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I really don’t understand the rich world. Children spend 100,000 on stocks and lose 70,000. Why are parents so calm?

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Recently, an elementary school student's loss of 70,000 stocks in stocks has aroused public concern in the community. Should elementary school students stocks in stocks? I bought 100,000 yuan in stocks and asked my child to try to trade in stocks. Unexpectedly, he would lose 70,000 yuan in a year. The mother said: "I want my child to learn more about financial management knowledge, cultivate my child’s extracurricular interests, and communicate with my child. A little bit more, this year's market is not good and I have lost a lot. Although it hurts, I still feel it is worth it. I have no regrets."

However, in reality, many people do not agree to get in touch with children and guide children with so much money.

Are primary school students suitable for stock trading?

This netizen said: "I feel that it is not appropriate for primary school students to invest in stocks. Learning should be the focus."

There are also people Say: "Children don’t know how to avoid risks, and they don’t feel suitable for stock trading."

"You can make a smaller investment, preferably under the supervision and guidance of parents Do."

"The child has been exposed to credit cards and cash since he was a child. He already has the concept of financial management and knows the accumulation of funds."

Experts said: "Suddenly give children 100,000. For ordinary families, this amount is very large. It is beyond the range that children can bear. Let children have a concept, otherwise they will think that money is not their own anyway. If you lose it, you will lose it. It is just for fun. This will not have the meaning of financial education. You must have a certain understanding of economic stocks before doing this. Thing, so the purpose and significance of this thing will be very big."

The stock market is risky. It is necessary for children to contact and understand the stock market. However, children must be educated properly, and children must not be directly involved in the stock market. Establish a sense of risk. Once you become addicted to stocks, you will continue to ask your parents to invest money, and you will lose interest in learning.

Each family’s financial situation is different, and education methods are also different. In the same way, children should not be allowed to read only books. They need to pay attention to their financial management concepts, have more exposure to economic life, and understand financial management methods.

The lack of education on campus is necessary for family management. Now many college students fall into the performance of "campus loans", which is necessary for family management. .

Don’t even have the concept of “get rich overnight” and “learning to succeed”. You must “live within your means” and do everything with your feet on the ground.

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