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Stock data api interface_ Fortune Co., Ltd. address

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Stock data api interface

   Han Qian threw the quilt on him: "Sleep on the ground."


   This kind of contact reminds me of my dreams after watching Ao recorded their friendship. There is some hidden anger in his eyes. This kind of eyes makes me a little hot. I feel that I am in his His eyes must be very embarrassed.

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Shen Tianao's voice is not as deep as usual.


   For Shen Tianao, besides the idea of ​​leaving, there are some inexplicable complications. He and Shen Tianao have been entangled from Valentine's Day during the year to the present. For more than two months, on the one hand, they have continued to make a simple sacrifice even though the brain is disabled. If there is no feeling in his heart, it would be impossible.


Stock data api interface

   "Be obedient at home today, and I will bring you good food tonight." Han Qian warned him, turned and went into the next room, and called his sister to get up to school.

   Han Qian: "……"

   Tall, upright, firm, and composed. The eyes are clean and clear, and the solid and generous shoulders can bring a strong sense of security.

   I looked straight ahead falsely, but the smile on the corner of my mouth couldn't stop.


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   "What do you need to order?" The waiter walked over and smiled politely.

   A polished high-end leather shoe first stepped into the store, and then another one came into the store.

  Although Han Qian’s life is a little more prosperous, he still didn’t quit the job he helped in the supermarket warehouse. Although he didn’t have any diplomas, he was hard-working, enthusiastic, and loved by everyone. There is a cashier counter. The little girl is always okay to find something to talk to him. However, Han Qian currently has no plans to discuss marriage, he just wants to take good care of this family.

  Shen Tianao:…………


It's summer, and I feel uncomfortable without taking a shower. Shen Tianao has been in a coma until now, and he hasn't taken a shower. This is unbearable for him who has a tendency to cleanliness.

   Shen Tianao suddenly broke out when he heard this careless sentence: "Do you still have a conscience! Do you know that Long is not a good person! I am so worried about you, so you treat me like this?! Damn man, if I'm by your side, I really want to beat you up."

   his eyes touched the food on the side, and his stomach screamed suddenly.

   Han Qian:…………

In this society with normal fertility, it is absolutely impossible for boys to boys! Han Qian comforted himself, then raised his eyes to look at Shen Tianao: "Say."

The day before Valentine's Day, I met Han Qian.

  Long Aotian glanced at Han Qian silently. There was no expression on the other's face. He couldn't tell whether this was the pleasure caused by seeing Shen Tianao or the anger caused by not being able to escape the palm of his hand. .

   "Slowly." Shen Tianao took off his sunglasses and smiled, unhurriedly, "Boss Han doesn't even do business?"

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