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The latest news of the full release of the 2019 three-child policy to see if you meet the conditions

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According to the latest survey in 2018, China has entered the age of aging! At the 2018 National People's Congress, Zhu Lieyu, deputy to the National People's Congress and director of Guangdong Guoding Law Firm, also proposed a proposal to fully open the three-child policy! He wrote in the motion that our country’s fertility rate has been lower than the replacement rate for more than 20 years. If our country’s fertility policy is not adjusted as soon as possible to increase the population, then China is likely to enter a country with a low fertility level! Therefore, it is recommended that the country fully open the three-child policy! But for now, this proposal is still in the process of being discussed! With the opening of the second-child policy, our country has also opened up the three-child policy for some special families! This article brings you relevant answers for your reference!

Which circumstances allow childbearing Three children?

After the original couple gave birth to two children, one of the children was identified as a sick and disabled child by the national authority. If there is no life productivity, they can apply to the relevant department to have another child. !

Because of infertility, both husband and wife adopt a child through legal channels. After the treatment is cured, they can have two children again, and those who have adopted two children can have another child!

If a remarried couple has one child before marriage, or one has two children and the other has no children, after reorganizing the family, they can have one child, one has one child, and the other has no child Yes, after reorganizing the family, you can have two children again!

The original couple gave birth to two children In the future, after other special circumstances identified by the national authority, you can have another child!

Is the three-child policy open to two-female households?

At present, the country has not promulgated any laws and regulations, saying that double-female households are open to three children. However, according to the survey, we can find that statistics are now being reported for double-female households in many places across the country. , So we guess that we are fully preparing for the opening of three children for the double-female households, but we have not yet received definite news! We are not sure whether the two-girl three-child policy will be fully liberalized in 2019!

Three births Is it fine? How much should be fined?

Currently, the country only fully liberalizes the second-child policy, and only allows three-children for some special families. If there are no special circumstances to give birth to three children, they must be punished, but each Local conditions and policies are different, so the amount of fines is also different. Generally speaking, for the rural over-birth population, it should not be more than three times the disposable income of rural residents a year! You can go to the relevant department for consultation!

Although the country has fully liberalized the second-child policy, there are still a small number of births, let alone third-children. Not only is the standard of living now high, the cost of raising a child is too great. It’s very stressful. Not to mention the pressure of the three children. You still have to decide according to your own situation~

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