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Yangshan, Qingyuan, reclaimed Tongqing Hetang Cordyceps at a recent price (quotation) to purchase at a high price

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Qingyuan Yangshan Recycled Tongqing Hetang Cordyceps recently purchased at high prices (quotations)

High-priced recycled Cordyceps Yuehong Gifts Recycling Company survives by quality, strives for development with science and technology, and strives for Cordyceps with excellent service The leader in the recycling industry recycles gift boxes at high prices, bulk, broken strips, inserts, molds, insects and other Cordyceps, prices are unified, and honest management. Our service concept-smile, speed, integrity, skill, and professionalism. Pioneering, innovative, and based on the market Seek development; Yuehong recycles Cordyceps sinensis and is open 24 hours a day. If you want to buy Cordyceps sinensis, please feel free to contact us.

Then a single flick will cause the cordyceps to break. How to distinguish the gluey broken grass? The two originally broken cordyceps are glued together to pretend to be a complete cordyceps. It is called a gluey broken grass. Unscrupulous merchants generally mix this glued broken grass with Cordyceps for sale, which is not easy to distinguish. However, the editor reminds you that when buying Cordyceps sinensis, as long as you carefully observe the pattern of Cordyceps sinensis, if it is suspected to be sticky, put the Cordyceps sinensis in the water to soak, if it breaks.

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Recycling gifts: Cordyceps, bird's nest, sea cucumber, fish glue, etc.

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How to distinguish flour making Cordyceps sinensis is not only flour, corn flour, starch, gypsum and other materials may be made into fake Cordyceps for sale. Under normal circumstances, the tail of Cordyceps made of flour is real and the middle is fake. Consumers can chew on their own, and it smells sour. It can also be distinguished by observing whether the surface of Cordyceps is smooth. Compared with real Cordyceps, the body of Cordyceps made of flour will be smoother. You should pay attention to the comparison.

Eating Cordyceps sinensis at the time is convenient for better restoration of sub-healthy state.

At the same time, it can improve the quality of sleep, so that you will have a better mental state on the second day. It can not only promote body repair but also improve sleep, so it is also a good choice to consume Cordyceps before going to bed. Analysis of Cordyceps Recycling Reasons for Price Reduction Cordyceps has increased more than 6000 times in 30 years, creating a miracle in the medicinal industry. However, the price rise to 6000 times is not smooth sailing, which has experienced a sharp decline in 2019 and a continuous this year. On the snow-covered plateau with an altitude of more than 4,000 meters, when the snow gradually melts, it is the harvest season of Cordyceps. People call the period from the cordyceps collected that year to the time before mining in the following year as the new cordyceps of the year. Every time this season, a large number of Tibetan people in the Nagqu region of Tibet will go to the mountains to set up tents and begin a two-month life of "digging for cordyceps". Cordyceps Mountain is more than 5,000 meters above sea level, with thin oxygen and difficult living conditions, but to increase income.

Recent price of Qingyuan Yangshan reclaimed Tongqing Hetang Cordyceps sinensis (quotation ) Purchase at a high price

Sprinkle some water on the Cordyceps sinensis, and the water content of the Cordyceps sinensis will increase by 20%. In simple terms, 100 grams of the 500 grams of Cordyceps sinensis is water. This is to increase the Cordyceps sinensis. Weight and seek benefits. Since the water content of Cordyceps is generally around 10%, the identification method is to lightly flick the Cordyceps with your hands. If the water content exceeds 10%, a light flick will cause the Cordyceps to break. How to distinguish the glued broken grass? Use glue to glue the two broken cordyceps.

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