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The Entrepreneurship of Internet Cafe Youth Shenzhen: The company went public in three years, Ma Huateng and Wang Sicong rushed to invest

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Game of Life

A baseball cap, a large undershirt, a pair of equally large shorts, tattoos dotted on the calf and wrist, neck There is a string of silver jewellery hanging on it, and a smile like the sun in the world’s April sky is hung on his face...
If you see Jeff like this in a crowd, you might think he is a hipster, an athlete, or even No one would have imagined that a certain celebrity is actually the president of a company or the president of a listed company. To be precise, he is the president of a listed company with an annual revenue of more than 2.7 billion. On July 7, an office building in the Guangdong Hai Sub-district, a famous listed company rich in listed companies in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, released national-level mobile games "Fruit Ninja", "Metro Parkour", and "Temple Escape" "Monument Valley" and "Dream Garden" CEO and co-founder Jeff Lyndon Gao Liandun appeared in front of me in such a costume. The president of the listed company who looked like a fake smiled and said, "Creation Dream In fact, I have experienced three entrepreneurial ventures, listed on Nasdaq in 2014, delisted in 2016, and listed on the Hong Kong stock market in 2018."
Even in the air, the Guangdong Provincial Street Office, which is filled with entrepreneurial legends, still creates dreams. It is the most legendary one.
From its establishment in 2011 to its landing on Nasdaq in 2014, it took only three and six months to create a dream world. Gao Liandun, 32 years old from Hong Kong, and Chen Xiangyu, a 32-year-old Hunan guy, joined forces through game publishing. Chuangmeng Tiandi became the youngest listed company in the history of Nasdaq, and also joined hands to make itself the youngest founder of the Nasdaq listed company at that time.
On September 7, 2016, two years after listing, Dreamland completed privatization and chose to delist. Also two years later, Dreamland relisted on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 6, 2018 Listed.

△He Youjun (left) and Gao Liandong

△Creative Dream World's 2018 Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listing Team

On that day, accompanied by Creative Dream World After the second listing, its star-studded luxury shareholder team made headlines on the financial and entertainment pages.
For example, He Youjun, the son of Macau gambling king Stanley Ho, is the partner and chief marketing officer of Dreamworld. Stanley Ho’s fourth wife Angela Leung’s Vigo Global invested 114 million yuan to hold a 1.11% stake in Dreamworld. For example, Wang Sicong Price Capital and star investor Ren Quan’s Star VC are all on the list of shareholders of Dreamland. In addition, Tencent, Sony, and JD are all family members of the wealthy shareholders of Dreamland.

△From left to right: Chuangmeng Tiandi President Gao Liandong, CEO Chen Xiangyu, CTO Guan Song

Gao Liantun, who owns a wealthy team today, came from a humble background. At the age of 17, his family fell through a financial turmoil. Before graduating from high school, he worked in an Internet cafe on the streets of Mong Kok, Hong Kong. If you rewind your life 21 In 1970, the out-of-school teenager who was so poor that he couldn't afford to read books would never have imagined his life like today.
The story of Gao Liantun begins with his gaming life when he accidentally hit an Internet cafe on the streets of Mong Kok after the 1998 Hong Kong financial turmoil. Two
Internet cafe boy

