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Up 520% ​​in 10 years! The most up-and-down index, suitable for long-term fixed investment!

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Guide: The market is not good, everyone is suffering, and some friends can't bear it, and reluctantly delisted. . . But some friends are too crying, and they are not afraid of falling a little more. It turns out that they are interested in a fund that is particularly able to rise and is very resistant to falling. . .

No worries about the plunge, because..

From the income statistics of various industries in the past ten years, food and beverage have also been ranked in the upper middle and upper reaches for a long time. The revenue exceeds 18%, leading the market.

Why are food and beverages so awesome! Let's take a look at the performance chart over the past 13 years!

So the resistance of food and beverages is not covered. In the future, the configuration value of food and beverages is also obvious!

First, under the background of external uncertainty, food and beverages that are mainly driven by domestic demand are the relative certainty of uncertainty and are easily favored by funds.

In addition, in order to stimulate domestic demand and promote consumption to stabilize GDP, the financial benefits of tax cuts and fee reductions are good, and the profits of food and beverage companies will also benefit.

Second, from the consumer side, an increase in the tax threshold and 6 special additional deductions will benefit the demand for mass consumer goods corresponding to middle-income people ; The government's poverty alleviation and increasing the income of the poor will also stimulate mass consumer demand. (Ps: Peiling mustard tuber is really delicious)

There are also various price increases, such as liquor prices, food prices, vegetable prices, pork Price increase, fruit price increase...

How to buy food and beverage index?

The scale of Penghua Wine Grading (160632) is 498 million yuan, tracking error is 0.17%, management fee is 1.00%, and custody fee is 0.22%.

The top ten heavy warehouse stocks are Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, Guizhou Moutai, Yanghe Shares, Shunxin Agriculture, etc., which together account for 69.73%.

The scale of China Merchants China Securities Liquor Index (161,725) is 5.929 billion, with a tracking error of 0.15%, a management fee of 1.00%, and a custody fee of 0.22%.

The top ten heavy warehouse stocks are Wuliangye, Kweichow Moutai, Luzhou Laojiao, Yanghe, etc., accounting for 83.40% of the total.

The scale of Tianhong China Securities Food and Beverage Index C (001632) is 196 million yuan, with a tracking error of 0.14%, a management fee of 0.50%, and a custody fee of 0.10%.

The top ten positions are Wuliangye, Kweichow Moutai, Yili, Haitian Flavour, etc., which together account for 60.50%.

I won’t talk about other funds.

How do the friends match?

The food and beverage index contains a lot of liquor stocks, so there is no need If you buy too many food and beverage index funds and liquor index funds, you can pair it with a food and beverage index + a liquor index fund.

Take these four funds. For example. I assign the weight of rate, scale, and income distribution to 2 points, 3 points, and 5 points respectively.

National Thai Certificate Food and Beverage PK Tianhong Zhongzheng Food and Beverage Index C (001632): From the point of view of the rate, the Guotai Securities deducts 2 points, and Tianhong adds 2 points; the scale of Cathay Pacific 1.725 billion, adds 3 points, and Tianhong reduces 3 points; the return rate, Cathay Pacific 46.7%, Tianhong 40.93% for Cathay Pacific, 5 points for Cathay Pacific, and 5 points for Tianhong.

In general, Cathay Pacific scores 6 and Tianhong-6; the same comparison method, Penghua Liquor Grade (160632)-7, China Merchants China Securities Liquor Index Grade (161725) 7 points.

So, everyone can hold a Cathay Pacific CSI Food and beverage + a China Merchants Zhongzheng liquor

Overview of the performance of the top 7 SZSE 100 funds, (data as of February 17, 2019)

Which one to choose and how to choose, sister Bo can choose one according to the screening method of the second part of the food and beverage index fund.

In addition, judging from the rise and fall of the various board concept plates at the high point in April, the pork concept has risen by 90%, and the callback is less than 5%.

Pork stocks have suffered losses, but they have soared, which is awesome!

Before pork has plummeted, some fans asked me on WeChat if they could buy bottoms. , In fact, he has already bargained for a certain stock.

I said pork concept Will get up. But his stock was bought early, and it's a deal!

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