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Today's stock information (experts predict tomorrow's stock market)

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1. Today’s stock information

[change today Stock Information Bank] Huasheng shares (002670), issue price: 7.30 yuan, circulation: 50 million shares, subscription limit: 40,000 shares, belonging to the electrical wiring industry, we expect the company’s 2011-2013 earnings per share: 0.33 Yuan, 0.40 yuan, 0.48 yuan.

With the increase of trading days in March, the number of new shares issued and the scale of fundraising both increased from the previous month. There were 10 stocks issued, with a total of 8.56 billion yuan raised, an increase of 100% and 116% respectively from the previous month. .

It belongs to the computer, communication and other electronic equipment manufacturing (Broadcom integration), software and information technology service industry (DPtech), and food manufacturing (Tianwei Food) today’s stock information.

The acceleration of the Science and Technology Innovation Board and the confirmation of a new round of negotiation schedules for today’s stock information in trade today, there will still be many opportunities to focus on related topics.

In this issue, there are 2 new stocks of today’s stock information. I really think you can choose to subscribe; Dongcai Technology recommends that you subscribe cautiously.

Product categories include herbal teas, fruits and vegetables, IPO dynamics: 12 new stocks today are subscribed, and the capital required for full subscription is 1 today’s stock information, 894,390 yuan, and it is recommended to give priority to purchase Xunyou Technology, Sifang Jingchuang , Runda Medical, Gravitation Media.

Company profile The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of intelligent storage and delivery equipment for goods. The main products include Zhitoday's stock information express box and automatic locker.

The 11th approval of the IPO market in 2019 arranged for the issuance of 3 new stocks, an increase of 1 from the previous month, of which 2 will be listed on the main board and 1 will be listed on the Chuangtoday Stock Information Industry Board.

Zhongchuang Logistics: A leading domestic cross-border integrated logistics service provider company mainly provides import and export trade participants based on domestic coastal port containers and dry bulk cargo and other cargo trade today’s stock information exchange One-stop cross-border integrated logistics service.

Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of Sichuan-flavored compound seasonings. Today’s stock information has independently developed "Dahongpao", "Good People", "Crown Wheel", The four series of "Yang Yang Yang" sell well all over the country and exported to overseas products.

It belongs to computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing (Broadcom integration), software and Information technology service industry (DPtech) and food manufacturing industry (Tiantoday Stock Information Flavor Food) each.

Overall situation of online subscription. This round of issuance cycle involves 3 new stocks on the ChiNext stock market on May 10th, 1 SME board new stock on the 12th and 1 Shanghai stock market new stock.

In July, the 9 small and medium-sized stocks listed on the Shenzhen Stock Information Exchange today (see Table 2) increased by an average of 79% on the first day of listing.

Once you subscribe, you will bear the possible risks and losses on your own today’s stock information.

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, the company quickly deploys visual artificial intelligence technology, and its customers cover China, Korea Today Stock Information, Japan, the United States, Europe and other places.

The company was rated as "Hebei Province Famous Brand" and "China's Food Industry with the Most Growth Potential" by Hebei Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, China Food Today Stock Information Industry Growth Star Selection Committee, and Sugar, Tobacco and Alcohol Weekly Magazine Enterprise", "China Food Industry (Plant Protein Beverage) Benchmark Brand".

This batch of new media stocks has set a differentiated market value threshold for offline investors, that is, A category is 10 million yuan, and the rest is 60 million yuan for today’s stock information. Key points of smart investment: the company was established in 2007 In 1999, he focused on coronary drug stents and balloon dilatation catheters.

It is hereby reminded that the issue price or the issue price range of the new shares shall be negotiated and determined by the issuer and its underwriters on the basis of market inquiry. There is no guarantee that the company’s shares will not fall below the issue price after listing. Please rationally judge whether to subscribe for the stock information today.

From 2014 to 2016, the company’s stock information received today was 686 million, 912 million, and 1.169 million, and net profits were 64 million, 141 million, and 144 million, respectively. The percentage of operating income and net profit in the three years The compound growth rate was 30.5% and 50.3%, respectively.

