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The rare monster stock in history_lowest position

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Original title: A rare monster stock in history

The confession video of corrupt officials in the lottery in the past two days has been heated up. Since the police did not disclose the amount involved, the online upload is very mysterious. The general saying is more than 140 billion. This is really an overestimation of them. There is no bank in China Save them so much money. If you talk about cash, 100 million renminbi weighs about a ton, then 140 billion is really there. Where is the money?

Of course, the shady of lottery tickets is real. It is essentially a tool for exploiting the poor. If you buy lottery tickets for public welfare, it's a different story. If you buy lottery tickets to make money, you really think too much. Basic common sense of financial management Don’t participate in any negative-sum games. The lottery’s return rate is nominally 50%, but it’s actually lower. It’s a typical negative-sum game.

... ...

The stock market rose heartily today. The Shanghai Stock Index rose slightly by 1.22%, and the Growth Enterprise Market rose by 3.47%. There were 65 daily limit and 31 stocks on the board. The money-making effect was bursting.

I have already said everything that should be said in this place, and what I can do in the next days, I think the only things I can do in the next days, I think the only thing I can do is to remember bitterness and to fine-tune the strategy. At the lowest position, I said that the next is the tortuous mid-level rebound. , If the stock picking ability is average, you can buy the CSI 500 directly, or if it is full, this strategy is the simplest strategy to do a rebound. As of today, it has risen by 6%. Since the initial rotation of the rebound is relatively fast, I guess there are not many Personal accounts can exceed this income.

At present, the GEM is obviously stronger than the main board, so the short-term configuration of the GEM index is also a good choice, but if you look at the long-term, the CSI 500 (510500) is still the best choice.

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The main line of the market is still venture capital, and the intensity is very unexpected. The new themes of the past few months will start the knockout game the next day, and it will usually end within a week. This venture capital is incredible. Every day is like In the wild card game, it seems that the hot money is really suffocated, and as soon as the supervision is relaxed, they rushed into the arena.

But in essence, the main line is to approve the oversold market for venture capital. The open line is venture capital and shell resources, and the dark line is the oversold low-priced low-end stocks. If you want to benchmark against the historical market, it should not be a bear. Ann, but the rebound after the stock market crash that year (the leaders at the time were Zhongyida, Double Money, etc.). Hengli Industrial's crazy 13-day 12 board, silently became a rare demon stock in history.

A number of new themes appeared suddenly today, such as 9 daily limit environmental protection, 11 daily limit equity transfer, 9 daily limit autos, 7 daily limit repurchases, etc... , The high probability is still a low-price low-end product, the stock price is less than 10 yuan, and the position has fallen more than 60% from the high point. This is the best venture capital, and the probability of becoming a demon is greater.

Venture investment sector:

Shell resources:

Environmental protection and automobiles:

... ...

[Rehn's Replay Notes] Position: 70%

Individual position:

1. Midline: configure banking, aviation, medicine, liquor, ETF

2. Short-term: Focus on low-priced low-end stocks.

The short-term is currently the golden period. The 13-day 12-board Hengli Industry has completely activated the market, and the venture capital sector is staged a resurrection match every day. At this time, I will be three provinces every day: Did you participate in the main line today? Buy Is it a leader? Is it suitable for buying? The first question is based on faith, the second question is based on courage, and the third question is that my course can help you solve it. It is recommended that friends who do not have their own system sign up for short-term study. The introduction of the course content can be viewed in today's two articles.

There are still four plates at the bottom of the mid-line, shifting some to the ETF, and covering this place is victory.

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