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The most complete food leading concept stocks in 2020 List of stock codes of listed food companies

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Summary: Food is the most important part of the people's consumption, and food is an important part of residents' consumption. With the increase in per capita income and more leisure time, the industry is expected to continue to expand . Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission has also paid close attention to local initiatives to introduce consumer vouchers, which indirectly promoted food consumption. ...

Related introduction: Food is the top priority for the people, and food is an important part of household consumption. With the increase in per capita income and more leisure time, the industry is expected to continue to expand. Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission has also paid close attention to local initiatives to introduce consumer vouchers, which indirectly promoted food consumption. The editor of the stock information network also sorted out the food-related stocks in listed companies, but not all of them. Because there are too many food-related stocks, the editor only sorted out the stocks with greater correlation. I believe it is enough for you to use.

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600191 —— Huazi Industrial

Relevance: The first listed company for sugar beet sugar production. It used to be the leader in the industry. Later, due to the downturn in the industry, the sugar beet sugar factory was gradually closed. 18 years of sugar production Industry income is 31 million yuan, and the main business accounts for 47.69%

000505 —— Jingliang Holdings

Relevance: In November 19, it plans to acquire 25.11% of Zhejiang Little Prince’s equity for 354 million yuan. After the transaction is completed, the company and its subsidiaries will hold 94.89% of Zhejiang Little Prince’s Equity; Zhejiang Little Prince has its own brand and market in baking, snacks, snack food and other fields

603536 —— Huifa Food

Relevance: Mainly engaged in quick-frozen prepared meat products, and was selected as the gold supplier of China's hot pot industry

002770 —— Cody Dairy

Relevance: Leading regions in Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu and Anhui, especially Henan and Shandong have a relatively large market; main products include normal temperature sterilized milk, modified milk, milk-containing beverages, and milk flavor Drinks and low-temperature pasteurized milk, fermented milk and other liquid dairy products; it owns the best-selling brand Cody Pure Milk; in 2018, the sales volume of dairy products was 214,300 tons, and the revenue of dairy products processing and manufacturing in 2018 was 1.283 billion yuan, accounting for 100% of the revenue

002481-Shuangta Foods

Relevance: Leading edible protein, the company's pea protein recovery rate reached 95.5%, the purity reached more than 90%, and the vermicelli production capacity was 60,000 tons

600467 —— Good Master

Relevance: Shandong sea cucumber leader

600359-New Agriculture Development

Relevance: Located in Xinjiang, it develops dairy products business through its holding subsidiary Xinnong Dairy; mainly engaged in dairy cow breeding, raw milk purchase, liquid milk and milk powder and other dairy products production Sales; In 2018, 37,100 tons of liquid milk was produced and sold, 1,341.58 tons of full-fat evaporated milk powder, liquid milk revenue was 256 million yuan, and full-fat evaporated milk powder revenue was 27 million yuan, accounting for 45.94% of total revenue

000833—— Guangdong-Guizhou Stocks

Relevance: One of the oldest sugar companies in my country, using sugarcane as raw material, the "Osmanthus" brand white granulated sugar produced is of high quality and high reputation; the company is located in Guangxi 20 The 15th largest sugar group; the operating income of sugar business in 2018 was 1.882 billion yuan, of which machine-made sugar was 435 million yuan and trade sugar was 1.447 billion yuan, accounting for 59.42% of the total.

000911 —— ST South Sugar

Relevance: One of the leaders in the domestic sugar industry, 48,400 tons of raw material sugarcane is pressed daily, with a market share of 5.77%; the company is a high-quality company such as Haitian Weiye, Jiaduobao, Wahaha, etc. Supplier; In 2018, the annual sugar sales volume was 625,100 tons, and the sugar business revenue was 3.583 billion yuan, accounting for 99.58% of the main business.

