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   The sound of gong knocking came from downstairs. The sound of Dangdang surrounded the whole building. Yu Wen Yang Fan clearly heard the swaying fragments of the iron fence downstairs. As soon as the sound of the fence door stopped, the uncle took his hand. When the gate was closed, the main building fell into darkness in an instant.

   Yang Fan has learned through observation the proper distance and behavior when seeing boys get along, but he can’t understand why he is so cautious when he is on the street in the train station. He clearly misses the dying, but he is holding his heart. Hanging with the courage to hug Yang Fan, who came back from afar, he couldn't even send a warm welcome hug.

  He doesn’t go to school anymore, I’ll be with you. Are you happy? Yu Wen patted Xi Yang on the back, announcing with a happy expression but an unusually dull tone.

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Yangfan's face flushed red, and gradually got used to the pungent smoke smell in the room. Little eyes looked at everyone on the table and each leg under the table. Someone’s hand slowly stretched underneath and touched the pieces. In the flower skirt, slowly, their legs were tangled together, and on the table, they were still playing cards casually.

   Yu Wen took the cigarette, just lighted it, and inhaled a bit unskillfully, trying to learn the way of the masters, let the smoke enter the lungs, and then slowly spread out from the nose.

   Time flies so fast. Yang Fan looked at the words in Yu Wen's hand and exclaimed.


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   Yang Fan looked at the unkempt residual temperature in front of him, smiled inconceivably and asked: Are you a stupid pen? How could you ask such a naive question?

   Before I said anything, she gave you the phone.

   Ding Sheng drank a bit hot, took off his coat, and leaned on a chair, unbuttoned his shirt, Yu Wen got up and turned on the fan, looking at Ding Sheng's back, he couldn't figure out what he was thinking.

   is so handsome, I said how did you act in a movie. Are you finished washing this or not. Song Chi asked.


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   Yang Fan listened to these words, he could only pretend to be taught and nodded, and thanked him for leaving in a tone of disapproval from the senior. The veteran actors receive a serious academic education, and of course they are able to move freely. With more than ten years of acting experience, they have already formed a formalized performance routine. But Yang Fan is only a teenager. He has never received any academic training. He can only create a role by dedicating himself to the role. It is easy to get in, but difficult to get out.

  天, what do you think about every day? You don’t learn well, and everything else is not bad at all. Yu Wen turned off the light and lay down to laugh at Yang Fan.

   is a movie about love. Let’s go and watch it later. I played the son of the protagonist from it, but I also have a lot of scenes.

   At night, Yu Wen sat on the floor of the living room, recalling all these years and thinking of Ding Sheng’s frequent drinking and sayings in the past few days. Looking out the window, Yang Fan quietly came in from the door, thinking to scare Yu Wen. Yu Wen blankly looked back at Yang Fan, who was tiptoeing close, and smiled softly. Yang Fan stood behind Yu Wen, stroking Yu Wen's fluffy hair, tied up a little tugging, and played happily.


What are you going to do? Yu Wen saw that Yang Fan was about to go out.

   is not at home yet.

  You are not coming back. Yu Wen took the phone attached to his ear to his mouth and asked in disbelief.

   The residual temperature may have received Yang Fan’s signal and turned his head towards the corridorLooking at it, he saw Yang Fan, a little confused, a little surprised, and grinned. Yang Fan was a little at a loss, turned his head to the side, and stood straight by the wall. He hesitated for two seconds, beating wildly, his face flushed.

Yang Fan reached out and touched the boy’s hair. It’s so soft hair. Each one is lying on his head. What’s wrong with dancing? How beautiful ballet is. Study hard. When I grow up in the future, Go to a better place, so that they can't buy a ticket even if they spend money to see it.

I think you are skinny enough, and you don’t get fit regularly. As for?

  Is it love? I don’t care anymore. Yang Fan glanced at the two boys and continued to raise his arms, trying to take pictures of the sunrise over the heads.

   At the end of get out of class, Yu Wen pretended to be the last one to take notes. Yu Wen saw the girls chatting in front, walked up quickly, followed the girls behind him, and listened to their chat with all their attention. Yourself.

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