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How to see the market trend chart How long will the virtual currency winter last?

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With the continuous improvement of people's economic level, the happiness index continues to rise, life is better, people have more idle money in their hands, so they began to pay attention to wealth management products, and stocks attracted a lot of attention. The eyes of investors, in the stock market, watching the 24-hour changing market trend stimulates the nerves of every investor. Before buying and selling stocks, we must look at the market. Today we will look at the relevant situation regarding the market trend. Come!

Stock trading is a part of luck. It is impossible for any stock to rise continuously without falling. This situation is only in an ideal state, if the market trend deviates from market changes, or there is a bull stock Such a situation is rare, so don’t always be speculative in stocks, and don’t never be satisfied. A stock trader with a long-term perspective should start by learning basic concepts and find the possibility of stock growth. It is particularly important to analyze the trend of the market.

When analyzing the market, it is best to use the K-line index. The market is full of curves of various colors. These curves include The meaning of is also different. Generally, the actual index of the market depends on the white curve, while the yellow curve represents that no matter how big the stock market is, all the indexes are put together to study, and the large market index obtained is from the two curves of yellow and white. Up, you can see whether the market index rises or falls.

In the stock market, the red and green curve is the most common. This is the comparison of the number of stocks bought and sold. When the red curve is in advantage, Then it means that the buying order is less than the selling order, and the index will continue to rise. When the red curve is at a disadvantage, it means that the buying order is greater than the selling order, and the index will also fall. This is also true when looking at the green curve.

I have to say that there are still many doorways for the market trend. Some senior investors will look at the market and they also have their own views and opinions. That’s why it can be “like a fish in the water” in the stock market. Coin speculation is no longer the most popular way of financial management. Coin speculation has become a popular financial management method. However, since August, there have been bad news in the currency circle, which is very scary. .

August 14th, an ordinary day, this summer, the currency circle is a good place to enjoy the coolness, and the currency circle has seen a large-scale plunge. The market value of the global cryptocurrency has shrunk by 10 billion U.S. dollars. At present, it has fallen below 200 billion U.S. dollars. The cause of the massive cryptocurrency bleeding this time is not because of Bitcoin, but because of Ethereum. Starting on the 13th, Ethereum has appeared. In a downward trend, in 12 hours, the decline was obvious, with a sharp drop of 20%, and the price could no longer maintain $300. Ethereum suffered two plunges, and market sentiment fell sharply.

Before the arrival of August, some people might think that the first half of 2018 is the most difficult period in the currency circle. I did not expect August , Is the month of disaster in the currency circle. The price of Ethereum plummeted, and the market panic. Not only Bitcoin was affected, but other currencies were not spared. The blood loss of cryptocurrencies was serious. Bitcoin has fallen below the $6,000 mark, and the decline in 24 hours has increased. 10%, this cold winter period in the currency circle is a bit long! What is your opinion on the current market situation of the currency market? May wish to share your views with everyone in the comment area below

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