603719 —— Best Shop

Relevance: High-end snack food leader, covering more than 1,000 product portfolios, meat snacks, roasted nuts, confectionery, dried fruits, and vegetarian mountain treasures accounted for more than 80%

002286 —— Bowling Bao

Relevance: One of the leading domestic functional sugar products, it is currently a full-category functional sugar product manufacturer and service provider in the domestic market, capable of providing functional oligosaccharides, functional dietary fiber, Full range of functional sugar alcohol products and services; is a strategic partner of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Yili, Mengniu and other famous companies, and is an important global functional ingredient manufacturing service provider; revenue of oligosaccharides in 2018 is 298 million yuan, and revenue from sugar alcohols 198 million yuan, other starch sugar revenues 353 million yuan, fructose syrup revenue 334 million yuan, a total of 68.26%; in November 2018, isomalt oligosaccharides passed the US FDA GRAS certification

002515 —— Golden Ham

Relevance: The leading Chinese ham, the first brand of Jinhua ham, with a market share of about 20%

603288 —— Haitian Flavor Industry

Relevance: The world's largest professional condiment leader, Haitian soy sauce production and sales have been ranked first in the country for 22 consecutive years. The star product gold standard light soy sauce and straw mushroom soy sauce have been sold for more than 60 years. Oyster sauce products are also in an absolute leading position; in terms of sales volume, the annual sales volume of soy sauce in 2018 was 1.878 million tons, the seasoning sauce was 238,300 tons, and the fuel consumption was 604,300 tons; the condiment business revenue in 2018 was 15.184 billion yuan, and the main business accounted for more than 89%. /span>

300783-three squirrels

Relevance: An industry-leading e-commerce brand with snack food as its core, mainly engaged in the research and development, testing, packaging and sales of its own brand snack food; product portfolio covers nuts , Dried fruit, dried fruit, scented tea and snacks, and many other major snack food categories, creating a one-stop snack food shopping experience for consumers

002695 —— Huangshanghuang

Relevance: The leader in the sauce and braised meat products industry; the main business is sauce and braised meat products, quick-consumption foods with cold dishes and rice products processing; 18 years of snack food revenue 1.838 billion yuan , Accounting for 96.84%

002495 —— Jialong shares

Relevance: The domestic first echelon brand of chicken essence and chicken noodles industry, second only to Totole and Jiale; main products include chicken noodles, chicken essence, chicken juice, custard noodles, Mustard sauce, corn japonica, ketchup, etc.; 18 years of condiment-related business revenue of 310 million yuan, the main business accounted for over 97%

603696 —— On Kee Food

Relevance: Compound seasoning small leader; main products include compound seasoning powder, natural extractsThere are more than 500 varieties in five categories, including flavorings, spices, sauces, and flavor clear soups; the leading product Ribs Weiwang Seasoning has a market share in the forefront of similar products, and related products have entered 2097 shopping malls; sales of various seasonings in 18 years A total of 24,800 tons, the condiment business revenue was 276 million yuan, and the main business accounted for 81.99%

300741 —— Huabao shares

Relevance: A leading company in the domestic fragrance industry, which owns "Xi Deng", "Huabao", "Peacock", "Tianhong", "Huafang", "Australia A series of well-known brands such as "Huada" and "Amber"; 18 years of food flavor business revenue of 2.008 billion yuan, the main business accounted for 92.56%

600866 —— Xinghu Technology

Relevance: In December 2019, the company plans to build a 5000 tons/year natural green and healthy compound seasoning upgrade project

300511 —— Snow Rong Biology

Relevance: The company's main business is the research and development, factory planting and sales of fresh edible fungi

603697-Youyou Food

Relevance: The company is a well-known brand in the field of soaked chicken feet. "Youyou and Tu" is recognized as a well-known trademark in China by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce; its main business is soaked flavor Snack food processing, the main products include pickled pepper chicken feet, marinated turkey wings and dried tofu, peanuts, bamboo shoots, etc.; revenue in 2018 was 1.101 billion yuan, and snack foods accounted for over 99%.