That year, Gao Lian Dun was 17 years old. Hong Kong entered 1999 in the soft singing of "Meet in 98". A financial storm swept through. The sky over the Pearl of the Orient was covered with dark clouds, and the hot air was mixed with loss and confusion. People on the go.
In a cluttered and messy Internet cafe on the streets of Mong Kok, there are more than ten-year-old teenagers. Since that summer, he stayed in the Internet cafe every day, surfing the Internet during the day and playing games at night. The owner of the Internet cafe decidedDefinitely chat with him.
"What are you doing?"
"I have no money, I'm looking for a job!"
"What kind of job do you want?"
"Look if there are any office buildings, please ask Office boy, find an assistant or secretary."
"If you become an office boy, you earn four to five thousand yuan a month. If you make four to five thousand yuan, don’t you also take it back to the Internet cafe to spend it? Just do it in the Internet cafe. You can take away all the four to five thousand dollars, right?"
The young man nodded after thinking about it. From then on, he became the network manager of this Internet cafe.
This young man is today's Gao Liantun.
"I have been playing games for 21 years. I started playing games at the age of 17. I just finished Form 5 in Hong Kong that year. There was a Hong Kong exam for Form 5, and I had enough scores to continue to Form 6 and 7. When I was in college, it was 1999. Hong Kong’s economy was in a downturn. At that time, there was a problem in my family and there was no money for me to study, so I had to go out to work." Recalling this experience, Gao Liandun said, he The first person in my life to be thankful for is the owner of the Internet cafe, "Without working experience in an Internet cafe, I would not meet the owner of a game company, and I would not start my gaming life."
2000, Game Market Breaking ground overseas, a few Americans saw the potential future of the Asian game market and went to start a game in Hong Kong. They met Gao Liandun during an activity with an Internet cafe. They felt that this little brother speaks Chinese, English, and Cantonese very well. Slippery, and clever, so I asked him to join in the game test.
In this way, Gao Liandun started playing games.
The 18-year-old Gao Liandun is the only Hong Konger of the game company, and the person that the game company cannot live without.
In the game company, the voices calling for Gao Liandun came one after another.
"Jeff, I'm talking about server issues with a mainland partner. Come and translate for me."
"Jeff, we are talking with our partners in Taiwan about how to build a customer service system. You can translate for us. "
"Jeff, I have a friend from the United States, you can help him rent a house."
"Jeff, I want to eat pizza tonight, you can find a restaurant where the pizza is delicious.
For these calls, Gao Lianyun said "Yes sir, No problem."
Change the scene, maybe, hey, the boss, you asked me to do a game test, why? When I became a translator and a life assistant, was it necessary to process capital, but Gao Liandun said that he had no such idea at that time. During the two years in a game company, game testing, professional translation, life translation, life assistant, office Boy, he’s all done.
For Gao Liandun, this is a very good learning process, "I’m like a sponge, I’ve been sucking, sucking, sucking, sucking wildly. In this process, my English The rapid progress is also because I am like this, so they are still very willing to help me to this day. "
In this way, suck, suck, suck, suck, just 2 years, the Internet cafe boy became the company’s game producer and the Asia-Pacific technical support director.
There is no way to go in vain in life. , Every step counts.

△The robot model in Gao Liandong’s office and him Photo of

Shenzhen Opportunity

Like every young man who stands in the front of the times and is full of morale, Gao Liandun’s later life has also experienced repeated battles. The fragments of entrepreneurial failures and battles finally arrived in 2009, and his destiny began to look after the Internet cafe boy who was out of school at the age of 17.
That year, after experiencing the ups and downs of his life, Gao Liantun opened an outsourcing in Hong Kong. The company took orders to do APP. By chance, at the recommendation of a friend, he met Chen Xiangyu, who had resigned from Huawei, in a residential building near Shenzhen University. At that time, Chen Xiangyu also opened an outsourcing company and took a few programmers to pick up Make APP alone.
At first, these two small bosses who were outsourcing got together to make an APP similar to today's Dianping, which is to find restaurants, ATM machines, etc. through mobile phone positioning. Obviously, this time There is no end to the cooperation.
