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Hybrid funds hold more than 90% of shares_Which stock is better at the moment

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The shareholding ratio of hybrid funds exceeds 90%

  "Everything is happy." Gu Linfei told the truth, "Hey, you say I am not a windfall fortune."

  "When did I say I want to talk to you..." Before Lu Siwei could finish her sentence, she was forced to go back alive by Tang Shaojing's eyes. The world is a lesson, and Gu Linfei doesn't want those things anymore, Lu Siwei Seconds? This matter is worthy of Gu Linfei's recording of a video to save.

   Lu Siwei took a sip of the sticky syrup on the spoon: "Don't worry, where can you find such a good and cheap employee."

Baidu: hybrid funds hold over 90% of shares

Chapter 36 Chapter 36

   Land battle: "Siwei?"

   When Gu Linfei walked out of the court, a piece of snowflakes happened to hang on his eyelashes, and Lu Zhan gently kissed him: "Unhappy?"


The shareholding ratio of hybrid funds exceeds 90%

   Others interrupting land warfare may make him feel bad, but Gu Linfei definitely won’t. Land Zhan took advantage of the trend and drew the contents of the transcript and slid it in front of Cheng Jia: "From 3 to 6 in the afternoon, Chen Zhenghui said that he talked with customers in his office and left the office after receiving the news at around 6:10. Cheng Jia, to confirm the authenticity, and by the way, check Chen Zhenghui's public itinerary for the past three days."

  "Lu Team, the people from Su Hen sent a car to follow, are we sure not to go?"

  Han Jiu nodded, and handed the photocopied diary that Lu Zhan confessed in the car to Lu Zhan: "I read it again. It should be true that Wan Jingwen and Lin Miaoyin are lovers."

   "At first I endured it, but later I discovered that patience is not the solution." Gu Linfei said, "I started to fight back. Whoever scolded me, I would hit anyone. He didn't even beat his mother. Knowing, he dare not scold me."


The shareholding ratio of hybrid funds exceeds 90%: the spirit of place

  "Don’t, don’t go, I...I didn’t mean it..."

   "Who told you that it was fate." Lu Siwei gave Gu Linfei a blank look: "I went to find the teacher to change the seat on its own initiative."

  Chapter 67 Chapter 67

   Chapter 70 Chapter 70


"Hey..." Gu Linfei heard the roar of Lu Zhan as soon as he connected. The three young masters, who had been coping with the wind and waves in front of the land war, immediately found his attitude, "The text message is I sent the call, I made the call, I’m fine."

  "Don't touch me!" Lu Siwei suddenly reached out into the air and grabbed a casually, "I'm not sleeping, brother, let me tell you a secret, you know..."

   was about to coax Gu Linfei to sleep, and the phone rang without eyesight. Lu Zhan thought that it was Su Hen who came to force Gu Linfei to do a check, and simply refused to answer.

   "No change." Gu Lin increased his tone unintentionally, "But when he was deliberately, prepared, or showed it to someone, he paid a little attention."

"No." Gu Linfei interrupted Han Jiu and said, "Usually I use a lot of computers, so my hand speed is up. I am definitely not as good as you in terms of professionalism."

I don’t remember, because she doesn’t want people to remember.

   "Didn't you say that you can open the lock?"

   "Yes, at the end of the third floor, the location of the storage room." The land warfare remotely controlled Sima Yi, and there was not enough manpower. He could only send Sima Yi and a police officer to the school to see the secret road that Gu Linfei said.

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