002505 —— Dakang Agriculture

Relevance: A new company in the dairy industry, taking a global route, currently has 16 ranches in New Zealand; on December 21, 2017, the introduction of strategic partners Alibaba and Cloud Peak increased its capital in Newland New Cloud, and integrated and upgraded Newland New Cloud’s channels; the company’s dairy business includes high-end platinum products with a protein content of 3.5g/100ml, 3.8g/100ml milk, and all imported products. Fat adult milk powder; sales revenue of dairy products in 2018 was 164 million yuan, accounting for 1.22% of revenue

002946 —— New Dairy Industry

Relevance: The dark horse of the dairy industry in Southwest China is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of dairy products and dairy beverages. The main products include low-temperature products, normal temperature products and milk powder products. Category; owns famous Sichuan trademarks such as "Huaxi" and "Yangping"; in 2018, the sales volume of liquid milk and dairy products was 553,400 tons, and the revenue of liquid milk and dairy products manufacturing in 2018 was 4.838 billion yuan, accounting for 100% of the revenue; In July 19, it plans to acquire 590 million shares of Modern Dairy for 709 million yuan. After the transaction is completed, New Dairy will become the second largest shareholder of Modern Dairy, holding 9.28% of the shares

000576 —— Guangdong Ganhua

Relevance: A high-quality white sugar trader in South China, with a sales volume of 68,700 tons in 2018, and a sugar trading-related business income of 336 million yuan, accounting for 82.03% of the main business

002330 —— Delis

Relevance: The main food products are divided into low-temperature meat products, frozen-cooled meat and high-end fermented meat products. They are mainly sold to the Shandong market. The highlight is the newly introduced fermented meat products. The length of fermentation time (12-36 months) is priced at 3000-6000 yuan/piece, and the current production capacity of Paros ham is about 200,000 pieces.

002570 ——Beinmei

Relevance: The domestic milk powder leader, the main products include infant formula milk powder, nutritious rice noodles, parent-child food, children's milk and other infant complementary foods; currently the company has 51 infants and young children The registered formula of milk powder, the trademark "Beinmei" consistent with the company name was awarded as a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province; in 2018, the sales volume of milk powder was 2.1100,000 tons, with milk powder revenue of 2.326 billion yuan, accounting for 93.37% of revenue

002719 —— Mai Quer

Relevance: Xinjiang's fourth largest dairy company. In addition, the company has won the "China Famous Brand", "China's Top Ten Most Competitive Baking Brands", and "Xinjiang Famous Brand Products" , "Chinese Famous Cakes" and other honors; the production of baked goods includes bread, cakes, Chinese and Western pastries, moon cakes and other series of products

000716 —— black sesame seeds

Relevance: my country’s leading paste food companies; main products include southern black sesame paste, black and light fat drinks, selenium-enriched rice, cookies, and natural oats Series of products such as slices and healthy coarse grains; the market share of paste products exceeds 40% and continues to rank first in similar products; the revenue of snack foods in 2018 is 1.882 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 47.48%

300313 —— Tianshan Biology

Relevance: One of the largest domestic cattle breed improvement products and service providers, mainly engaged in breeding, sales and import and export of breeding cattle and dairy cows, as well as the purchase and Sales; In 18 years, milk revenue was 14 million yuan, accounting for 12.98% of revenue

600737 —— COFCO Sugar Industry

Relevance: The domestic sugar giant, covering the entire sugar industry chain, is one of the largest sugar producers and traders in my country; the existing sugar production capacity is 600,000 tons. Southern sugar cane sugar is the main source; it has 1.5 million tons of sugar refining capacity (Yingkou Taikoo 100 + Tangshan Sugar 50); revenue in 17 years: trade sugar 13.1 billion yuan, self-produced sugar 4.5 billion yuan, and processed sugar 3.6 billion yuan. The camp accounted for over 95%