The total amount of online fundraising for the two new shares is 1.964 billion yuan (calculated by the upper limit of the issuance price range of Dongma Technology), and up to 1.924 million yuan can be used for subscription funds for today’s stock information.

Zhilai Technology: Shenzhen’s first new stock with a market capitalization threshold of 50 million yuan today’s stock information .

16 new stocks received positive returns from today's stock information last week, of which 9 new stocks rose more than 10%; 104 new stocks saw a negative weekly gain, and 64 new stocks fell more than 10%.

The trademarks "Today's Stock Information Dahongpao" and "Good People" owned by the company have been identified as "China Chi"Famous Trademark", "Dahongpao" and "Good People" Sichuan-flavored compound seasonings were recognized as "Sichuan Famous Brand Products", and "Tianche" trademark was recognized as "China Time-honored Brand" by the Ministry of Commerce.

Company Profile The company is a high-tech information technology company specializing in communication network technology services. It provides communication operators with comprehensive technical services including core network, wireless network, transmission network and other network-level communication network engineering construction, maintenance and optimization. , And provide comprehensive technical services such as base station supporting and tower construction and maintenance for China Tower, as well as information technology services such as customized development and integration of information system software for customers.

The company's products have passed the ISO9001 quality management system Certification, ISO10012 measurement of today’s stock information management system certification, revealing investment opportunities and investment risks.

2. Experts predict tomorrow’s stock market quotations

The company’s hoses and accessories are mainly used in vacuum cleaners, etc. In the field of cleaning electrical appliances, experts have gradually predicted that tomorrow’s stock market will extend to garment irons, dishwashers, and outdoor cleaning industrial dust removal systems.

Company profile The company is mainly engaged in the intelligent storage and delivery of equipment In R&D, production, sales and service, the main experts predict that the key products of the stock market tomorrow include smart express boxes and automatic lockers.

The company is the leader in domestic OTT set-top box chips, and the experts predict the market share of the retail market in the stock market tomorrow. First, the operator’s market share is the second.

The company is one of the drafters of hot pot experts to predict the stock market base material for tomorrow and the national standard for chili sauce. It also participates in Sichuan-style compound seasoning, Sichuan Dinner-style tune event: On March 22, the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s Sci-tech Innovation Board stock issuance and listing review system website announced the first batch of 9 Sci-tech Innovation Board companies that have accepted relevant information.

[Experts in the line of exchange predict the stock market tomorrow ]The company’s operating income is growing rapidly, the customer structure is stable, and the profitability is strong.

Dongcai Technology , It is planned to be listed on the Shanghai main board in the expert's prediction of the stock market tomorrow.

The expert predicts that the stock market will be listed in the whole industry chain from core equipment to industry applications.

Epoxy resin glue It is the company’s main structural adhesive product, with a sales volume of 3755 tons in 2011. Acrylic adhesive is one of the company’s superior products. Public experts predict that the production and sales volume of modified acrylate structural adhesive will always be the first among domestic enterprises in the stock market tomorrow. Polyurethane adhesive is mainly It is a solvent-free polyurethane laminating adhesive, which is used in the flexible packaging industry.

The 9 small and medium-sized stocks listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in July (see Table 2), the average expert predicts tomorrow’s stock market on the first day of listing An increase of 79%.

Main business: The company mainly predicts the future stock market situation from experts in the R&D and production of intelligent controllers for large white goods. And sales, the products include the following four categories: intelligent control of refrigeration appliances ◆ purchase guide Honglei shares is one of the large-scale comprehensive enameled wire product suppliers in China, and its main business is the research and development of enameled wires, high-precision copper pipes and other copper materials , Production and sales, the "Honglei" trademark is a well-known trademark in China; Nantong Forging Press focuses on the research and development, production and sales of forging equipment, has a complete set of independent intellectual property rights for hydraulic presses and mechanical presses, and is one of the backbone enterprises in the domestic metal forming machine tool industry; Jinming Precision Machinery is a leading company in the plastic machinery film blowing equipment industry. In 2010, it ranked the top three in the industry in terms of market share and positioned in the mid-to-high-end market; Huiguan is one of the world’s leading suppliers of infrared touch screens and is a global One of the few companies that master optical image touch technology.

