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New Demon Catch: Where is the next Demon King in A shares

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  文/Sina Finance Opinion Leader (WeChat public account kopleader) columnist Wu Guoping


Everyone is actively looking for new monster stocks and the new version of Catch the Monster. We can say that in online education, we have already smelled some more monsters. The theme of healthy China has risen, and it is almost time for online education. It has risen again. In the new "Catch the Monster", let's actively look for it in these two themes!

New Demon Capture: Where is the Next Demon King in A Shares

   During this period of time, we should be impressed with some stocks that have rebounded so horribly that they have risen several times at every turn, Teli A

, Storm Technology


   If you look at it a little longer, we can find that these monster stocks can be up to ten times the index in one breath; these monster stocks can completely ignore the market’s slump or volatility. Block the board alone; these demon stocks can only demand a daily limit or a limit, and never stop; these demon stocks can rise irrespective of the fundamentals and rely solely on a concept. The demon of the demon stock is different from common sense, how to be an excellent demon hunter in the stock market, and listen to the following decomposition.

   In the mad bull market earlier this year, how many demonic stocks have been bred? At that time, CRRC was not CRRC. After the word board, it was still a word board. As long as you dare to chase after it, he would dare to board again, 10 times the share. After the birth, CRRC represented the trend of mergers of central enterprises at that time; Baofeng Technology, after the emergence of new stocks, 35 daily limit, holders tremblingly doubling and doubling, hesitators chanted in their hearts a thousand times but seeking a success; All-Tone Education

, when the wind of online education swept A-shares, as a new stock with more than 10 yuan listed, its stock price soared and surpassed. Kweichow Moutai

—the most expensive target for A shares at that time. Where does the demon stock come from? These are just the demon kings that prevailed for a while.

   Looking at these monster stocks, they often have such characteristics: First, there are continuous unexpected daily limit prices-this is the most basic quality of the monster stocks; second, the monster stocks are in the early stage of their incubation (open continuous pull In the early days of the model), there are clear hotspots that are most recognized and sought after by the market nowadays, and are used as the banner of the sector to lead the market of the sector, such as CRRC

the concept of merging with central enterprises, the concept of Baofeng Technology and sub-new stocks, the concept of all-pass education and online education; third, after the demonization of individual stocks, the original hot logic has long been unable to support its rise. The continuous pull only reflects the market’s chasing sentiment and unreasonable consensus on the image of its monster stocks. At this time, the speculation of monster stocks depends not on fundamentals and technical aspects, but on courage (or gambling); fourth, The general environment of unilateral rise is often a hotbed of demon stocks. At this time, more and more people are chasing demon stocks, which means that the market has a stronger risk appetite and is willing to take higher risks for higher returns. After all, the demon stock was caught off guard after being hit to the top.

   There is nothing wrong with the existence of demon stocks. Many people do not understand and think that it is pure speculation, but I have always believed that the existence is reasonable, and there must be investment factors behind the speculation. Anyway, ask yourself, who doesn’t want to take a ride on the demon stocks? In your normal target investment, two daily limits are already gratifying, but in the world of demon stocks, double doubling is almost at your fingertips; and from From the perspective of the allocation of large-scale assets, what asset investment can double the assets faster than catching a demon stock in the stock market. Therefore, we must know how to look for speculative targets with an investment perspective, and find demon stocks. Once we have them, we have nothing else to ask for. In the near future, we can get about 70% of the overall income by looking for some stocks with demon capital.

   Back to the present, from mid-to-late September this year, when funds began to surging in the undercurrent of small and medium-sized enterprises, a considerable rebound immediately began. The general environment is still warming up, and some stocks have come out of the index when the index has not risen much.The market has reached a new high, or even doubled; among them, the special force A of the concept of state-owned enterprise reform is the out-and-out demon king of this round of rebound-it has risen by more than 4 times since September 9th; in addition, , The charging pile concept of Shanghai Putian

is continuously hitting new highs and the stock market has been suspended since trading resumed demon stocksPotential Hengxin

is sealing the 12th board, the second child concept is demonizing Helen piano

, a new-born demon stock that is expected to ferment during Double ElevenHaixin Food

, Bunny

, etc.; at this time when the evildoers are rampant, the money-making effect is heating up, and the funds are soaring. Hormones are madly entering the market, and many investors are eyeing the demon-seeking stocks. Today is a good rebound in the market, why not be a temporary demon hunter, why not be weak, but take a scoop, and the demon stocks will also catch one. Only?

   At the moment, the concept of healthy China is born. It is not surprising that new monster stocks are born here. However, when we see new monster stocks, we must also think about many recent monster stocks, such as Tellus A. Storm Technology, are they all stocks that have been full of monsters in the early stage? Thinking of this, we should think about what other stocks are full of monsters in the early stage, but at this moment, are they still ready to take off the target, or sector? In addition to healthy China, we are more concerned about another sector that is relatively certain in the future, that is, the online education sector. Here, don’t forget that there is the existence of the old demon king Quantong Education, which means that there are many opportunities for a comeback in the future. We will wait and see.

   At this moment, everyone is actively looking for new monster stocks and the new version of Catch the Monster. We can say that in online education, we have smelled some more monsters. In fact, Helen Piano also has an internal online education theme. In support, it's just that the old demon king Quantong Education has not been demonized, and some parts of the online education as a whole have gone crazy, but it has not been able to attract enough attention from the market.

   Now, it is time that the theme of Healthy China has risen, and online education is about to rise again. In the new "Catch the Demon", let's actively look for these two themes! To put it bluntly, the next demon king will be on the topic of health and online education. This is our thinking. We also believe that as long as we fully grasp these two topics, some people in Healthy China may have thought of it now, but there may be many People have not thought that online education is the area where we think the next major demon king will resurrect. At present, we may focus more on the latter online education theme. Once it breaks out, then it is not unreasonable for the income to double for the rest of the year. Possible thing!

   (Introduction to the author of this article: financial commentator, sunshine private equity fund manager, financial best-selling author, chairman of Guangdong Yurong Investment Management Co., Ltd.. More exciting is on Sina Weibo @吴国平金融 and WeChat public account: cjtgping )

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