603345-Yasui Foods

Relevance: The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of hot pot products (mainly quick-frozen surimi products and quick-frozen meat products) and quick-frozen noodle products; 18 years of operation Received 4.26 billion yuan, accounting for 100%

002582 —— miss you very much

Relevance: The leading company in China's jujube industry; the main business is jujube and related products, roasted nuts, dried fruits, dried meat and seafood, pastries, confectionery, gift boxes, etc.; deadline At the end of 2018, there were about 800 specialty stores nationwide, and online members exceeded 60 million; in 2018, snack food revenue was 4.864 billion yuan, accounting for 98.28%; subsidiary Baicaowei has become one of Ali Retail’s strategic partners

002910 —— Manor Ranch

Relevance: The leading dairy products in Gansu and Qinghai. Products include pasteurized milk, sterilized milk, modified milk, fermented milk, milk-containing beverages, milk tea and other liquids Dairy products; the company’s "Manor and Ranch" trademark won the title of "Famous Brand in Gansu Province"; in 2018, the sales volume of liquid milk and dairy products manufacturing was 72,600 tons, and the revenue of liquid milk and dairy products manufacturing was 632 million yuan in 2018. Accounted for 96.05%

002329 —— Huangshi Group

Relevance: The leading dairy industry in Southwest China, the pillar industry is the specialty dairy business with buffalo milk, yogurt, and pasteurized milk as the core; among them, fermented milk and room temperature yogurt are the stars Single product; In 2018, the sales volume of dairy products was 171,800 tons, and the revenue of dairy products was 1.361 billion yuan, accounting for 58.25% of revenue.

600300 —— VV Group

Relevance: The leading product is the "VV" soy milk powder series products

002557 —— Qia Qia Food

Relevance: China Nut Roasted Meat StoreThe leading brand in the industry; mainly produces roasted nuts and roasted snack foods, including Qia Qia melon seeds, Qia Qia crispy, Qia Qia small and fragrant, Qia Qiaguai U flavor, smashed nuts, caramel pecan blue bag Series of melon seeds, small yellow bags, Jianguo Daily, Yam Mei Yam Chips and other products; 18 years of snack food revenue of 4.197 billion yuan, accounting for 100% of revenue

300106 —— Western Animal Husbandry

Relevance: The largest raw milk supplier in Xinjiang, the only raw milk export target for A-shares; it owns Western Australia Animal Husbandry, Xiyue series dairy products, and infant milk powder, Card milk powder, milk powder for middle-aged and elderly people, and milk powder for pregnant women; 47,700 tons of dairy products were sold in 2018, and the revenue of dairy products was 450 million yuan, accounting for 66.37% of revenue.

002702 —— Haixin Food

Relevance: The company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of frozen and normal temperature fish and meat products. Frozen products mainly include fish balls, meat swallows, cheese balls, lobster balls, cod fish tofu , Xie Gaobao, etc., and leisure products at room temperature including crab sticks, fish tofu, crab rolls, fish pan-fired, etc.; in May 19, it is planned to acquire 100% equity of Changheng Food for no more than 45 million yuan

002069 —— Zhangzi Island

Relevance: The company is based on marine species industry, marine aquaculture, and marine food as its main business, and integrates cold chain logistics, recreational fishery, fishery equipment and other related industries. Comprehensive marine enterprise

600872 —— Zhongju High-tech

Relevance: The subsidiary Meiweixian is mainly engaged in the processing and manufacturing of soy sauce, chicken powder, edible oil and other condiments. The market share of soy sauce ranks second in the country; Mid-to-high-end single product, special grade fiber soy sauce from Chubang; sales of 530,400 tons of condiments in 2018, including 401,900 tons of soy sauce; revenue of condiment business in 2018 of 3.817 billion yuan, accounting for 91.62% of the main business

