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Wholesale purchase channel for children's picture books, first-hand source of goods, and manufacturers on behalf of delivery

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I’m Mark. I’m from Changchun, Jilin Province. I majored in education. I am a 9-year veteran early educator. I am also the founder of Makshushu. Makshushu is a professional first-hand supply team of children’s picture books. The co-founder is composed of 100 early childhood education workers with an average of more than 6 years, and is currently the only early childhood education teacher book and picture book agency team in the country. Committed to the promotion of parent-child education, and lead the majority of mothers to realize the beautiful life of bringing their babies and making money together.

In the past, I was prejudiced against micro-businesses. Basically, they were beauty products, slimming products, health care products. Are the products good? , There is no way to judge, and the basic price is expensive. If you want to be an agent, many have to stock up. I will stay away.

Since I learned about the source agent of children's picture books, I found that Weishang products are not useless. Picture books are products of great significance to children’s growth. Now families are paying more and more attention to children’s education. Unlike other micro-business products, children’s picture books are really hard currency, and the price is really higher than that of bookstores and online stores. It’s a lot cheaper, and it can save money by buying and making money by selling books.


, you only need a mobile phone to make money! Bringing a baby at home can still be an economically independent mother, and at the same time getting to know more about picture books, you can better educate your baby. Really achieved "making money + charging" without delay, "parenting + sideline" can have both!

The children's book picture book market is hot-the supply agency sideline has exceeded 10,000

When I first started, I collected information on the first-hand supply of dozens of children’s picture books. On the one hand, I sold books through the WeChat community and Moments. Since we are a first-hand supply, the price is higher than that of JD. Dangdang offers a lot of discounts, so the books are very popular; on the other hand, I also recruit a picture book source agent (providing a hand-painted book source + a series of system training and a lot of resource support) to the mother who also has the needs of parenting and making money.

Since children’s book picture books are just needed, and we have a first-hand supply, I am very careful and the method is correct. Soon my sideline income will exceed 10,000. This is really a hot and Meaningful market.

Helping early education teachers and Baoma to raise children and make money together-set up the Makshushu school picture book agency team

In the process I also summarized a lot of practical experience in community operation, friend circle building, network drainage, retail transactions, and agent recruitment.

I also found that after purchasing the source information, many mothers had no experience in this area and started relatively slowly, so I decided to set up a team to bring all the agents together for a unified System training, sharing my actual combat experience with everyone without reservation, helping everyone do better and get better income.

After systematic training and hard work, there are already many teachers and parents in the team whose sideline income exceeds 10,000 yuan, exceeding the main business! There are also thousands of people with a monthly income. Of course, your income is directly proportional to your level of diligence and execution!


Being an agent for the supply of picture books-possible questions in your mind

1: What is a first-hand supply?

Simply put, it is the first-hand source of goods. There is no superior, which means that there is no middleman to make the difference, and the biggest profit is made. The Mark Shushu school team has more than 50 top-quality first-hand sources of the whole network, with the best quality Good, the lowest price!

2: Why do we need multiple first-hand sources?

Whether you are using it for your own use, selling books, or recruiting agents, you need to have a purchase channel. And what we provide is the contact information of the purchase channel. There are many sources of goods, firstly, the book is very complete, and secondly, it is convenient to compare prices.Get the lowest price book, Sanlai has a lot of sources, which is convenient for you to recruit source agents and lower-level agents in the future.

3: What content does the source contain?

(1) One hand-painted copy from 50 companies. Source: Chinese picture books, English picture books, graded reading, reading pen, paperback/ Plastic/hardcover/sets, children's books/student books/adult books, little masters, caterpillars, Niu Ting Ting early education machine, Epson printers, listeners, telephone watches, etc., etc.

(2) Gifts for mothers, babies and toys: multi-brand diapers, baby carriages, dining chairs, pigeon bottles, small leathers, and Fisher, VTech, hape, Guyu, Aole, Huile, Muwan Family, Fire rabbit, Lego... and many other brand toys, cups with bears, thermos and other water cups. There are countless household goods such as Kangbach and Big Goose.

4: Does the price have an advantage over Dangdang, Jingdong, and Taobao?

Most of them have advantages. The price of the manufacturer’s first-hand source of goods is equivalent to the price of the goods. There is no need to go through several links, and there is no middleman to make the difference. Naturally, the price is generally higher than Dangdang, Jingdong, and Taobao. , The physical store is much lower.

However, it is not ruled out that e-commerce platforms have large-scale activities. Some books are ultra-low prices and do not make money to attract traffic. Therefore, at this time, the advantages of our books are not obvious compared to the platform, but they are only individual books with large-scale activities. Some of our prices have advantages. Let’s tell the truth and seek truth from facts.

5: How do I make money after joining a source agent?

(1) You can save money by buying yourself, and you will save an agency fee if you buy a few sets of books, and you won't have to spend any wronged money in the future.

(2) Selling books to make money. Picture books are just needed. Good books with high quality and low price are very easy to sell. Don’t make money too easily.

(3) Recruiting agents to make money, the sideline just needs time, ten mothers and nine sidelines, there are many mothers who want to be agents like you. It is very easy to recruit agents for supply, and all they make are pure profits. Seriously It is very easy to do more than one job.

(4) Joining is a great profit. After joining, all the exclusive high-quality supply business cards will be sent to you. The supply of goods in your hand and the team behind you will be beneficial to recruiting agents, and the money earned is pure profit. The core It is that my team and I will teach you how to accurately attract customers and convert efficiently! & />

You may never know the source agent of picture books, and you are just beginning to contact; you may have some source information on hand, but you are still singles Fighting alone, groping hard; you may already be an agent, but you accidentally joined a team that only supplies goods, regardless of other teams, but there is no result;

Don’t Waste more time! If you really want to be a good agent for children's picture books, please don't miss this powerful team! High-quality supply + system training! It can help you avoid a lot of detours! Save a lot of time! Help you better parenting and making money!

After all, time is the biggest cost, and cognition is the biggest gap! It doesn't matter whether you choose me or not, just don't miss this high-energy team!

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