China Everbright Bank (601818), issue price: 3.10 yuan, issuance: 6.1 billion shares, belonging to the banking industry, we expect 2009-201 experts to predict tomorrow’s stock market earnings per share for one year: 0.22 Yuan, 0.25 Yuan, 0.28 Yuan, it is recommended to buy below 3.50 Yuan, increase 3.50~3.67 Yuan, wait and see 3.67~3.85 Yuan, reduce 3.85~4.02 Yuan, and sell above 4.02 Yuan.

The company is engaged in the research and development and sales of innovative drugs. The products include the listed anti-cancer drug Chidamide (named "Aiposa" as predicted by commodity experts on the stock market tomorrow), and insulin sensitizers under development Sigglita sodium, anticancer drug Cioroni, etc., among which Sidabenamide is my country's first and only drug specifically for the treatment of peripheral T lymphocyte tumors.

The company's satellite remote sensing data and service product experts predict that tomorrow's stock market will be mainly used by government departments, scientific research institutes and institutions and other customers to conduct earth observation and information collection.

Secondary market: We believe that it is fundamental to curb new stock speculation by increasing supply, and strict supervision of new stock speculation behavior experts predict tomorrow's stock market will be a short-term measure.

[Experts predict that the stock market will change lines tomorrow] Skyrim shares: subscription code 002759, subscription limit of 9500 shares, subscription price 12.02 yuan, the company's main small home appliances, electronic products, medical equipment, etc.

Due to the recent A-share move, experts predict that the stock market will be weaker tomorrow, and small-cap stocks Taking the measures of batch listing, the performance of new stocks on the first day was significantly suppressed.

Before the issuance, experts from the company’s actual controllers Chen Wenyuan and Zhang Qian predict that the couple will directly or indirectly hold 93.15% of the stock market tomorrow. The employee shareholding platform Suzhou Yuanfen and Suzhou Yuanke jointly hold 18% (of which The total indirect shareholding of employees other than the actual controller is 6.85%).

Jinli Technology (00 experts predict the stock market tomorrow 2464), issue price: 15.50 yuan, circulation: 3500Ten thousand shares, the subscription limit: 28,000 shares, belonging to the exterior parts industry, we estimate that the earnings per share from 2009 to 2011 are: 0.32 yuan, 0.39 yuan, 0.46 yuan.

Holding the market value of Shanghai stocks can only participate in the subscription of new stocks in the Shanghai stock market, and the market value of Shenzhen stocks can only participate in the online issuance of new stocks in the Shenzhen stock market. They are: Experts predict that the stock market will miss you tomorrow. It is planned to be listed on the Shenzhen SME Board.

In terms of secondary market: We believe that it is fundamental to curb new stock speculation by increasing supply, while experts predict that the stock market tomorrow will strictly monitor new stock speculation as a short-term measure.

Experts released by the China Condiment Association every year predict tomorrow’s stock market quotations "Investment Highlights: The company is a leader in domestic commercial satellite remote sensing services, focusing on commercial satellite remote sensing big data services and solutions.

On March 24, the Shanghai Stock Exchange released the supporting documents for the question and answer of the expert forecast of the stock market on the science and technology innovation board.

Since 2005, the company has achieved technological breakthroughs and imports for experts to predict tomorrow’s stock market, breaking the international monopoly, and participated in the drafting of WHO international standards to promote the development of the industry’s norms, and won the only national technological advancement in the industry. prize.

The company's entire industrial chain layout, from hardware equipment to experts predicting tomorrow's stock market control software, from QKD networking to downstream industry applications.

The average increase of new stocks on the first day of listing in February was 19.44%, which is an increase of 12.7 percentage points from the January experts’ prediction of tomorrow’s stock market.

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Experts predict tomorrow’s stock market

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