002772 —— Zhongxing Fungus Industry

Relevance: The main mushroom manufacturers in the north, the main edible fungi products are Flammulina velutipes, Agaricus bisporus and Shimeji mushroom

002216 —— Sanquan Foods

Relevance: The first domestic quick-frozen rice and noodle food company; the main business is quick-frozen rice dumplings, quick-frozen dumplings, quick-frozen rice dumplings, quick-frozen noodles and other quick-frozen rice and noodles and room temperature convenience foods

002507 —— Fuling mustard tuber

Relevance: The only leader in mustard tuber, accounting for about 30% of the packaged mustard tuber market share, exclusive industry pricing power, the company’s first quarter gross profit margin was 51.18%, an increase of 6.97% year-on-year, mainly Benefited from product structure upgrade + crisp new product volume + continuous price increase

002661 —— Keming Noodle Industry

Relevance: The first stock of dried noodles, the first brand in the mid-to-high-end wet noodle market, and spent 52.28 million yuan to introduce the Wugu Daochang brand in June 2017

002732 —— Yantang Dairy Industry

Relevance: One of the largest dairy processing companies in South China. Products include pasteurized milk, UHT sterilized milk, yogurt, fancy milk, lactic acid bacteria milk beverages and Ice cream, ice cream, etc.; in 2018, the sales volume of dairy products was 143,600 tons, and the revenue of dairy products was 1.285 billion yuan, accounting for 100% of revenue.

002852 —— All in all

Relevance: Main edible vegetable oil, including pure rapeseed oil, rapeseed blended oil, etc.

603866 —— Peach and Plum Bread

Relevance: Large-scale "central factory + wholesale" bakery enterprise; the main products are "taoli" brand bread and pastries; as of the end of 2018, there are more than 220,000 nationwide Retail terminals; revenue from snack food business in 2018 was 4.833 billion yuan, accounting for 100%

603777 —— Laiyifen

Relevance: Domestic snack food omni-channel operator, and a leading enterprise in the snack food chain industry; products mainly cover roasted nuts, meat snacks, dried fruit, cakes and biscuits, fruit and vegetable snacks 10 core categories, including dried bean curd snacks, instant seafood, candied jelly, puffed food, and imported products, with nearly 1,400 products; as of the end of 2018, it has 2,697 chain stores; the revenue of snack foods in 2018 was 3.832 billion yuan, Accounted for 100%

603517 —— Juewei Food

Relevance: One of the largest leisure marinated food chain companies in China with the largest number of stores; the main business is leisure marinated food; as of the end of 2018, there were 9915 stores nationwide; 18 In 2012, the revenue of stewed food was 4.213 billion yuan, accounting for over 98% of the revenue.

000639 —— Xiwang Food

Relevance: Acquisition of Kerr, the target is a leading sports health product company, the main sports nutrition products and weight management products, with Muscletech (muscle technology) and other 7 major sports nutrition products Brand and Hydroxycut, 4 major weight management product brands, have a high reputation in the North American market, and Muscle Technology also topped the domestic sports nutrition market in 2017, occupying one-third of the market share; 18 years of nutritional supplement revenue 2.964 billion, accounting for 50.72%

002847 —— Yanjin Shop

Relevance: One of the leading brands of domestic small-category snack foods; the main small-category snack food processing, the main products are dried miscellaneous products (surimi products, bean curd products, Meat and fish products, preserved roasted seeds and nuts products, vegetarian products, etc.), baked goods, and dried fruits; three categories of products; snack food revenue of 1.108 billion yuan in 2018, snack food accounted for nearly 100%

600929 —— Hunan Salt Industry

Relevance: The largest salt production enterprise in Hunan Province, mainly engaged in the production and sales of salt and salt chemical products; table salt is one of the company’s main products, mainly including iodization Refined salt, refined salt without iodization, seaweed iodized salt, seaweed iodine low sodium salt, pickled salt, etc.; has three mining rights, a total mining area of ​​13.94 square kilometers, and a sodium chloride reserve of 105,500 tons

