading forging technology to cut into the front-end processing of stainless steel middle frames

000823 Ultrasonic Electronics

Relevance: Apple’s PCB supplier, the only domestic manufacturer with SLP production capacity, and the earliest domestic company to produce HDI; due to commercial confidentiality, it is inconvenient to disclose the specific application Equipment

000049 Desai battery

Relevance: The core battery supplier for Apple mobile phones currently supplies the full range of Apple; Apple accounts for 50% of the company’s revenue; the main business is small power management BMS products and battery packaging Pack, and realize full coverage of medium-sized and large-scale power management systems and package integration business at the same time

600584 Changjiang Electronics Technology

Relevance: Subsidiary Xingke Jinpeng is a supplier of SiP modules for the chip used in iPhone7; one of the few manufacturers in the world with SiP mass production capabilities will benefit from the use of Android in the future SiP

300602 Fei Rongda

Relevance: The company is currently Apple’s raw material supplier, and some products are directly or indirectly supplied to Apple computers or iPads

002916 Shennan Circuit

Relevance: The silicon microphone MEMS packaging substrates manufactured by the company are widely used in smartphones such as Apple and Samsung, with a global market share of more than 30% p>

000988 Huagong Technology

Relevance: In the 3C field, the company’s products have been adopted by top customers Apple. It is expected that in 2020, Apple’s mobile phones will start a new round of innovation, and orders are expected to increase significantly

603328 Eaton Electronics

Relevance: Supply Apple's PCB products for power supply systems and modules, keyboards, data line connectors, etc.; the company is one of the few Apple PCB suppliers in mainland China , The process is very mature and successfully promoted to Apple's main multi-layer boardSupplier

002957 Corey Technology

Relevance: The company provides Apple with automation equipment and accessories, technical services; in 18 years, Apple and its foundries accounted for the company’s revenue 41.25%

601138 Industrial Fulian

Relevance: The business includes the business of making structural tools for Apple mobile phones; Foxconn is Apple’s largest contract manufacturer

002369 Zhuoyi Technology

Relevance: In November 18, it plans to acquire 100% equity of Tengxin Precision for 630 million yuan. The target company focuses on the design, R&D, production and Sales, has successfully entered the supplier system of well-known consumer electronic terminal brands such as Apple, Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, etc.

002453 Chinasoft Technology

Relevance: It is proposed to purchase 51% equity of Zhongke Electronics held by Hengsha Technology in cash through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Beijing Jinxin, at a transaction price of 102 million yuan; As an authorized first-level distributor of Apple’s industry channels, Ke Electronics is mainly engaged in the sales, operation and maintenance and after-sales service activities of Apple’s products, and is responsible for the expansion and operation of the Apple Enterprise Solution Center Project (ESC)

002943 Yujing shares

Relevance: The company is the smart device supplier of Apple’s industry chain Lens Technology; the company has introduced new consumer electronics appearances such as 3D waterfall screen protective glass and frosted protective glass in 2019. Large R&D investment in high-speed cutting technology of diamond wire for high-hard and brittle materials such as sapphire, monocrystalline silicon, silicon carbide and other materials with heterosexual surface polishing technology

002056 Hengdian East Magnetics

Relevance: Indirectly provide Apple with wireless charging magnets. The product is a wireless charging device for Apple Watch; the new iPhone adopts wireless charging technology, and Hengdian DMC is expected to become its main magnetic material One of the suppliers; it is expected to be a supplier of magnetic materials for the wireless charging transmitter and receiver of the mainstream mobile phone in the market; participated in the wireless charging research and development of several large companies at home and abroad

300736 Baibang Technology

Relevance: Apple’s largest authorized after-sales service provider in China

002416 Ai Shide

Relevance: Subsidiary Cool Motion Digital is Apple’s largest authorized distributor in the Asia-Pacific region

300128 Jinfu Technology

Relevance: Subsidiary Maizhi Technology is Apple’s core testing fixture provider, fully cooperating with Apple’s new chip interface carrier board fingerprint touch screen and other production links in functional testing

300567 Precision Testing Electronics

Relevance: Obtained Apple supplier qualification, but no supply agreement is currently available

300120 Jingwei Huikai

Relevance: Xinhuikai currently has a daily production capacity of 50,000 pieces of protective film. It sells products through the seller of protective screens and indirectly supplies Apple, Samsung, etc.

002182 Yunhai Metal

Relevance: Provide high-performance aluminum alloy bars for Apple's Tier 1 suppliers

002341 Xinlun Technology

Relevance: The company’s black PI tape is used in both iPhone X and iPhone 8 wireless charging modules; ultra-thin thermally conductive tape is used in iPhone X’s OLED module Medium; Protective film in the production process of Apple Watch products

000825 TISCO Stainless

Relevance: The company replied that there are products used in Apple products; previously, the products of the subsidiary Taigang Precision Strip Steel Company were used in the iPhone5 project, but the supply was not large.

603595 Tony Electronics

Relevance: Wireless charging products are indirectly supplied to Apple through the supply of Foxconn, Goertek, and Luxshare Precision, which are exclusively used for Apple iWatch wireless charging modules

300400 Jintuo shares

Relevance: To provide Apple supply chain companies such as Foxconn and its affiliates with electronic complete machine assembly equipment and high-temperature vertical curing furnaces.

603666 Ningbo Yunsheng

Relevance: The market share of vibration motor magnets in iPhone8 and iPhoneX has reached more than 50%, and the market share of iPhone acoustic magnets has reached about 30%. It is in the industry leading position. In the application market of iPad, macbook, wireless earphones, etc., the production and sales of magnetic steel have increased greatly.

List of Apple Concept Stocks (Picture Version)

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