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Price transparency: Wang Zi Moutai acquisition today's market

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The word "rice" on the left half of the purchase price of Wang Zi Moutai today has been removed. The so-called koji is to transfer the conidia of Aspergillus into the white rice that has been intensively steamed, and then start to keep warm, and luxuriant hyphae will grow on the rice grains. This is koji. The reasons and benefits of adding koji to liquor can be simply divided into Daqu and Xiaoqu: Daqu: Mainly use sorghum, wheat or peas as the brewing raw materials, after crushing and adding water, stepping on the koji to make a billet, and then fermenting it. The saccharification starter containing a variety of fungi. Xiaoqu: Mainly use rice as raw material. Connected to Qumu, after artificial control and cultivation, there is a light grain aroma, because the small song is mainly spherical, compared to the big song, the small song is relatively small. Why is it necessary to add koji to add koji? This can be regarded as a major invention and creation of Chinese liquor brewing. Like foreign wines, it is not a fermented wine or a blended wine. However, Chinese baijiu, because of the addition of koji, has become an important part of distinguishing from foreign wines. .

Old wine recycling: more than ten years old Maotai wine; Wuliangye old wine ; Jiannanchun old wine; Luzhou Laojiao old wine and so on. Vintage wine collection: 15 years, 30 years, 50 Moutai; 80 years Moutai vintage; 10 years, 15 years, 30 years, 60 years, Wuliangye; Wuliangye gift box, etc. It is China's largest tobacco and alcohol recycling network, recycling all kinds of high-end gifts, tobacco, wine and Cordyceps. To be the integrity guardian of the industry, to identify and sell customers' private tobacco, alcohol, cordyceps and other gifts, so that customers can process goods at an ideal price and enjoy the high-quality service of VIP (old customers) purchases at high prices! Xifeng Wine Recycling.

"We will sell the recycled old wine at a high price to players specializing in aged wine collection, or sell it to high-end hotels in big cities through channels. Those who go there are not short of money. The old wine, the hotel also likes it.” The stall owner said frankly: “The country is now very strict on high-consumption hotels, and the business is not as good as before!” Seeing someone standing there, the stall owner, Lei, did not bring any identification equipment. , The reporter asked: "Aren't you afraid of receiving fake wine?" He said with a smile, he was indeed cheated at first, and it took a long time to do it. Generally, you can tell by looking at the seal and label of the bottle cap. Recycle liquor.

Every New Year’s holiday, family and friends get together, it costs about 100 yuan Brand liquor is popular with the public. The tobacco hotel has recognized the brand to buy, the brand, manufacturer, outer packaging, and wine bottle are all "right", but are you sure you are buying the genuine product? On April 15, the reporter learned from the Intellectual Property Division of the Wuhu Economic Development Zone Court that recently, eight stores in Wuhu were sued in court for selling counterfeit famous brands of liquor. The reporter compared real and fake liquor on the spot, and found that "Li Kui" and "Li Gui" are really hard to distinguish between true and false. Ordinary consumers will be fooled if they are not paying attention when buying. Recycle aged wine.

Similarly, when we usually select jadeites, if there are no accidents with high-quality high-end jadeites, we must not easily lose money. As for the mid-to-low-end jade, if you don't like it, you have to sell it as quickly as possible to recover funds. There is also a lot of information on the recycling of jadeite on the Internet, but Sister Bao advises everyone to be cautious. There is no actual transaction on the Internet. Even if it is mailed, there may be a problem of replacement of the package. If you want to recycle jade, find a physical store to be more reliable. In general jade markets, there are also jade shops that collect jade. But the problem is that Sister Bao just said that the store will deliberately lower the price for various reasons, so in order to prevent ourselves from losing too much, we must do a good job in the identification of jadeite before recycling. Although the certificate cannot determine whether it is good or bad, at least If you can know the true and false and have the qualifications for identification, you are not afraid of being fooled by businesses.

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