600305 —— Hengshun Vinegar Industry

Relevance: China's largest vinegar manufacturer, one of the four famous vinegar representatives, Zhenjiang aromatic vinegar, the leading product vinegar production and sales for 20 consecutive years in the country, with a market share of 10 %; It owns a well-known brand "Hengshun Balsamic Vinegar". In terms of high-end products, three-year-old and six-year-old high-end balsamic vinegar are launched; other condiments include cooking wine, soy sauce, pickles and other products; revenue from condiment business in 2018 is 15.28 100 million yuan, 90.2% of the main business

603317-Tianwei Food

Relevance: The company is a large-scale Sichuan-flavored compound seasoning manufacturer dominated by hot pot base ingredients and Sichuan cuisine seasonings. It is a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization; its main brands include " "Dahongpao", "Good Renjia", "Crown Wheel" and "Ignition" etc.; the total sales volume of condiments in 2018 was 72,100 tons, and the related revenue in 2018 was 1.409 billion yuan, and the main business accounted for 100%.

002650 —— Add food

Relevance: A manufacturer of high-quality condiments, whose main business involves the production and sales of soy sauce, vegetable oil, vinegar, MSG, chicken essence, oyster sauce, etc.; it owns "Noodle Fresh" , "Yuanzhuo" and other high-end soy sauce brandsAnd "Jiajia" traditional well-known soy sauce brands; other condiments include vinegar, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence; sales volume of condiments in 2018 was 231,200 tons, and condiment business revenue in 2018 was 1.252 billion yuan, accounting for 70.03% of the main business

002956 —— Simi Foods

Relevance: Oats is the leader in the subdivision industry, with a domestic market share of 15.10% (second), leading the third place by a large margin; the main product is oat food processing, and the main product is pure Yan series oatmeal and compound series oatmeal; sales revenue of oatmeal products in 2018 was 823 million yuan, accounting for 97.72%

000895 —— Shuanghui Development

Relevance: The leading domestic meat products, the main food products are divided into high-temperature meat products (ham sausage), low-temperature meat products and fresh frozen products. The gross profit margin of meat products is 31%, and the gross profit margin of low-temperature meat products is 29%

600887 —— Yili shares

Relevance: The largest dairy product company in China, with the largest sales; it has several product series such as liquid milk, milk beverages, milk powder, frozen beverages, yogurt, etc., and various types Dairy products are the market leader; its high-end brands such as "Golden Classic" and "An Muxi" are well-known throughout the country; in 2018, the sales volume of liquid milk was 8,081,300 tons, and the sales volume of milk powder and dairy products was 109,000 tons; in 18 years, liquid milk and dairy products manufacturing Industry revenue is 78.721 billion yuan, accounting for 100% of revenue; in July 19, it acquired Westland, the second largest dairy cooperative in New Zealand, and its raw milk supply accounted for about 4% of New Zealand’s total raw milk supply

600882-Myco Blue and more

Relevance: A specialty dairy company with cheese as its core, with cheese and liquid milk as its main products, and also engaged in milk powder and butter-based dairy products trading business; cheese products It is sold all over the country, and its "Miao Ke Lan Duo" has developed into a well-known national cheese brand; in 2018, the sales of liquid milk was 68,700 tons, and the sales of cheese were 10,500 tons. The revenue of dairy products processing business in 2018 was 924 million yuan. Business revenue is 299 million yuan, total revenue accounted for 100%

603299 ——Suyanjing God

Relevance: Jiangsu salt industry leader, with eight mining rights, total sodium chloride reserves of 1.533 billion tons; the largest shareholder Jiangsu Province Salt Industry Group is the state designated Jiangsu The only salt wholesale enterprise in the province; the annual sales volume of salt in 2018 was 1.0387 million tons, the salt business income was 553 million yuan, and the main business accounted for 20%.

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