It was a period of confusion. Every weekend or evening, Gao Liandong took a boat or train from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. During the day, he and Chen Xiangyu were crowded in the office of a small and cluttered residential building, and at night they sat in Nanshan. The fireworks on the street are like every young man who goes south to Shenzhen in search of dreams. Sometimes he is full of spirits, sometimes sad, his heart is turbulent, and his feet are hard to move.
One day, looking around Shenzhen’s busy traffic and thousands of lights, this pair Young people of the same age flashed like a shooting star across the earth-let’s make a game release.
"In 2008, when Jobs took out the first Apple mobile phone and Google took out the first Android system, I just It is clear that smart phones will be a terminal that will subvert the entire gaming industry. "Gao Liandun said.
Gao Liandun, who worked as a network manager in Internet cafes in 1999, is considered an old predecessor in the game industry. He started playing games from Xiaobawang and red and white machines, and started playing games from the Pentium generation. June 16, 2009 Make the first smartMobile games, at that time, there were no more than 500 apps in the global APP Store.
In this way, in 2011, a game publishing company called Chuangmeng Tiandi hit the road, rushing towards the trend of smart phones.
That year, there was no "Glory of the King" and no "Onmyoji".
That year, big companies were still busy harvesting the PC game market. Tencent did not have "Everyday Love Elimination", and NetEase did not have "Western Journey".
That year, no one saw the immeasurable future of these two young people, including themselves.
Gaming Tuyere
"Lei Jun said, as long as you stand in the Tuyere, pigs can fly."
July 7th, talk about Chuangmeng Tiandi Rocket Style Gao Liandun's development is attributed to the fact that they have found their place in the huge outlet of smart phones. Together with hard work and a little luck, they have achieved today's dream world.
Today's Dreamland is not just a mobile game publisher. With the two major outlets of smartphones and mobile payment, relying on the monthly active user group of 131 million people, Dreamland has grown to connect online and online. Next, it is a digital entertainment platform covering multiple fields such as e-sports, comics, and video.
Some outlets require you to catch up, such as smart phones.
Some outlets are gifted by the times, such as mobile payment.
In the early days of the business, Dreamland was confused about the profit model. Even if they went to Australia to talk to game developers about the agency rights of the global hit game "Fruit Ninja", at that time, mobile payment did not come, they did not know How to make money.
"Will it be useful for me to talk to him about money? I will tell people that if you represent this game for me, how much money I can help you make in China, it's all lies, because no one knows about mobile payment When will the channel come true."
Late in the summer of 2011, a food stall next to Shenzhen University was still hot. Gao Liantun and Chen Xiangyu sat there, worrying about the messy piles of beer and mala Tang. After Lian Dun sent more than 100 emails almost harassingly, the CEO of "Fruit Ninja" game developer Halfbrick Studio finally agreed to give the startup a chance to arrange a 45-minute video conference, but what to talk about?
In 2011, China Mobile Internet did not have a payment channel. At that time, short-band payment was used on mobile phones, but short-band did not support smart phones. Only feature phones were supported, which meant that they were acting as a proxy for this game. Back, there was no way to receive a cent from the user at that time.
Opportunities, of course, only favor those who are ready.
Just after Gao Liandong flew to Brisbane, Australia to discuss the Greater China agency rights of "Fruit Ninja", in December 2011, the mobile payment subsidiaries of the three major operators also obtained the payment business license issued by the central bank , In December 2012, Alipay began to collect payments via QR codes, and in August 2013, WeChat Pay was launched.
Since then, Dreamland has been running wildly on the expressway of the times. In 2014, the monthly traffic of "Fruit Ninja" exceeded RMB 20 million, and the number of downloads of "Temple Escape" exceeded 360 million times in China, and "Metro Parkour" domestically 100 million downloads, 5 million daily activity...
The next thing you can see is that on August 7, 2014, Dreamland, which has been in business for 3 years and 6 months, was listed on the Nasdaq, with the highest market value. 1.1 billion US dollars.
The teenager who worked as a network manager in an Internet cafe 15 years ago squeezed his face the morning when he went to NASDAQ to ring the bell, and felt that all this seemed to be a dream.

