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We understand that things are probably tough for you right now. But, here you are because you realized that you should know more about work injuries and how workers’ comp can help. It’s a step in the right direction.

Injuries are made worse when you have to deal with your employer or their insurance company who seems to understand all of this so well and assures you to just trust them. Then you think, “Is what they are telling me true? Am I getting treated fairly or not? Am I being taken advantage of?” Those are hard questions to answer if you’ve never been through this before. Prior to the injury, you probably didn’t care that you knew so little about Workers Comp, but now that you are dealing with an injury, that lack of knowledge becomes scary.

Besides trying to figure out what doctors you’re allowed to pick and what type of medical treatment you need to get better, life keeps happening around you. Your bills are still due every month even though you’re out of work. Suddenly, this accident at work puts everything you’ve worked so hard for at risk. Does this sound familiar?

We’ve helped injured, hardworking people in workers’ comp claims for our entire careers. We know the hardships you are facing. No, it’s not easy or fun. But, you owe it to yourself and your family to learn fast or find a trusted helper to have by your side. Our firm tries to do both – provide good, helpful information the insurance company won’t give you and to provide our expert legal help to those who want us to stand beside them through this often life changing process.

Chances are we have some articles or videos on the issues you have questions about, so please check those out. If you want to reach out to us, we’d be honored to discuss your particular situation with you.

The Perkins Studdard Legal Team

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