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CITIC Securities' new stock subscription conditions_Luoyang Securities Co., Ltd.

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CITIC Securities IPO application conditions

   and, Fengjin...

   A few figures surrounded the two of them, their faces were also very familiar, they were monks from other sects in the team when they came.

   The round little balls the size of white jade beads float up and down in the wine that exudes a light scent of wine, and they are dotted with dots of golden osmanthus, like golden brilliance falling down the Yuhe River.

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   When several people heard the question, their complexion changed slightly, some guilty conscience and dissatisfaction looked at the monk who was still showing evil spirits. I saw that person smiled indifferently,

   The two simply put down their chopsticks. Forget it, anyway, the two of them ate well every day, and it was not bad for this one and a half meal. Looking back, these two poor people left, I wish Wuyou can do it again.


CITIC Securities IPO subscription conditions

   Someone is calling her? Zhu Wuyou wanted to go back and have a look, but he returned to his body under the dizziness.

   At this moment when I almost saw the results, when Zi Ye on the stage had raised his hand to stop, Leng Xing’s sword stopped strangely, and it would be a little closer to Zhu Wuyou’s throat. The location of the splattered blood.

   Ning Mo moved his hand slightly, and the skirt stretched a little longer, but it was pulled out, and the shape was inevitably a little unnatural.

  "As the fat wife said, the reason why you are in this room is entirely because I want to find someone to accompany her. If you still want to do it, do your part honestly, if you don’t want to do it naturally. Some people want to do your job. I won’t punish you this time because the fat wife has become accustomed to you. If you say these things in the future, don’t blame me for being ruthless! If I want to know what you said, You don’t have to come to this room yourself!"


CITIC Securities IPO subscription conditions: when will unlimited firepower start

  's squinting mouth and squinting eyes are still recognized in seconds, and I can only helplessly let the eyes and mouth return to their place. He was also thrilled by his master: What kind of a ghost?

   Packed up his belongings, I wish Wuyou shook the silver bell.

The share of    Xiaozhuzhu has been solved in seconds. At this time, I was looking at it eagerly, rubbing the two little hooves on the chest/front, and it seems difficult to refuse such a delicacy. I hope you can give me more .

   The strange thing is that the two magic swords, one red and the other white, seem to be attracting each other. They are obviously separated by a certain distance, but slowly approaching, and finally they fit together, red and white, like a beam of light.


Qing Jiao patted Zhu Wuyou with one claw. Compared with this Qian Jiao, Zhu Wuyou's only advantage is probably dexterity. As soon as he twisted his body, he escaped the attack, and at the same time, he tended to make the Fire Devouring and Submarine Flood Sword face each other.

   The scene was very lively for a while, all around Zhu Wuyou asking the long questions and short questions. Since the school competition, this likable little sister has lost track, and everyone is worried. Right now Seeing the little Junior Sister still lively and lovely appearing in front of them, they were all very happy.

  "How?" Zhu Wuyou hurriedly asked, is it a bit bad?

   sat opposite each other, Zhu Wuyou put all the prepared snacks on the long table in front of him, and greeted Huo Yi to taste it.

The stern voice hit the eardrums, abruptly and disappointed in a peaceful hall. The happy group of people calmed down, looking at Zhu Wuyou with some embarrassment.

The submerged Jiao opened its mouth wide and spit out a wave of spiritual energy to attack the beam of light. It was not easy to get close because of the experience it found from the battle with that little girl. The collision between the aura wave and the beam of light produced a great void, and a thick mist was formed in the wind and rain.

   Ning Mo saw that Zhu Wuyou woke up, couldn't help crying with joy, tears falling on the girl's round face, "Silly boy, today is your birthday!"

  The girl leading the way walked the third corridor on the left with Zhu Wuyou, and suddenly became clear after passing through the wooden corridor of the silk nan. In front of me is an exquisite independent yard. Although the yard is not big, it has all the five internal organs, such as rockery, winding path, lotus pond...the steps are different and there are sceneries everywhere.

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