△Hugging Gao Liandong and Chen Xiangyu on Nasdaq on August 7, 2014

△Gao Liantun and Chen Xiangyu hugged at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 6, 2018

[Dialogue] What is most lacking in Chinese games?
1. What do you think is the biggest problem in China’s game industry?
Gao Liantun:
When I entered the game industry in 2000, foreign countries looked down on us Chinese in particular. At that time, we were far behind the world in terms of market scale or production technology.
But today, China is definitely a big country in the game industry, even a superpower. Foreigners know that my games are going to be popular, and my games want to sell globally. China is a market that cannot be ignored. China is basically equal to the entire game. One-third of the market, or even some areas, China may account for half.
But after doing so for so many years, we are not a powerful country. This is a point I often emphasize. We are a big country, but we are not a powerful country.
Big is money, and strong refers to our creative ability.
Our game industry is still very backward in terms of creativity. The quality of games we can make is close to world-class.But in terms of creativity, whether the game is well done or not, there are very few foreigners who play or not play the games we make, except for the Chinese people playing the games made by the Chinese people.
The quality of our games has reached a certain level, but our creativity is far from reaching.

△Gao Liandong (in red) Amateurs are professional boxers

2. How do you think the game should be creative?
Gao Liantun:
To be open, to learn, to be culturally confident, and to be confident that his culture is strong enough.
How to globalize the culture of the country? I think the country that has done the best is Japan. Japan can find a degree of promotion of its own culture, and it will not dilute Japanese culture to the sea while its own culture is exported. Can't recognize Japanese culture.
Look at today’s fashion in Japan, the game in Japan, and the anime in Japan. You can feel that this is a Japanese product, but I won’t say I don’t understand it. It’s weird.
We in China must learn this. While building cultural self-confidence in China, we also let our culture go overseas and let the world recognize our products. This is a big problem facing the Chinese game industry.
If you can't release Chinese culture, you can't go to sea.
3. Where is the game in Japan better than us?
Gao Liandong:
Japan or South Korea may not be a big country. The market is not very big, but he is a powerful country.
Why do you say that he is a powerful country?
His products can go overseas. His products are not going to make money at sea. His products are going to make an impression. Let’s take a look at Japan and Mario. Every Chinese knows that Zelda, every Chinese. all know.
Which game we have in China is known to every American? We may have games in China that have made a lot of money in the United States, but we have a game in China that affects the values ​​of the entire United States and affects young people in the United States , Let them understand Chinese culture, let them understand our Chinese concept?
Which creative media do we have to achieve this? Kung fu pandas weren't taken by Chinese people. I think this is very sad. In a country like ours, we haven't affected the trends and trends of global culture.
We have such a strong production technology, we Chinese make mobile games, which is absolutely world-class.
"Call of Duty" is made by us Chinese. It is sold in foreign countries. Our craftsmanship is OK, but "Call of Duty" is still an American IP, not a Chinese IP. Use overseas IP, add Superman, Batman and other IP, why do we have to use American IP to show our production craftsmanship? So I think that every game company, in addition to making money to make games, a company must When measuring, we should bear a little national responsibility.
It’s not to say that you want to make money when you go to sea. In the process of going to sea, have you ever thought about putting your energy and time in addition to the amount of purchase? Have you put your energy, your time, and your efforts on creation? .
The creation here does not mean that I want to send a game to Japan, so I make a two-dimensional game. We want to make a game with Chinese culture. Bringing Chinese culture does not mean that I add a bunch of ink paintings and add red envelopes. , Xiao Long Bao, Char Siu Bao, not adding Dunhuang, adding a Great Wall to go up.
Look at Mario. From the appearance, do you think he is Japanese? Mario, Italian, this name is an Italian name, but you know he is a Japanese product.
I think creating a dream future is to do this. We need to increase our self-research and increase our distribution. We need to shoulder the mission of this nation.
Now, we add a lot of Chinese culture to overseas products, such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and other traditional elements. In our "Metro Parkour" game, we add a new city every three weeks, and we add Chinese cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an, Hangzhou, etc., these Chinese cities have also appeared in the overseas version, and our "Dream Garden" game has also launched the Forbidden City skin version. We want to pass on the 5000-year-old Chinese culture, and what China is like now , We must let the world know China’s history, and let the world know China’s present and China’s future.
4. What is the difference between a game as a cultural output and a movie?
Gao Liandong:
If you watch a movie today, no matter how strong the box office in China is, it will not be able to catch up with Hollywood in a short time. Whether it is technology or creativity, people are many years earlier than us.
Movies, they won, music, they also won.
If we all lose the game, then in the cultural industry, we Chinese all lose.
But the game we have the most chance to win, we have the most chance to chase, our Tencent, our NetEase is already the world's top ten companies, which movie company in China can say, I am the world's leading film company 10. Which music company can say that I am the top ten music company in the world?
Today's production capacity of Chinese games, overseas revenue, is already more than the total overseas revenue of Chinese movies, music and books. We have the ability to do overseas, and we have the ability to make money all over the world. Why don’t we spend some time and effort to be creative?
In addition to making other people's money, we must also influence others and lead the trend.
This, I hope I can do it, I hope Chuangmeng can do it, even if Chuangmeng can’t do it, I also hope that in my lifetime, I can see that China can do it, then I can feel at ease Exited in the gaming industry.
The era of 5.5G cloud gaming is coming soon, can you talk about the future of cloud gaming?
Gao Liandong:
What is the concept of 5G cloud gaming? I think 5G cloud gaming is the end of the entire gaming industry, and there is no faster release speed than cloud gaming.
Now, for example, if you play King of Glory, you ask me to call, you send me a link of King Glory, after I click in, I have to download the APP, and then I need to update the performance before I can play with you.
Cloud games are different. For example, if you send a picture on WeChat now, saying that this game is very fun, I opened it at one point, and I entered this game. I was pulled into this room by you. I don’t need it. Download, I don’t have to worry about saying I am an Android machine, or I am an IOS, or I am facing the computer or the TV.
As long as I have a screen, as long as I have a control device, I can start playing with you, which is almost there.
With the advent of the cloud, the entire game industry will face the last subversion. In this subversion, if you do not grasp the opportunity, you will be out. You will be out forever. If you grasp it, you will be in the game forever. .
If the cloud comes, I believe China will be the first tipping point.
First, our 5G infrastructure will definitely lead the world, and second, our population’s sensitivity to the Internet is inherently higher than overseas, and China also has the ability to produce content, so I think if cloud games If you want to come, China is likely to be 24 months faster than foreign countries.
The only thing to worry about is that the mistake that China will make in cloud games is that we do not have enough good content to support the arrival of this platform.
We have a good infrastructure, but we may not have any good content. When you look at the state-owned mobile game, the content of the mobile game is all made by foreigners. At that time, we did not complete the content and the technology No, we have a little technology in web games, but our content is still not good, and mobile games are the same. We actually already have the technology, but we still have no creativity.
When it comes to cloud games, I can definitely tell you that from a technical perspective, from a national infrastructure perspective, it is definitely ahead, but you can’t do without creativity.
Because we play with creativity, not technology.
So why I hope that those of us who are still making games really have to catch up with creativity, this is very, very important.

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